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Hey there wrestling fans, welcome to another edition of Pounding 7’s. The only countdown, where almost everyone in the world will disagree with me. However, no one proves me wrong….as of yet, so I guess that means I am right! This week, I countdown the top 7 entrance theme music of all time. Again, these themes are my opinion only, and do not reflect the opinions of anyone on 7poundbag.com. Let’s not waste any time, and lets get to the countdown.

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Ed from Champaign Urbana chimes in

Was Mick Foley ever in the WWE before debuting as Mankind?

Foley and several other students of Dominic DeNucci’s wrestling school also took part in some squash matches as jobbers for WWF TV tapings of Prime Time Wrestling and Superstars of Wrestling, where Foley wrestled under the name, Jack Foley and Nick Foley. In one of these matches (the very first episode of Superstars), Foley and Les Thornton (another jobber) faced the British Bulldogs, during which the Dynamite Kid clotheslined Foley with such force that he was unable to eat solid food for several weeks. During these squash matches, Foley also faced other top level talent at the time, such as Hercules Hernandez. His run would not last long, as he had not signed a contract with the promotion at the time. During this run, he was also billed from different hometowns and at different weights. He then went to WCW where as you probably know he had a pretty solid run, before moving to the WWE full time debuting as Mankind, and immediately feuding with the Undertaker.



This weeks heel turn we take you back to 1988, the Survivor Series. It was a ten team tag team elimination match between captains Demolition managed by Mr Fuji, against the team captained by the Powers of Pain. The match, was a great match that ended with the Powers of Pain emerging victorious. During the match, Fuji pulled the rope down to his own man, and then when confronted by Ax of Demolition, he hit him with the cane. Ax and Smash then proceeded to bodyslam Fuji on the floor. The Powers of Pain saw this, and came to Fuji’s aid. They finished the match, and then celebrated their victory with Mr Fuji, and immediately aligned themselves with Fuji’s stable, they would go on to face off against Demolition, who turned face in the process for the WWF World Tag Team Championship for the next couple of months, and were unsuccessful. At Wrestlemania V. The Powers of Pain along with Fuji, faced Demolition for the tag titles in a three on one handicap match, which was also won by Demolition. This is one of the rare times where we saw a double turn in the same match.



Before we countdown the top 7 entrance music’s. Here are some honorable mentions.

Ric Flair- The dirtiest player in the game has one of the most recognized themes with the 2001 Space Odyssey. Whenever you hear the music play, you know you are about to witness history.

The Undertaker- The Undertaker’s for whom the bell tolls, is one of the most scariest of all the entrance musics around. You hear the bells, and the room would immediately go silent in awe.

D-Generation X- Are you ready? DX has one of the most up beat themes in all of wrestling, you just have to sing along everytime it plays.


7. The Ultimate Warrior- Just hearing the theme “Unstable” just makes you want to run around and shake the ropes. Yeah Im doing that right now.

6. Mr Perfect- Mr Perfects theme song suits him perfectly, as you have an Olympic style theme

5. John Cena- One of the most recognizable theme songs today. Everytime you hear the first strum of John Cena’s music, the crowd typically erupts in a mixture of cheers and boos.

4. Randy Orton- I hear voices in my head,. Orton’s theme song Voices, is a great tune, not just because it relates to Orton and his gimmick, but also something you could hear just in general.

3. Triple H- Whether it is King of Kings or The Game. Motorhead gets fans on their feet every time you hear that guitar strum and you hear BEHOLD THE KING!.

2. Edge- Alter Bridge came out with the song Metalingus, gets fans on their feet. This song is featured on Alter Bridge’s album, and one of the most recognized songs out there.

1. Finn Balor- So this is my ringtone, I get goosebumps everytime I hear Finn Balors music. It wasnt even close to put this at the top spot.


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