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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. Today is the 11th of November, today is Veterans Day. Today we honor those who served our country, in times of war and peace. We thank them for their sacrifice. Today also happens to be the 98th anniversary of the end of World War I. The Great War that took so many lives, and shaped our World, will be remembered today.

I wish it would be remembered in better circumstances. Although our long election is over, the national nightmare I alluded to last week is not over. Not yet, anyway. I hope that each day between now and the inauguration on January 20, will move us one step closer towards reconciliation but I am not so sure.

clinton-trump-debateThe times have given us President-Elect Donald J. Trump. Very few saw this coming. I stayed up late election night, sure that Hillary Clinton was going to win. I fell asleep for a few hours but it was a restless one so before 3 am I woke up and turned on the television just in enough time to see Donald Trump give a victory speech.

In a short period of time, I went from shock, to despair, to anger, and finally I have landed on acceptance. I might be naïve but I believe in our election process. I believe in our civil duty and I believe in a free, fair, and Democratic election.

Democracy is not perfect, but it gave us President-Elect Trump. I did not vote for him, and I am extremely weary of him after running such a divisive campaign but I do believe he needs to be given a fair chance to govern. Protesting after the fact, and petitions solve nothing.

A week ago, Clinton supporters were begging Trump and his people to accept the election in the event that Trump loses, and now they must do the same. I understand your fears, for I have them myself, but Trump will be our 45th President. He deserves the chance to govern, and we need to take the time to see how it all goes.

With all of that said, I do hope for a few things when it comes to the Democratic Party. I hope election night they received the mandate that the Clinton era is indeed over. I sincerely hope that they ease off into retirement and leave the scene to a younger, more able crowd. Now is the time for the Obama legacy to truly take hold.

Bernie-Sanders-VermontThere is a generation that came of age under his influence, and the Party can regrow under his leadership. With a dash of Bernie Sanders progressiveness, and an element of reaching out to those who were disenfranchised the past eight to twelve years, the Party can indeed rebound. The Obama legacy did not die on Tuesday night. No. It just rejected a candidate that it didn’t fully believe in.

In any event, I for one, hope we all move on past this in time. It will take time. I hope the 45th President, can move away from the divisive rhetoric he himself spouted and lead. The wounds will not heal today, hell they may never fully heal, but we got to give it a shot. We have to.

I’m done. Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support.


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