Movie Review: Frankenstein meets the Wolfman

In the lineage of Universal Horror Movies, this could be called either Wolfman II or Frankenstein V as this takes place after Ghost of Frankenstein.

frankenstein-meets-the-wolfman-belaTwo men break into the Talbot family crypt. They think that Talbot was born with all kinds of cash and prizes. For some reason, they decide to rob graves during a full moon. I guess their phones don’t have that awesome flashlight app. To get to the cash and prizes, they remove the wolfsbane from the casket. This allows the full moon to affect the transformation. Talbot grabs one man’s arm, sending the other one fleeing. It’s quite an effective opener.
The next day, Talbot awakens in a hospital, having just had surgery (for what we are never told) and is told in a whole bunch of conversations that it’s been 4 years since he died. Talbot escapes the hospital and goes to find the old lady from the original Wolfman. She takes him to Frankenstein’s castle, as he is the one man that has the power of life and death, and can give Talbot what he wants, eternal death.

We are halfway into the movie before we come across the frozen remains of the Monster. This time it’s played by Bela Lugosi, who’s getting up there in age, but still lots of fun. Bless his heart, he’s trying. Also joining the group is Baroness Elsa Frankenstein (the Daughter of the Other Son of Frankenstein) and Dr. Mannering, who is fascinated by Frankenstein’s work and also wants to find Frankenstein’s notes- but not exactly for the same reason Talbot does.

So how is Frankenstein meets the Wolfman?

frankenstein-meets-the-wolfman-fightI’m not quite sure how Frankenstein got top billing. The movie is half over before he shows up, and the movie deals much more with Talbot than anything Frank does. He’s just here to stagger around until the end fight. The movie makes it a joke as they don’t tell the viewer that in the script he’s blind and mute but all that exposition was on the cutting room floor. That being said, it’s not a bad movie, and it tends to move fairly well. The singing and dancing  “Faro-la Faro-Li” that provides the beginning of the end goes on way too long, and the fight at the end is a bit repetitive. I do hate the ending as it is just an obvious model shot that hurts my feelings after some great special effects work in this and other Universal movies.

It’s not a bad movie, but not a great movie either, I’d say it’s worth the watch if you have been enjoying other Universal Monster movies. Would I seek it out? I’m not sure. Talbot has been a joy to watch, and he really does have an everyman character I enjoy. I’ll go 6 here. It’s worth watching if you are in a classic frame of mind. I will say that the beginning grave robbing scene is excellent for any era of film. Just don’t go into this movie expecting a great final fight, you wont get it.

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