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Emma Roberts is Vee, your normal high schooler, and wants to go to California for college, but her Momma wants her to stay in Staten Island as she is her only child left.
Being 201-whatever, an online reality game called “Nerve” has become highly popular among first world teens with way too much money, where you have two ways to play.

Players: Take dares to get likes and earn money.
Watchers: Pay 20 bucks to watch the players and you can also pony up cash to get players to do dares.

When Vee’s BFF has gotten a minor celebrity status for playing the game, she pushes Vee into talking to her crush, when Vee again cowards out, her buddy Sydney does it for her and gets rejected. Ashamed Vee joins the game as a player, much to the warnings of Tommy, who is locked solidly into the Frendzone, even though he is a master of the “Dark Internet”

The rules of the game are simple:nerve-dare
All dares must be recorded on the player’s phone
Earned money will be revoked if a player fails or “bails” a dare
A player must not report the game to law enforcement.

Makes you wonder why you would play the game, as you can’t take what you won and go home, and you can’t pass on a dare, so at 11:59 you could just get a dare to shoot yourself in the knee and then you lose everything. I’m sorry, did I just break out too much logic? You’d also think there would be a lot of nudity invovled with a lot of these players, but I digress.

So Vee’s first dare is to kiss Dave Franco in a Diner, and finds out that he is a player, and the two are paired up to go a few dares together as “the people like them together” they eventually pass Sydney’s likes, find out the secret of Nerve and try and win the game.


Let’s just say Dave Franco has a Secret, but you see that coming.

I’ll have spoilers, but lets just say the first time you watch this movie it’s much better than the second. Dave and Emma are just too much fun together that you just miss all the logic gaps and contrivances. Second time? Not so much.
I do think that Nerve is a solid commentary on young people’s obsession with social media and getting likes over anything else. The problem with the movie is it is based off a book, and thus the book (has?) to go into more details that the movie just doesn’t have to the time to go into. The whole ending third just isn’t there as far as explaining what has to happen to make it worth the trouble. The first time through you are enjoying the ride and the interaction between Emma and Dave. The second time through trying to see how we get to point D, G and H from Point A and B, and it’s just not there. I’m sure the book goes all into the DarkWeb and all, but it should have been a plotline that either got dropped or pushed more. At least the movie wasn’t split into two parts and it very easily could have been, and maybe was intened and that’s why the back third is so rushed. I’ll go 6 here, I can’t do any better as I just can’t see any rewatchabilty here. I almost want to go get the book and try to fill in some of these gaps.

Spoilers? Sure

Spoilers Shead

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