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Hello once again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, and got all of your Black Friday shopping done on WWEShop.com. Yeah me either. So Survivor Series is behind us. Did anyone on the panel watch it? What are our thoughts on the event, and where does the WWE go from here? Also, Jake the Snake reaches out to find his Hall of Fame ring! All this and much more.



1.Kevin Owens- While his team was unsuccessful at Survivor Series, Kevin Owens had a successful title defense over Seth Rollins on Raw.

2.AJ Styles- Team Smackdown was victorious at Survivor Series. However, Dean Ambrose is lurking to recapture his title.

3.Braun Strowman- An impressive showing at Survivor Series and a complete beatdown of Sami Zayn on Raw. Strowman looks unstoppable.

4.Seth Rollins- Not a great week for Rollins as he was pinned on consecutive nights, first at Survivor Series, then again on Raw as he was not able to pry the Universal title off of Kevin Owens.

5.Goldberg- Can’t leave Goldberg off this list, when you beat a beast in 1 minute and 26 seconds. What is next for Goldberg?



1983– Starrcade makes its debut show that featured Ric Flair defeating Harley Race to win the NWA World Championship.

1990– The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase unveils the Undertaker,  who made his WWE in ring debut as part of the Million Dollar team.

2012– The Shield, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins,  and Dean Ambrose make their WWE debut at Survivor Series, interfering in the WWE title match between CM Punk and Ryback.

2014– Sting makes his long anticipated WWE debut when he helped Dolph Ziggler become the sole Survivor for Team Cena over Team Authority, after he drops Triple H.

And here are the questions this week.


Survivor Series was this past Sunday. First, did you even watch the event. If so, what were your thoughts? Second, the Main event lasted 1:27 as far as in ring action. It was rumored that Goldberg had a shoulder injury and the squash was to boost it up for Wrestlemania. Is this a good idea, or another poor writing attempt by the WWE writers?

Steve: I did not watch it, and I am glad that I did not spend my Sunday evening watching it. It sounded like a complete joke and waste of time. Goldberg defeating Lesnar in less than 90 seconds? That was your main event? Complete idiocy if you ask me. If you were going to have that happen, then you could have done that in the middle of the card, then have the 5 on 5 match be your main event. Okay, so Goldberg had a shoulder injury…BOO FREAKIN HOO!! They knew this going in, and still had them main event. So they are going to have another match? This was something probably the whole damn world knew before this match even started. Just remember what happened after Wrestlemania XX, the match was spotty at best. And now as rumor has it, both Lesnar and Goldberg’s contract runs out fittingly at Wrestlemania. So we may see a repeat of what we saw 13 years ago. Those stupid idiots who write for the WWE.. you know what happens to stupid idiots who write crap for the WWE?? Do you know? Do ya? THEY GO ON THE LIST!!!

Todd: Hell no I didn’t watch it. I knew Survivor Series was gonna be a joke. Apparently it didn’t disappoint since the main event was only 1:27. That match was a joke to begin with. Lesner is a joke by himself. WWE builds Lesner up to be a beast the last few years and then he gets beats by a 50 year old man in less than 2 minutes, that makes perfect since. As far as the Wrestlemania match goes they just just forget about it. I know if I was the stupid one who paid all that money to go see Survivor Series I would be  demanding WWE refund for the ridiculous PPV. You know what pisses me off the most. Even though Stephanie, Shane, Daniel, and Mick have little to no control over the respective brands. Shane and Daniel said they would be all about opportunity, Yet Daniel Bryan puts Shane McMahon in the Survivor Series match. Why not just keep Corbin  or what about Luke Harper or even Kane. WWE is so full of shit right now. I have been watching WWF/WWE for 30 plus years now and I never remember it being in the state it is in right now. What is it? Is it you get what you pay for. Just cause we the WWE universe only pay 9.99 a month for the Network that it gives you the WWE the right to put out this kind of garbage you have been putting out for the last couple years. Well that is not our problem. You guys are the ones that made the 9.99 price and now your afraid to raise the price in fear of losing subscribers. Its a catch 22. We deserve better! They showed people buying tickets for Wrestlemania. There is no way in hell that I would but a ticket to Wrestlemania not knowing what kind of garbage you are putting on the card. I mean can’t any heel win by themselves any more? Kevin Owens hasn’t won on his own since becoming the Universal Champion. How can we take him seriously? The Miz hasn’t won on his own since joining the WWE 10 years ago. No on takes him serious any more. I mean at least when Rollins was world champion he won on his own every once in a while. Don’t you stupid idiots (WWE) know it ruins a quality match when you have some screwy finish. That’s why NXT is better than the main roster. Im sure Takeover was better than Survivor Series. I actually watched Takerover. The Revival and DIY stole the show. Maybe you (WWE) don’t give a damn about what I am saying but you better because that’s why you are lacking subscribers to the Network and have to cut down on PPVs next year. There are too many PPV’s any ways. 19, Really? There should be like 6 or even go back to the Orignal 4 greedy son of bitches.

Jim: Yep, we watched it.  And it’s sad how they let RAW dominate Smackdown so much early on.  They’re struggling getting viewers to watch Smackdown as it is, and then they tell the viewers “RAW IS BETTER ANYWAY”.  For a company that made billions with incredible marketing, it appears they no longer understand the concept.  As for the “main event”, are you f***king kidding me?  I waiting through 5 hours of garbage for that?  First you get Nikki Bella ashamed to show her broken tooth…like anyone EVER looked at her teeth, and then you give us a main event where the biggest baddest man in all the land gets his ass handed to him in under 90 seconds?  GFY WWE.

Chad: I wateched it should have been a sign from the heavens when it went out during the Tag Team Survivor Series Matchto just stop and go on with my life but no I pressed on and was just not impressed by the show the 5 on 5 Male match had some cool moments for future storylines but that 90 second match I literally had to rewind the Feed and see it again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Disappointing effort off of an incredibly strong effort from NXT Takeover the night before (DIY vs Revival is my match of the year right now); Joe winning was a swerve; Roode was glorious; What about that kid from TM-61 diving off of the support in the Dusty Classic Final?

Tyler: I watched some of it.  A decent show overall, nothing to write home about…except the Goldberg squash!  If he truly was injured, then the squash was a good idea, that way they make sure the match would actually be good.



What is your favorite moment in the history of Survivor Series?

Steve: Simply when the Undertaker came out and won the World Championship over Hulk Hogan, seemingly killing Hulkamania. I will never forget the looks on the fans of those stupid Hulkamaniacs when he lost. I was overjoyed when this happened. Too bad, they just didnt put Hogan on the shelf.

Todd: 1990 survivor Series, the debut of the Gobbley Gooker with mean Gene Okerland.

Jim:  2005!  Randy Orton, Christian, Jericho, Steiner and Mark Henry vs HBK, Dudley Boyz, Rob Van DAm and Booker T.  Completely entertaining start to finish, and truly the beginning of Randy Orton as a verified superstar.

Chad: The Deadly Game in 1998. The Rock turning his back on the People to become the Corporate Champion.

Tyler: Rock’s heel turn and joining the Corporation Survivor Series 1998



Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Jake the Snake Roberts stated that he “misplaced” his Hall of Fame ring. He reached out to his fans for help to find his ring. What are your thoughts of Roberts reaching out to the fans to find his ring?

Steve: At first I seriously thought he may have relapsed and sold it or something. It appears that he has found the ring, but seriously? Reaching out to have fans look for it? If I can quote Billy Madison: “You have a ring, and you have responsibilties, you need to get off your ass and find that fucking ring.” Okay so not verbatim, but whatever. Honestly, if he did lose it at a convention, the right thing to do for the WWE, is make him a new one, and have him pay for it.

Todd: I don’t know, it was said that he may have lost it at a convention which would make sense why he reached out to the public. Although he does has history of drug addiction I don’t believe he sold it for drugs or alcohol.

Jim: I really have no thoughts on it.  He found it.  Good for him.  

Chad: If it was a convention I have no problem him asking for help. I’m just glad this doesn’t appear to have anything to do with drugs/alcohol. I watched the Resurrection of Jake the Snake on Netflix; scary where he was.

Tyler: I hope ‘misplaced’ doesn’t mean he sold it for drug money, but as long as they can find it that’s fine.



It is rumored that the Undertaker may face off against AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble. Do you have any interest in this match? Also, do you think there is any chance that they would actually give the Undertaker the title?

Steve: Anything is possible with the writing of the WWE. I could very well see the Undertaker defeating AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble and have one more go at it at Wrestlemania where he defends the WWE Championship. Hell, I could even see him going out on top and retire with the championship. It would be a fitting end to a great career.

Todd: As a fan of the New Day,  and I mean their biggest fan ever. I want them to win the WWE Championship.

***Editor’s note: Todd left this blank so we had to fill it in for him. New Day Rocks***

Jim: Any match where AJ Styles loses is a good match.  Bringing the Undertaker back, and giving him a title shot, then making him lose is an absolute waste of a story line.  If the Undertaker is at a point in his career where he’s just going to lose to s**tty wrestlers, then why come back?  So yes, if he wins, I’m totally up for it.  

Chad: It looks like they want to head towards Undertaker vs Cena at Wrestlemania. I think with Taker saying Mania won’t define him means he’s going to be getting the belt

Tyler: I think it would be a good match and I wouldn’t mind seeing Taker with the title IF he retires afterword.




We have discussed this before, and now that we are so close I will ask again. Will the New Day “rock” their way to the record for longest tag team championship reign in WWE history.

Steve: Records are made to be broken, and Vince McMahon and company know this. They have started to acknowledge the record, and will likely defend the Tag Team titles every week until the record is broken. I think it will happen at this point in time. No reason to have them as champions this long if you were not going all the way with them. What would be awesome is if they were a day away and then Demolition comes out and costs them the titles. That would be hilarious.

Todd: No they will lose before they break Demolition’s record.

Jim: It would appear that the New Day has some photographs of Steph that she’s afraid will get released, so yes, she will continue their ridiculous run as the champions, and I will continue to boycott their matches every time they are on the TV. 

Chad: Unfortunately, I would say they will though they are not in a league of a Demolition.

Tyler: At this point, who’s a credible threat so yeah, they’re beating the record.

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