Movie Review: Hitman Agent 47

Like I said last movie: I have never played Hitman. I have heard of the game, of course, but just never got around to it. I’m not much on a first person shooter as it is. The first one was watchable, but a 5 movie. This one basically says the first Hitman didn’t happen. So let’s get into it.

Holy information Dump Batman!

We get a TON of gibberish about an Agent program that worked too well, and they shut it down, except for one Agent who escaped. Of course someone wants to revive the program.

hitman-agent-47-shootNext a place comes under attack by an Agent and we get a really awesome looking escape and attack by the Agent, complete with barcode on his neck. This includes the most unbelievable action ever recorded on film. He reloads. There is a few nit-picky parts, like he can headshot a guy at 30 feet with a pistol, but someone misses at waist level from 10. Things like that tend to tick me off. It takes away from him being a baddass when he’s fighting incompetent idiots, especially when he pulls a guy in-front of him and then everyone hits center mass, but I digress.

So we get a standard beat-em-up movie with some information dumps in between. This doesn’t feel like a movie, it does feel like a video game, and the question remains, is that a good thing? I think it is what they are after, even with the sequel driven ending, but again, never having played the game, I need a plot to keep me going, not an info-dump cut-scene.
I would think that as a fan of the game this is all great, and maybe I would be all over this, as a movie, however, it’s a problem. The plot is fairly easy to follow, however, and the fight scenes are fun, and the actor playing Hitman 47 does have a good bit of charisma. So we should be all good right?

Right. 5. This movie is good enough to warrant a watch it you are bored and John Wick isn’t on your shelf (and it should be) not good enough for a rewatch, but good enough that I would watch Agent 48, or Agent 90 or whatever comes next.

Still not playing the game.

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