Movie Review: Paddington

I have never read Paddington Bear, not one time, not with 5 kids. Just haven’t. Before you say anything, let me just say I have never watched a full episode of Barney, either. Don’t judge me.

Paddington Bear is 100% CGI, but it really doesn’t hurt the movie or really even become that noticeable for the most part. Andy Serkis isn’t even involved and this is amazing. The movie does it’s best to make you think the bear is alive and interacting with everyone else, and succeeds, totally.

The Plot is fairly simple, an Explorer comes to Deepest Peru, and finds bears that can talk. He befriends them with Marmalade and tells them to visit him in London. Forty years later, their nephew goes off to meet the explorer. The Bear arrives in London, and meets a family- wackiness ensues, and somehow Nicole Kidman shows up and wants to make Paddington a Teddy Bear. paddington-1

I watched this with the kiddos, and while it does tend to drag in a few spots, spending way too much with the goofyness and it’s a bit predictable, but right up until the end, you just don’t care. I’m going to go a full 9 here, I found this to be a well done family movie, and I fully expect I’ll end up picking up the blue-ray so my daughters have it on tap on a regular basis. Will I be in line to take them to see the sequel? Yes, yes I will, as long as it doesn’t have the subtitle “Return to Peru” or some such Chimp-punny drivel.

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