The Blog About Nothing 11/25 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 25th of November, the day after Thanksgiving. I’ve eaten, there are leftovers in the fridge and there is plenty of football on television. If the weather was warmer, I would have no complaints. However, a life without complaints just isn’t reasonable in my opinion. Anyway, let’s do this.

I’m not a fan of holidays. I have my reasons, and while I’ve never been afraid to voice them, I’ll keep the primary reason to myself. That’s not for this blogosphere. However, I will say that I hate holidays because I hate the fuss that people put in to one day.

happy thanksgivingThanksgiving, to me is a year round thing. You should be thankful every day. There should not be a special reason for a family to get together and claim that they are thankful for what they have. There should not be a special reason for friends to get together, or for a community to get together. That should happen every day.

Every day is Thanksgiving Day. Every day is Christmas Day, et cetera. That’s a big reason why I’m not a fan of holidays. I do not believe in the fact that my feelings should be dictated by a day on a calendar.

I do feel sorry for people who are alone, however. Holidays might be over blown in my opinion, but it’s a shame for a person who has to go through those days alone. For them I do feel some empathy. I also feel empathy for those who have lost someone.

The holidays are not a good time for people who still carry the pain of loss around with them. Speaking for myself, I remember the first Thanksgiving after my cousin Kevin passed away in 2013. Kev was always at the table when it was time for a meal, and that first Thanksgiving his presence was both felt and missed. He wasn’t there in body, that left a huge dent in our spirits, and that was a heavy day for us to experience as a family.

My cousin isn’t the only family member who won’t be at the table. Holidays have been incomplete for me for the past couple of years. That’s life, though. However, for those of us who associate holidays with family, it is rough when you have to go through the day without someone who is not there. I do feel a lot sympathy for those folks. I absolutely do.

thanks 2As I said, I may not be a fan of holidays but I’m not heartless. I’m not a Grinch. For me it’s a matter of practicality, so that’s why I’m not going to be the brightest light at a holiday function, but I understand it’s not an easy day for everyone. I get that. It’ll never be an easy day for me, but I still wish that everyone who reads this had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading. Thank you for supporting all that we do here at 7Poundbag. This blog site is full of some interesting creatives, and I hope that there is something here for everybody. Once again, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you nothing but peace for the upcoming Holidays.

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