NFL Week 10 picks

Welcome to the Week 10 Picks, last week all kinds of booty was kicked with over half the panel posting 9 wins or better and having Dallas, KC, New Orleans, and Seattle start us off with a 4-0 slate helped. Chad was the only one to take Indy over Green Bay, but Steve is still rocking the mic but DJ cut into his lead by 2 games. This week we are trying something new as David breaks down the NY Jets vs LA Rams matchup.

Steve DJ David Dan Jim
Cleveland vs Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore
 Green Bay vs Tennessee  Green Bay  Green Bay  Green Bay  Green Bay  Green Bay
 Minnesota vs Washington  Minnesota  Washington  Minnesota  Washington  Minnesota
 Chicago vs Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay  Chicago  Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay  Tampa Bay
 Kansas City vs Carolina  Kansas City  Kansas City  Carolina  Kansas City  Kansas City
 Atlanta vs Philadelphia Atlanta Atlanta  Atlanta  Atlanta


 Los Angeles vs NY Jets  NY Jets  Los Angeles  Los Angeles  Los Angeles  NY Jets
 Denver vs New Orleans  Denver  Denver  New Orleans  Denver  New Orleans
 Houston vs Jacksonville  Houston  Houston  Jacksonville  Houston  Jacksonville
 Miami vs San Diego  Miami  San Diego  San Diego  San Diego Miami
 Dallas vs Pittsburgh  Dallas  Dallas  Dallas  Dallas  Dallas
 San Francisco vs Arizona  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona
 Seattle vs New England New England New England New England  New England New England
 Cincinnati vs NY Giants  NY Giants  Cincinnati  Cincinnati  NY Giants  Cincinnati
9-4 11-2 10-3 7-6 10-3
84-47-2 80-51-2 79-52-2 78-53-2 76-55-2
Los Angeles Rams vs New York Jets

These are two teams who were expected to be wild-card contenders but QB issues have sunk the year. The Rams gave up a ton to get Jared Goff, but have yet to allow the number one overall pick hit the field, even as number two pick Carson Wentz has done better than expected in Philadelphia. NFL Insider Ian Rapoport stated that the Rams won’t play Goff until they are out of the playoffs, and seeing how the Rams are 3-5, that day may be coming soon. The bigger issue for the Rams is that they have the 30th ranked rushing offense even with Todd Gurley in the backfield. Gurley has gained 451 yards and 3 TDs with an average of 3.1 yards per rushing attempt. On the other sideline, Ryan Fitzpatrick played hardball and lost, and seemed to have lost the locker room. When Geno Smith is named the starter over you, then you have problems. Geno got hurt again, putting Ryan back under center, where he is playing much worse than last year. The Jets faithful are also thinking about the youngster, Bryce Petty, who they saw for 4 snaps last week, but Coach Todd Bowles stated on that unless Fitzpatrick is hurt, the second-year pro is riding the pine. At 3-6 the Jets should be looking toward next year as well. A bright spot this season has been Matt Forte who already has 634 yards and 7 TDs so far with a 3.7 ypg average. Both defenses have talent but too many holes to be worth worrying about.

I look for this to be a low-scoring game, and the winner being determined by if the Jets turn the ball over. I’m not sure the Rams can move the ball, but given enough short fields even Jeff Fisher can get some points on the board. I’m taking the points in a low-scoring game.
Archie Bill Joe Chad Unanimous
Cleveland vs Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore  Baltimore
Green Bay vs Tennessee  Green Bay  Green Bay  Green Bay  Green Bay
Minnesota vs Washington  Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota  Washington
Chicago vs Tampa Bay Tampa Bay  Chicago  Tampa Bay  Chicago
Kansas City vs Carolina  Carolina Carolina  Kansas City Kansas City
Atlanta vs Philadelphia  Atlanta  Atlanta  Atlanta  Atlanta
Los Angeles vs NY Jets  NY Jets  NY Jets  NY Jets  Los Angeles
Denver vs New Orleans  New Orleans  New Orleans  New Orleans  New Orleans
Houston vs Jacksonville  Jacksonville  Houston  Houston  Houston
Miami vs San Diego  San Diego  San Diego  San Diego   San Diego
Dallas vs Pittsburgh  Dallas  Dallas  Dallas  Dallas
San Francisco vs Arizona  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona  Arizona
Seattle vs New England  New England  New England   New England  New England
Cincinnati vs NY Giants  NY Giants  Cincinnati  NY Giants  NY Giants
10-3 10-3 9-4 10-3  4-0
76-55-2 76-55-2 73-58-2 71-43-2 30-13


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