MMA Roundtable: UFC 205 edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where Roni and David breakdown UFC 205, and talk about everyone’s favorite TUF3 winner and what comes next.

1. What should Conor do next?Conor McGregor

A) Aldo II
B) Diaz III
C) Woodley
D) None of the above

Roni: Conor should fight Aldo next. Go down to FW and defend his belt (or release it).
Simply put, a champion cannot spend a full year active and not defend his belt.

David: Conor vs Aldo II, then he needs to lay the belt down in the center of the mat and go back to 155 for good. I think the UFC can sell Aldo vs Edgar II or Aldo vs several others in Brazil on Fight Night or co-mains. Aldo is an exceptional fighter, but he’s not a dependable draw and he pretty much cleaned out the division before Conor. Now at 155, there are a ton of options for the UFC to put together A cards, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson – either of whom should be next ( Khabib Nurmagomedov in Europe, Tony Ferguson in the US) plus the rematch with Eddie, heck even Donald Cerrone would be a fun contest. I have not even mentioned Nate Diaz yet, and let him face whomever Conor doesn’t and if they both win, then we get a trilogy. Now late on if Aldo (or anyone) puts together a head of steam, Conor has a built-in reason to drop back down.

2. Was a Woodley vs Thompson Draw the right decision?thompson-woodley

Roni: I think it was a fair decision. Woodley won two rounds to three, but one of his rounds was a 10-8. So it was a tie in my eyes.

David: I think so, MMA judging is bad enough, and to get 2 of them to agree to a 10-8 means it pretty much has to have been a minor crime committed in the cage.

That being said. I think a draw was the right call, as Wonderboy did take 3 rounds to 2 but Woodley gave him a beating.

Can I make a suggestion? If a TITLE fight is a draw, then we have a sixth round, I can’t see there being that big an issue and I’m not sure it would come up that often.

3. Is there any reason to not have Romero vs Bisping next?Bisping

Roni: The only reason I see, is if Jacare fights Bisping next. The winner would take on Yoel.

David: Unless Conor wants a title shot.

Well, Jacare has to get by Luke Rockhold first, in two weeks, and then recover. I think it depends on how long Bisping is out, he took a bit of a beating. I do think that either fighter would work, but I’d give the first shot to Jacare.

4. With no fights at Light-Heavy or Heavyweight, do you think the UFC is de-enphazizing those classes on the major cards?

Roni: I don’t think they are doing anything on purpose. HW is a shallow division. LHW, with the loss of Jon, is also not the deepest division. So the UFC is just using the ones they currently have a lot of depth most. If LHW gets new talented fighters, I am sure it will go back to where it was.

David: Well,

FN 99 – 1 Heavyweight Timothy Johnson vs Alexander Volkov on main card. No 205ers
FN 100 – 3 Light Heavyweight fights
FN 101 – 1 Light Heavyweight
TUF24 – 1 Light Heavyweight

It’s not until the next card where we see 2 fights from each weight class at FN 102, so yeah, you could say that we are hitting a dry spell for the big boys. The next PPV only has 2 Light Heavyweight cards as well.

5. What should the penalty be for Kelvin Gastelum ?Kelvin Gastelum

Roni: Honestly, I am getting tired of same fighters missing weight time and again. Kelvin, Lineker, etc.
They should be fired. However, as we all know other promotions would just take him as soon as he is available, they should change the penalties.
A fighter missing weight more than once should get a year suspension and an automatic move to the next weight class.
Re-incidence would double the suspension and move them up again, until they stop wasting everyone’s time.

Of course, I would rather UFC simply abolished weight cutting. That would be the best move for the sport IMHO.

David: Pretty simple, If you miss weight, then you move up a weight class for your next 3 fights, and you can’t be on the uppercard portion of any of those cards. I know the Reebok deal has hurt sponsorships but those that are left I’m sure would rather see you on PPV than on Fight Pass, also this makes damn sure than fighters that miss weight are not getting highly ranked fighters. This no IV policy is causing it, but I think it’s safer for the fighters. They just don’t know that yet.

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