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Week 12 and getting serious…

Getting down to the nitty gritty… games are becoming crucial for who’s in and who’s out of the playoffs… The crew chips in on some thoughts as we go into week 12…

1) Which game… Vikings vs Lions, Redskins vs Cowboys or Steelers vs Colts… on Thanksgiving Day is your can’t miss game and why?

Chad: Vikings vs Lions; 1st Place in the miserable NFC North.lions-vikings

Dan: Before Andrew Luck was ruled out with a concussion, I was going to say the Steelers-Colts game. But as of right now, as intriguing as the Washington-Dallas game is, I really think that Vikings-Lions is my can’t miss game. For one, it’s looking like it’s going to decide the NFC North title. It’s also going to show who the Packers will have a chance to beat and these are two iffy teams who do have some talent. The Lions have the offense and the Vikings have the defense. Who will overcome each other’s strength?

Earl: All three games should be good and it’s the first time in over 20 years that all of the teams playing on Thanksgiving will have a record of .500 or better.

However, my eyes are on Vikings vs. Lions since the winner of that game will take a 1 game lead in the NFC North.  Both teams will enter the game with a 6-4 record and both teams are at a crossroads. The Vikings are on a downswing and the Lions are on an upswing so the winner of this game will absolutely take the first step towards a division title and the playoffs.  cowboys-vs-redskins

Jim: The only game on that list that actually means anything to most of the nation is the Redskins vs the Cowboys.  What a season they’re both having.  If, the Redskins could pull of the upset, they will at least be headed to the playoffs, and, they could easily see a path to the NFC East championship.  And, let’s be honest about the reality of the Cowboys.  They have two players who are battling for Rookie of the Year, and, quite honestly, could easily share Rookie of the Year, just like Buddy Curry and Al Richardson did with the Falcons in 1980.

Steelers vs Colts?  5-5 vs 5-5.  Yay.

And Vikings vs Lions… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Although I’ll be in a house full of Lions fans on Thanksgiving day, so, I’m sure we’ll be watching.

2) Been awhile since there was a Dak Prescott question, so in a roundabout way here goes… kinda… Prescott faced another question down when with a healthy Tony Romo looking over his shoulder he completed 26 out of 36 passes for 301 yards and 3 of those passes went for TDs. And, he did it against one of the better defenses in the NFL.

Are Tony Romo’s days numbered as a Dallas Cowboy and will there be market for him? Remember, he still has 3 years left on the contract extension he signed in 2013, which was for 6 years @ $108 million, with $55 million guaranteed.  

Chad: Yes, his days are numbered, and, yes, somebody will take a chance on him whether it be the Jets or the Broncos.tony-romo

Dan: Yes, Romo’s days are numbered in Dallas. Chicago likely is going to get rid of Cutler, who will find a job easily. I know Romo will be able to take over in Chicago. Or, he can easily find another team. Just look around the NFL at all the teams who need a quarterback. They’ll grab Romo up immediately in a trade or anything.

But, honestly, I would keep him as the back-up. Yes, he probably is going to be unhappy. He’s going to be there for 3 years which will likely take him to almost the end of his career. But, having him as Dak’s back-up would be amazing for Dallas. They wouldn’t have to worry about injury, and, if, they really need a position, Romo is always a player they can trade and get some nice pieces back for.

Earl: Romo is done as a Cowboy because Dak has done enough to keep the job after this season. The Cowboys are 9-1 and unless they have an epic collapse they are playoff bound. So, the Cowboys might as well keep going with Dak because his steady play is just what the Cowboys need.tony_romo_1

With that said, there is a market for Romo. One place I think he would love to go is Denver. Simien isn’t a bad QB, and Paxton Lynch might be a good one, but Romo in a short term role is just what a Super Bowl contending team needs. If, not Denver, there might be an opening in Chicago, if the Bears dump Cutler, and, I could see Arizona going after Romo if Palmer retires at the end of the season.

Jim: HAHAHAHAHA, you dare ask?  Tony Romo’s days are not numbered…they’re OVER.  He’s a Bronco next season, guaranteed.

3) Playing under the franchise tag after failing to get the contract he wanted as a free agency, Kirk Cousins has led the Washington Redskins to a 6-3-1 mark. Through the 1st ten game of the season Cousins had completed 67.2 percent of his passes for 3,091 yards, 17 touchdowns, and seven interceptions. His passer rating rests at 98.8. Prior to his week 11 game, ESPN.com rated him as the 3rd best QB in the NFL.

After he led Washington to a 42-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers, while throwing for 375 yards and 3 TDs, he met Washington GM Scot McCloughan on the field and before they could shake hands or embrace, he yelled to McCloughan… “How you like me now?”

Is Cousins now a “Slam, bam, thank you, ma’am” for a new and expensive contract?

Chad: Yes, Kirk Cousins has been a consistent enough to garner a new contract.

Dan: Yes, I’d sign him to a big contract. He is one of the top quarterbacks in the league and over the past three seasons, he’s been one of the best in the NFL. He deserves a big contract and how he played against Green Bay on Sunday Night in the heavy wind, he deserves his contract. cousins

Earl: While I don’t love Kirk Cousins as a starting QB, the Redskins have to give him a long term deal. They have no other alternatives, unless they want Romo or Cutler. But, that wouldn’t make sense for Washington.

Cousins works well for what Jay Gruden does and that offense moves well under him. Might as well pay him.

Jim: Cousins is in line for 5 years $100 million.  They should go ahead and write it today.  He’s the real deal, and if the Redskins balk even slightly, he’s a 49er before February.  And quite honestly, the Redskins haven’t respected him, and he should go ahead and leave.

4) Right now, as we enter week 12, it appears that Dallas and Seattle are the cream of the NFC crop… they don’t meet in the regular season but could meet in the playoffs in quite possibly an NFC finals match-up, if everything were to break right.

If, that were the case…  who wins and why?

Chad: I’m going to pick the Seahawks because I think that is the defense that can give Dak Prescott the Rookie game that very rookie QB has as some point in the season.

Dan: At this point in time, it’s going to be a three-point contest, but, I have to give it to Seattle. As they showed, they can run Wilson as a WR and have Baldwin throwing. They have Rawls back now and they’ll be good to go. Then they have a dominating defense and I think they’ll easily be able to stop Dak in the passing attack with Richard Sherman. Add to the fact that they got experience playing in the playoffs, in very cold weather and are just red hot. They beat the Patriots as well which helps their case all that much more.dallas-vs-seahawks

Cowboys are 1-1 vs teams .500 or better and unbeaten vs teams worse than .500.

I got Seattle.

Earl: I’d have to lean to Dallas but that would be contingent upon them landing the #1 seed, which means the NFC Championship Game would be in Dallas. With home field, and how the Cowboys run the ball, I think they would do enough to wear down Seattle’s defense and get a hard earned victory.

However, if the game is in Seattle I would go with the Seahawks. Why? As much as I like the job Dak Prescott has done, I don’t see a rookie winning the NFC Title Game with the 12th man screaming in his ears all game.

Jim: If you think Seattle is the “cream of the crop”, perhaps I should write the questions.  There are so many holes in that team they could be from Switzerland.  We shouldn’t confuse record with talent.

Atlanta is still going to have their say in the conference, as will the Giants.  Don’t count out the Bucs, or the Redskins either.  Heck, don’t count out Philly.  And, the Vikings appear to have turned things around, while Detroit can beat any team on any day.  But, in a fantasy world where Dallas meets Seattle for the trip to the Super Bowl… I’ll go with Dallas all day.  What a team they have become.

5) Did the Minnesota Vikings just save their season, and revive their playoff hopes, with their 30-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday? And, did the Cardinals just dash theirs to oblivion with the loss?

Chad: Yes, It did because I expect both Wild Cards to come from the NFC East.  

Dan: I think the Vikings saved their season and kept it alive. They’re with the Lions atop the NFC North. As long as they beat Detroit, they’ll be set with the North title, since Green Bay doesn’t seem to want it or care to play like they should be.

The Cardinals season has already been over and this loss to Minnesota just pushed them farther away from the divisional title and any hope at getting the division. I don’t see Arizona doing much the rest of the season and I don’t think the Vikings do much either, but, they’ll get the division as long as they can secure the W vs Detroit on Thanksgiving.minnesota-vikings-arizona-cardinals

Earl: Yes, to both.

The Vikings at least gave themselves a chance by beating the Cardinals, and, if, they beat the Lions on Thanksgiving then they really have saved their season.

The Cardinals have doomed theirs with the loss because I can only see one team coming out of the NFC West and that team will be the Seahawks.

Jim: See what I said above?  Beating the Cardinals is nothing to hang a championship on, but it was a must win game, and. they must won it.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals were done long before that game.  There’s just something wrong with them.  Perhaps it’s the fact that their quarterback is my age and never wins the big game.


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