Trump wins Presidency. . . WTF?

As you can tell, I am not Joe, sad to report, he had a software malfunction between the ears and deleted his normal WTF and it will not run this week. I am not about to try and step into his shoe’s but I do think the mood here is without a doubt, WTF?

A few thoughts on last night’s election.

I have 5 children, my oldest got to vote for President for the first time yesterday, for the next 3 elections, each child of mine will do the same- then a gap between kiddos 4 and 5. Just an interesting tidbit on how things work as children grow up.

1. Let me throw this out to you. Donald Trump Campaigns In Raleigh, North Carolina

National Exit Polls – Non-white Voters

As much as we’ve focused on the vote among whites, there’s also a telling outcome among nonwhites. They voted 74-21 percent for Clinton – less than Obama’s margin among nonwhites in 2012 (80-19 percent) and 2008 (82-18 percent) alike.

Among them –

Blacks, 88-8 percent, Clinton-Trump. In 2012, blacks voted 93-6.

Hispanics, 65-29 percent for Clinton. In 2012, Hispanics voted 71-27 percent.

Asian-Americans, 65-29 again. In 2012, Asian-Americans voted 73-26 percent.

So for all the theory on “Whitelash” and rural hillbillies loading on the truck and packing the polls, Trump did better than Mitt Romney did in nonwhites. For all the labeling of racism thrown on Trump, he still did far better than expected. I don’t know if it was a white person running against a white person, but had Trump had a bit of a filter on it, or the media not rode that horse quite so much, maybe we would have seen this blowout coming.

Again, this came from ABC news, not FOX news.

2. Skipping around the channels, it was amazing how crowded the ABC set was compared to others, and boy did CBS look pale in comparison. There was once where it looked like the audio and the visual were not even close, like a bad foreign film.

3. Speaking of ABC, late in the broadcast, they went from pom-poming for Hillary to downright hopeful to almost blasting the American people for being dumb enough to elect Trump. The attitude was just amazing to watch change. Matthew Dowd and George were almost in tears and I think they almost had to sedate the blonde woman up there. She brought up every negative thing that she could think of about why Trump was a bad choice for President, missing the fact that it didn’t matter anymore. When the polls close, I feel that the job of the newscycle is to report what happened and explain why, not go over personal feelings about who is the better choice.

4. People blaming the third party candidates. candidates
Combined they got less than 5%.
If the third party was that much of a problem, maybe the two major parties should have addressed it better, goodness knows the national media did their best to ignore and belittle them. Even if every non-Trump vote went to Hillary, Trump would still have won the Electoral College.

5. I do think both speeches gave by the candidates were what the country needed to hear. Sadly, most people with jobs were well asleep when Trump gave his, and where at work when Hillary gave hers. How is it that we can put a man on the moon but 50 years later can’t figure out how a few thousand people voted 5 hours later? Can eBay make our voting machines? Seems like they have a better handle on how to count people a lot quicker.

6. I went and voted. Now let’s keep in mind I live in a country with a minority President, where we just had two terms of a minority Governor, and we have our second straight minority mayor. The page where my bride’s name was, there was only one person who had not voted yet at 6:00pm, and on my page, everyone on the register had voted. Turnout was a lot higher than people expected, and I think in areas where Trump was strong, even more so. I think the media might have done Hillary in, as they projected the race to be over before the polls opened, so why take off work to vote or stand in line?

7. I think the main reason that Trump won is that people were tired. Look at Obamacare. How many posts on social media have you seen where rates went down? Any? How many have you seen where rates skyrocketed? People vote the economy. Even ABC was talking about how the population in the Rust Belt was gone in a lot of places. These are the same places Clinton went and promised they were going to help. The children of those workers are now voting.  I think people are tired of Washington doing nothing. Trump is a foul-mouthed Truman. You have a President who has sat back and done almost nothing against a Congress who is more than willing to whine and complain and kill anything he does try and do. Trump gave the finger to both sides and said he was going to do SOMETHING.

And we wonder why he won?

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