MMA Roundtable: 11/22 edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, this week Roni and David enter the cage and talk Fedor’s return, Fight Night 99, 100 and 101. If you are interested in being our third person (or fourth) let us know, and send us your questions.

1. Fedor is back!Fedor
Is he too old for you to care or does the fact that it’s Bellator dampen the impact or are you just excited?

David: I have a few problems getting excited here, one Bellator has a THIN heavyweight roster, and there really isn’t anyone he can fight I care about or will push Fedor into reminding us of who he was. How much money did Randy Couture turn down? Rampage? Cro-Cop? Heck you could find something else for Chael and throw Tito in there.

Roni: Are you kidding me? The Emperor is back!!!
I am excited!
Look, I am fully aware he is not the same guy who had the 31-1 winning streak.
He is now the guy who almost KTFO by Maldonado.
But then again, he IS the GOAT! And we should cherish the fact we get to watch him fight!

2. Is Matt Mitrione the best choice for Fedor to fight?matt-mitrione

David: Well, who are my options? Was Schaub on the table? Bonner? Again, Randy vs Fedor and they could go up against UFC 204 and severely ding that PPV rate.

Roni: I think so.
He just got a beating my Maldonado, so I wouldn’t want to see him fighting for the belt right away.
But Matt is nto only a name, he is a good enough fighter to prop him up without throwing himn into the lion’s den.
Of course, it can bite them if he loses. But it does build a lot more reliability or trustworthiness if he can beat Matt Mitrione first.

3. Do you buy Ryan Bader as a title threat?Ryan Bader

David: Is the Bisping of 205? Win 3 lose 1, and look good and bad at the same time. He beat lil Nog like a drum, but Cormier is a level or two above him wrestling and if he gets a shot with Jon Jones that would be like me wrestling Cain. The only way Bader has a chance of carrying gold is if Rumble upsets DC, then he might actually have a shot.

Roni: Not really. But he is always there, within the top 5-10.
Add the current status of LHW division right now, and he might get a title shot and even win it.
He is not a fan favorite for sure, but neither is DC.

4. Where would you rank Mousasi now?mousasi

David: I’d say 6th, he’s could enough to beat anyone, but as Uriah Hall proved, he could lose to any of them as well.

Roni: a real talented guy, but gun-shy and never really lived up to his expected potential.
He should be around the top 5. I would put him below Luke, Weidman, Yoel & Jacare. Maybe he could fight Jacare for the next spot at a title shot?
5. Is there anything you care about at UFC Fight Night 101?ufc-fight-night-101

David: Brunson is from Wilmington, Nawt Carolina! As is yours truly, so I have to be a fan, beyond that? No. These are two top 10 guys that are not even close to being on the level of anyone above them. The rest of this card could be the undercard of Bellator 166 and I couldn’t tell.

Roni: I am disappointed they didn’t set him to fight Jacare once Luke pulled out?? 🙂
Beyond that, not really.
But UFC spent all their names/talent into the NY card, so it was expected some cards would be missing them.
However, this card might surprise you, exactly due to the low expectations.

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