Movie Review: The Divergent Series: Allegiant

So we pick up with the wall around Chicago being closed. Hot Guy’s Mommy has taken over from Jeanine and the French Revolution has broken out, and Mekhi Phifer gets shot. The guy from Candor has become Robespierre. Four isn’t happy about it, neither is Tris, who has refused to be a part of it, but Mommy says deal with it. Soon Tris’ brother is going to be on trial, and Tris decides she wants to escape.

OK, so I can understand you don’t want the whole city to take off for who knows where, but you have trucks, you can’t send off a scouting party? Not to mention you just had a revolution, people at the top of the previous regime are going to be killed. The question is, was Tris’ brother someone and I missed it?allegiant-trip

So the group scale the wall, and blow up ONE truck that has electrified the top of the fence. Somehow they missed it sitting out in the open. Since someone we cared about was the one getting shocked, it’s non-lethal. Tris runs down the wall, blows up the truck and everyone stands on the wall. Tory still stands there shooting down at the soldiers coming for them. When she turns around and smiles like they won, yup, she’s shot. You could see that coming from Chicago.  Yay, one less person I have to worry about that I don’t remember.

So everyone run, and they come to a wasteland, and Edgar says sometime in the last 200 years this place was radioactive, and cue the PURPLE RAIN, no wait- it’s just red. No idea how Trump’s Wall around Chicago is holding back RAIN, but OK. So mini-mohawk guy is now after them in a truck, and did I just miss him from the last movie?

So they run and come up to a CGI wall, where some dude comes out and says “Welcome to the future” and he knows all their names. Mini-Mohawk guy comes to the wall and he’s blasted by the Future-Guy’s airships. The wall closes behind him. Why? He can’t come too? Only Tris is Divergent, the rest are just here as her posse.

This movie is better paced, but it comes down to how much you like Jedi-Tris and Rorschach-Four. Let me spoil the movie right here. The FutureCity isn’t the paradise it’s supposed to be, and Four wanders in to everything to prove it, goes to Tris to tell her, she doesn’t believe him- instead she believes Jeff Daniels about everything, until it’s almost too late and Four has to become Batman to save everything until he can’t and Jedi-Tris has to do everything herself. I’m going a 3 here, the movie is there if you have already seen the first 2, but it’s not really worth the trip.

The CGI is pretty amazing. I bet they could have saved 10-25M just by not having all the CGI they didn’t need to.

Spoilers coming.

Spoilers Shead

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