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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week the panel gets serious as we discuss the state of the WWE. What is wrong with the WWE? What do they need to do to improve? And most importantly, have we actually considered the notion to stop watching? All this and much more.


1.Kevin Owens- Victorious in the Fatal Five way on Raw, Owens solidified his position as team captain for the Survivor Series.

2.AJ Styles- The other team captain for Smackdown has to get his team in order if they have any chance to win against team Raw.

3.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic is on Team Smackdown, but his eyes are still on the WWE Championship.

4.Seth Rollins- Seth Rollins has told his team that he will be a team player, but afterwards, his mind is set on the Universal title.

5.Braun Strowman- Maybe the wild card in the 5 on 5 matchup, he could be the key factor to put Team Raw over the top.



1985- The WWE puts on their very first Pay Per View event, titled The Big Event. The Main Event featured WWF Champion Hulk Hogan facing off against Rowdy Roddy Piper.

1999- The Montreal Screwjob with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Bret was leaving for WCW a week after the Survivor Series event, and wanted to drop the championship the next night on Raw, basically forfeit the title. Vince and company had other plans and called for the bell while Bret was in the sharpshooter, handing the title to Shawn Michaels. It would take 13 years for Bret to appear in the WWE again.

2005- Eddie Guerrero wrestled his very last match against Mr. Kennedy on a Smackdown taping. Guerrero won the match and the opportunity to compete with Team Smackdown at the Survivor Series. Guerrero would tragically pass away two days before he died.


Here are the questions this week.


Over the past several months, the WWE has dropped in ratings, and has lost some viewers. What is the current state of the WWE as you see it in your eyes?

Steve: It is fading and fading fast. I have lost virtually full interest in the product outside of a few gimmicks. I love the List of Jericho, I like the James Ellsworth gimmick (more so because it is hilarious), but I rarely will sit through a full episode of Raw or Smackdown without skipping half the show. Something has to change with the writing, and if it doesnt, I could find my self on the outside not looking in on the product at all.

Todd: It sucks! Its horrible! The past year or so has been the worst ‘i have ever seen it for a long time. WWE needs to drop some of these silly gimmicks and story lines and get back to wrestling.

Tyler: After a strong start with the brand extension, I feel like it’s fell mostly flat, especially given the state of RAW.  For every good thing that RAW has done (giving Owens the Universal title, finally turning Seth Rollins), it’s also given us pointless filler, a waste of the Cruiserweights, and programs that people simply don’t care about (Bo Dallas).

Chad: I find myself not as interested as I was when the brands split. I feel like where there are entertaining portions of the shows there’s other portions and decisions that make you wonder what is going on. It’s going to be tough to keep with the product if it continues in the current direction.

Jim: It doesn’t take a college degree to figure out over the past few months Monday Night Football has started back up.  The WWE will never compete with MNF, and they change their story lines around to ensure they don’t try big things during football season.  The ratings will be back in January.  They always are.

Christa: Unfortunately, Raw can’t compete with Monday Night Football so fans truly do suffer. The quality of the storylines go down, matches become very repetitive. WWE writers don’t want to expel all of their good ideas until after MNF football is finished. Anyone that knows me is using the word good very loosely.



With the ratings decreasing, have you considered to stop watching the product as it appears on Monday and Tuesday nights?

Steve: I can honestly say that I have pretty much stopped watching right now. The product has gone down hill. While I do continue to DVR both Raw and Smackdown, and will tune in on the PPV’s really just to see what happens for this website. I fast forward through the majority of the show, to the point where it takes me about 30 minutes to watch Raw, and 20 to watch Smackdown. Smackdown is by far the more entertaining show outside of Chris Jericho. While watching the PPV’s on the network, I usually have it on my phone or tablet, while watching something else on TV.

Todd: absolutely I have. I am already not going to watch Survivor Series. I am not interested in seeing anything on the card with the exception of Sasha Banks and Bayley but i will be ok if I miss them for one show. Now that Shane McMahon is on team Smackdown, REALLY WWE? Not interested. I also heard a rumor that Hogan was gonna come back for Wrestlemania. If that happens I will not consider watching Wrestlemania either. He is washed up garbage.

Tyler: I would still watch Smackdown, RAW…eh.

Chad: I can keep up with it but at this point it’s mainly through Social Media and Youtube Clips; I will watch the shows on the Network as that is something on a Sunday Night but it’s with an eye on a Tablet or Phone for Fantasy Football…etc.

Jim: I’ve considered not watching the WWE every week for the past few years.  The recent ratings have nothing to do with it.  It’s the fact that the WWE doesn’t have an original or creative thought in their collective heads.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, three monkeys with two typewriters could come up with “have everyone fight the same person week in and week out and at the PPVs.”  Or “Have a face come out on their birthday, in front of their hometown crowd, with them screaming their name, and let them lose badly”.  Or worst of all “continue employing Charlotte.”

Christa: The DVR is an AH-AMAZING invention and the person that invented deserves many, many accolades simply due to the fact that I can fast-forward through the Cruiserweight division, Nia Jax, Neville or the like. I won’t stop either show from recording but I get through each episode in record timing. Guiness Book of World Records will be around next week to see how quickly I can get through five hours of television. 47 minutes. And that’s when I’ve nodded off and forgot to fast-forward through one set of commercials.



The E show, Total Bellas seems to portray John Cena as controlling, and arrogant. Some would even say that he is an ass hole. Do you watch Total Bellas? If so, has your opinion changed on John Cena?

Steve: It is a TV show, it means nothing to the character of John Cena. Cena is still great, and is a great ambassador to the WWE with all of his charitable foundations that he is a part of. What happens on the show is fake, and scripted. I don’t really think he is like that in real life.

Todd: Cena is a selfish SOB and an ass hole. People say he is the same person inside and outside the ring. to me that is bullshit. He just plays a character inside the ring outside the ring he is a complete dick!

Tyler: Don’t watch the show, don’t care about the show.

Chad: I don’t care it’s something for the E Network to run dry once the Kardashians are useless.

Jim: You answered your own question with the words “seems to portray”.  It’s a show.  It’s supposed to have drama.  They have writers.  They obviously aren’t WWE writers, because there seems to be an actual story line we can follow.  John’s character, 100% the opposite of his character in wrestling, is an asshole.  Hey, guess what John is going to become soon on Smackdown Live?  That’s right, he’s going to turn bad.  In keeping with the show’s character

Christa: He’s portrayed as such because HE IS AN ASSHOLE. I’ve read a few things out there that it was a cross-promotional idea to begin his heel turn. Listen, Vince will never turn his Golden Ticket into a heel. It’s just not happening. I think the guy we see on the show is truly a controlling, nut-job with a beautiful but ditzy, materialistic girlfriend. Most of the time, it’s exciting to see famous people being themselves but, in this case, I would rather think of the characters they portray on TV.



Currently,  who is the most entertaining Superstar or Gimmick in the WWE today?

Steve: Has to be the list of Jericho. I find my self fast fowarding through most of Raw and Smackdown, but whenever Jericho talks, I watch. He is definitely the most interesting and entertaining gimmick right now in wrestling.

Todd: James Ellsworth – any man with two hands has a fighting chance

Tyler: Quite honestly, The List of Jericho and Chris Jericho in general cracks me up every single time.  He’s at his best when he’s in ‘smarmy heel mode’, and the pairing with Owens has done wonders for both of them in this stage of their respective careers.

Chad: Right now it has to be Chris Jericho and the List of Jericho which it interesting to say since it probably wasn’t planned but which honestly makes it better and it is something that I hope doesn’t go away to soon.

Jim: Entertaining?  That’s the only criteria?  Enzo Amore.  No, not “and Big Cass”.  Just Enzo.  And that includes both Monday and Tuesday.  Enzo is the only reason to truly watch the WWE week in and week out.  Chris Jericho is a very close second,  Now, if you’re talking actually wrestling, then it’s Dolph Ziggler.  Always exciting, always fun.

Christa: “My name is Enzo Amore, and I am a certified G, and a bonafied stud. And you can’t teach that!” I was captivated from the moment he hit the mic and still hasn’t gotten old. Somebody told me that he has a tag-team partner but I haven’t seen that guy yet. HAHAHA



Which team do you think has the advantage in the five on five match up at Survivor Series?

Steve: After seeing that they removed Baron Corbin from the match in lieu of Shane McMahon, I have completely lost full interest in watching. I love watching these young guys compete in big matches, and honestly, he was the only reason I was remotely interested in the show. I guess the Ziggler/Miz vs Sami Zayn could be interesting, but ultimately, I may not even watch the show.

Todd: I don’t care because I am not watching it. I have better things to do that night like what paint dry.

Tyler: While it’s a nice throwback to bring back the traditional 5X5 matches for Survivor Series, I don’t really find myself invested that much.  I’d go with Smackdown simply because they are the better show.

Chad: I just see both teams imploding at Survivor Series but like a good crash I can’t take my eyes off of it.

Jim: If I go with my emotions, I pick Team RAW.  Because Baron Corbin, AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt are such douches.  But then again, I really aren’t excited about Strowman either on RAW.  But one beats 3, so I’ll stick with Team RAW for the win.

Christa: Raw definitely has the advantage and I think WWE writers want to continue the idea that Raw is the more powerful, entertaining show. In reality, Smackdown has a better roster of true wrestling talent.. Hi Randy! J


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