Movie Review: Hitman (2007)

I have never played Hitman. I have heard of the game, of course, but just never got around to it. I’m not much on a first person shooter as it is. But my kiddos love them, and felt they might like this one. I also happen to be big fan of Timothy Olyphant (and never seen Deadwood or Justified) and he just has that look that he should be a bigger star for, IMNHO.

So the guy from Taken 3 is coming home, and his lights don’t work. He’s confronted by a bald guy who tells him that he’s going to ask him a question. How does a good guy kill or some such. Back up three months and we get a fun little bit about “The Organization” who take orphans and shaves them, and gives them training on how to be assassins and fine dining.

hitman-womanFlipping over to Africa, and a man is dragged in front of a Warlord. Apparently that’s the Warlord’s brother. Soon the guy explodes. The local police force and Interpol get into a pissing contest about what happened, but the guy from Taken 3 proves that Interpol is correct by putting a pushpin into a map. Yup, that’s how I win my arguments with the wife. Putting a pin in a map.

So Hitman, I guess is given his next job, to take out the Russian President. The client (I guess it’s Mugatu) wants it done publicly and sooner than agreed, but Hitman agrees. Using a sniper rifle, Hitman gets the shot from over 4km away. Impressive. The voice on Hitman’s Laptop tells him he’s not getting paid because there was a witness to the killing, next we find out that the Russian President is still alive.

So we have Hitman going after the witness, who just happens to be a hot woman who isn’t afraid of being topless with Interpol and the next generation KGB fighting each other on who gets the catch him, like that’s going to happen. Hitman also has to give out some of his background and find out who set him up.

So how is Hitman?

Like a lot of action movies, there is something here. Timothy Olyphant does a fine job as an assassin with a heart of gold. The Hot Chick does a fine job of being a Hot Chick. Nothing wrong there, and the guy from Taken 3 does a good job as well.

hitman-1-barcodeThe action scenes are well done and plotted out fine. Some of the shots are obvious for the Gamers who love Hitman, and even as one who never has played the game that’s obvious. This is one of the parts where Olyphant isn’t right here. He’s better when he’s just walking away with a stoic look on his face with the explosion behind him, but striking a Stallone/Arnold pose just isn’t right.

What really hurts the movie is the plot. The whole reason to bring in the Hot Chick is almost a throwaway line, and all the stuff with the Russian Doubles is barely setup, and to be honest, you almost don’t know if the real guy was killed before or still hiding? What’s the deal with the other 3 guys? What is with the black guy in the train fight?

Just way too many plot holes and things the movie doesn’t care about explaining. The sad thing is, I enjoyed the movie. I don’t know if there is a really good reason to dig this movie out, the reshoots and the director changes hurt the movie, but there is so much goodness here. Hitman is like dating a girl who doesn’t have a car and can’t keep a job but can keep talking to you for 3 hours over dinner- excellent, but there is just too many gaps and red flags to come back too, but if you have nothing better to do, eh, call her up and see what she’s doing. That’s a 5 movie.

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