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Here are the questions for the week:


Should the NBA do away with letting the fans vote in the starting line-ups for the All-Star game?

Todd: I think they should do away with letting fans vote in the starting line-ups. I just think it is more a popularity contest with the fans. If you let the coaches pick it would be all about people who deserve to be there.

Steve: Its neither here or there if you ask me. I mean the fans are the ones who pay good money for the game, and the fans vote to see who they want to see. That being said, the system is flawed, and you should only allow players to compete in the All Star Game if they played a minimum number of games. You could even go to a system where a percentage of votes are fan based, a percentage is media, and a percentage is players. At least it would be fair, and you would not have as much controversy.

Chad: It’s a meaningless game you might as well let the fans vote for who they want to see play no defense and dunk umpteen dozen times.


Each NBA team are allowed 15 players. Should all 15 players be able to suit up for the game?

Todd: I don’t see why not. I mean if the guy is healthy he should be able to at least suit up for the game.

Steve: Not sure I really understand the question. I mean I guess, yes all fifteen should be able to suit up if they are on the active roster. If I am reading this right, and basically mandate that all 15 have to suit up, then I don’t know how I feel about that. Injuries happen, and there may be a night or two where someone can not play nor suit up. If it is longer or prolonged injury, then they have the ability to put them on the inactive list to sign someone to take their spot.

Chad: Sure why not unless the NBA is sponsored by a suit company that needs their product on inactive players.


In 2 or 3 years who will be the better big man Anthony Davis or Karl-Anthony Towns?

Todd: Towns for sure. He has better talent around him and Davis is injury prone.

Steve: Good question, and very tough question. I think I will say Towns will be better in two to three years. Davis has already been in the league a couple of years, and has had some solid individual performances. I don’t see the Pelicans doing much, but I do see the Timberwolves competing for the playoffs. Towns has a lot to prove, and is younger, so I will go with him. Take nothing away from unibrow, he is a great player, just on a bad team.

Chad: I will say Towns because he will have the better talent around to make him the better big man in the league. Davis is good but with the right talent around he could be elite.

LA Clippers

Starting off at 11-2 and the best record in the NBA. Are the Los Angeles Clippers for real?

Todd: Yes, they have a good shot at being the number 1 team in the Western conference.

Steve: Of course they are for real, they have a legit shot at really competing in the West with teams like The Warriors, and Spurs. They hold a road victory over the Spurs where they lit them up and beat them by 20 plus points. As long as they stay healthy, then yes, the Clippers will go deep in the post-season.

Chad: They are for real with the struggles the Warriors and Spurs have had early on this season they absolutely have a shot in the Western Conference.


DeMar DeRozan is currently leading the league in scoring at 33 points per game. It is an increase of 10 points per game from last year. Can he keep this up for the whole season?

Todd: He is putting up amazing numbers at this point but I think without him shooting the 3 point shot he will come back down to earth.

Steve: He will be up in the mid 20’s, but not even a guy like Steph Curry could keep up this kind of pace. These are Jordan like numbers.

Chad: No, he will come back down to earth and be somewhere in the 23-26 PPG range by the end of the season good enough to get the Raptors in to a top playoff spot in the east.

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