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Hello again wrestling fanatics, and welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we take a look ahead to Survivor Series which is this Sunday. What are our predictions? Will we even watch? We will also discuss the latest rumors circulating around the WWE, and also we discuss…..President Trump? All this and much more! Let’s get right down to business.



1.Kevin Owens- The WWE Universal Champion looks to lead his team to victory this Sunday at Survivor Series.

2.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion made a rare appearance on Raw and it didnt go his way, can he lead Team Smackdown to victory?

3.Braun Strowman- Maybe the wild-card factor in this Sunday’s five on five match. Are big things in store for Strowman?

4.Seth Rollins- Seems to be on the same page with his team, but Rollins has not taken his eye off of the Universal title.

5.Goldberg- Probably will be the first and only time we see Goldberg on the Power Rankings. Will we even see Goldberg after Survivor Series?



1989– Ric Flair faced off against Terry Funk for the last time in an I Quit match at Clash of the Champions IX.

1996– The Rock debuts in the WWE at Survivor Series, and is the sole Survivor in the match, defeating Goldust.

2005– Eddie Guerrero passes away due to a heart attack.


And here we go with the topics of discussion this week.


Last week, it was said that during a meeting with the board of directors, that Vince McMahon actually entertained the idea to sell the WWE? Do you think that Vince would actually sell the company and not hand over the reigns to Triple H and Stephanie?

Steve: I suppose that anything is possible, though I cannot see any way that Vince would sell to anyone outside of his family. I could see him forcing Triple H and Stephanie to buy it instead of just handing over the keys. Not likely he would sell, but who knows.

Todd: He should sell it if they continue with this garbage maybe he might sell it to someone who gives a damn. I would rather pay 54.99 for a quality show than pay 9.99 for garbage.

Tyler: If given the right offer, yes.  I can see him doing that just to spite people.


Linda McMahon’s name has been bounced around Washington DC, as a potential member of newly elected President Donald Trump’s cabinet. McMahon has had two failed Senate runs and is part of the Democratic party. Do you think there is any way that Linda McMahon would be a part of a President Trump cabinet?

Steve: As if stands right now, it doesn’t appear as if she will be. She is a very smart business wOman, and I think she would be a good addition. I don’t think it will happen.

Todd: Who cares, Just lets get Trump in office and Obama out.

Chad: It’s not a terrible idea; I think she has good ideas but will always have that stigma of being affiliated with WWE whether you agree with or not.

Tyler: Not a chance in hell, to quote the song.


A little twist to wrap your brain around. Had Brock Lesnar not left the WWE in 2004, after Wrestlemania. Do you think John Cena would have gotten the push that he did, considering that Brock Lesnar was supposed to be the main guy for years to come, before leaving?

Steve: Yes it would have still happened.  The reigns were not just handed to John Cena.  He worked his ass off and worked his way up to the top of the WWE. It may not have happened the next year,  but it would have happened eventually.

Todd: Fuck Brock Lesner!

Chad: I think it was only a matter of time Brock chose to leave for football in 2004. He could have left the next year for the UFC. I think still becomes a champion the one thing it does is prevent JBL from being WWE champion.

Tyler: I would say he would still be pushed, just not to the extent that he was.  Still in the main event scene, but definitely not trying to beat Flair’s record as World Champion. And if that was the case, then we probably wouldn’t be a sick of Cena as we are now.


What are your bold predictions for Survivor Series?

Steve: My bold prediction is that I will actually waste my Sunday night to turnot it on and watch the show. I have no interest in the show as it stands now. I was remotely interested in seeing Sami Zayn vs Dolph Ziggler,  but now that the Miz is the Intercontinental Champion,  I don’t care.

Todd: Survivor Series will be a disaster just like every other PPV was since the WWE Network has come out almost 3 years ago. That is why I am not watching it.

Chad: There will be constant teasing over who is going to turn on their team; They will tease a full Shield Reunion; Shane will do something crazy; because he is Shane. Smackdown wins at least 2 of 3 matches at Survivor Series since Raw is the flagship and can afford it. Zayn takes the IC belt to Raw.

Tyler: I don’t really care about the team matches, honestly.  For the matches that have actual stakes, well let’s see.  I’d like to see Sami win the IC title, but I would have rather seen him and Ziggler go at it.  I understand not wanting a face vs face match, but they would have had a better match than Sami and The Miz.  Sami wins and moves the IC title to Raw.  On the other side, I see Kalisto taking the Cruiserweight title and the Cruiserweights themselves to Smackdown, where they would be better suited anyway. As for Goldberg vs Lesnar, it would make sense for Goldberg to win his comeback match, but we’ll see if Brock takes the loss.



Were this weeks Raw and Smackdown episodes good “go home” shows in the wake of Survivor Series? (For those who do not know what a Go Home show is. It is a show just prior to a major pay per view event.)

Steve: I was bored out of my ass. I thought the women did a nice job, but the whole brand split is just not doing it for me.  Smackdown was alright,  but I turned off Raw fairly early.

Todd: They were both retarded. I didnt even finish watching Smackdown it was so dumb. I will refuse to watch the WWE any more until Vince McMahon gets his thumb out his ass and starts putting on a real show. No wonder why they are lacking WWE Network subscribers and I think they are going to lose another one in me. Why waste the money for me to watch this garbage.

Chad: I like Smackdown more than Raw this week. Just because of the added elements of Edge and the Undertaker who are True Blue Warriors, Any chance to hear Tony Chimel yell Rated R SuuuuuuuuuuperStar is a treat

Tyler: They both were good in different ways.  For RAW, the random tag team matches didn’t really do anything for me but the confrontation at the end between the RAW and Smackdown teams was awesome.  For Smackdown, I liked the altercation between the RAW and Smackdown women, but the ending segment of everybody standing around while The Undertaker talked fell flat with me.

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