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Greetings all you wrestling fans, and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we recap Hell in a Cell. Did the WWE make the right call having Sasha Banks and Charlotte Main Event? Plus, will and should Goldberg be the headliner for Survivor Series? All this and much more!


1. Kevin Owens- A win over Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell puts Owens back on top.

2.Dean Ambrose- A big win over the WWE Champion moves Ambrose up.

3.AJ Styles- Can AJ hold on to his title against Ambrose?

4.Seth Rollins- Despite a loss to Owens for the Universal title. Rollins still appears to be in the title hunt.

5.Roman Reigns- The US Champion is getting his mojo back, can he help Team Raw to victory at Survivor Series?



1989– The first ever Halloween Havoc PPV event took place and featured Ric Flair teaming with Sting, to face Terry Funk and The Great Muta in the Thunderdome Cage match. The cage was surrounded by electrified steel.

1995– The Giant won his first ever WCW Championship when he defeated Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc 95. Earlier in the night Hogan and the Giant competed in a monster truck duel, where the Giant appeared to fall off the roof of the MGM Grand.

1998 – Jesse “The Body” Ventura, running as an Independent candidate on the Reform Party ticket, defeats Democrat Hubert Humphrey III and Republican Norm Coleman to become the Governor of Minnesota. Ventura, who would later change his nickname to “The Mind” made headlines nationwide with his victory, telling supporters “We shocked the world.”

And here are the questions this week.


What was your take on Hell in a Cell, did it live up to the hype, or did you walk away disappointed?

Todd: Well, first of all I was so disinterested in Hell in a Cell that I didn’t even watch it live. Then when I did watch it OMG! The Roman Reigns vs Rusev match was probably the best match of the night. Maybe it was the only match, the rest of it was kind of a blur. I don’t understand Kevin Owens still has not won a match by himself. at least Seth Rollins won a match on his own every once in a while. The main event they changed for whatever reason. Vince McMahon is a Stupid Idiot but I will get into that later. The tag team title match was a joke. I think with Shemaus and Cesaro WWE is trying to recreate Team Hell No. Guess what? You are doing a horrible job at it. The Cruiserweight title match was a joke. Brian Kenderick, really? We are getting tired of seeing all this garbage they are putting on TV. I am so close to not watching any more and I know I am not the only one. One more thing. We are tired of seeing Seth Rollins wrestle fora title. Come on now 16 PPV’s in a row he has wrestled for a title. What the hell makes him so special? Give someone else a chance. Make new stars!

Chad: I’d say a little of both the opening and last match on the card were very good. Everything in the middle though was not very good with I’m sorry the WWE needs to deliver on all cylinders if they are going to do 16 PPV a year and Hell in a Cell did not do that.

Jim: I’ve walked away disappointed from every pay per view for years.  Why in god’s name do they continue to push Charlotte down our throats?  Why do we suffer through New Day week in and week out?  Why do they call it Hell in a Cell then let people just wander into the cell, have the main event fought outside the cell?  Quit wasting our time!

Christa: Hell in a Cell was a typically WWE PPV where the vast majority of championships don’t change hands and matches can’t just end with a winner; there has to be some major conspiracy involved in the decision. I do love the Jericho/Owens best friend storyline but, seriously, Jericho basically involved himself in half the match?!? I know it’s the major push to turn Rollins into a face but that was just overkill. Have him come down and smack Rollins in the face with the list and be done with it! And it’s serious bullshit that Sasha Banks had to lose her title for the Bayley/Charlotte rivalry. Sasha Banks is a much better champion and the storyline between Banks and Bayley would be much more entertaining because they have an established relationship from NXT.

Tyler– I think the women’s match and the Owens/Rolllins match did, everything else I could take or leave.



Did the WWE make the right call putting Sasha and Charlotte in the Main Event, and do you think we will see more women in the main event?

Todd: WWE made the right call but the way they put the match together was stupid. I don’t know if any more women will be given the opportunity to main event PPV again but if they don’t it won’t be because the women didn’t perform. It will because WWE started the match off all jacked up and that threw everything off.

Chad: I did not like the way they started  but I thought it was a good match I thought the narrative could have been the same without the cheap shot start.

Jim: If I have to suffer through another Charlotte match, then I hope they never make a women’s event the main event again.  She’s miserable.

Christa: I absolutely think that the women have done the work to earn main event opportunities; it’s the damn writers that keep shooting everyone (including themselves in the foot). Hopefully their talent will keep them getting the bigger platform/more exposure.

Tyler– Absolutely, this was something that’s been long overdue.  As long as they can keep the caliber of match that we saw, I’d love to see more women’s main events.



Will and Should Goldberg and Brock Lesnar be the headliner for Survivor Series?

Todd: I don’t give a shit about this match!

Chad: It will and it should not; the tagline is silly “When Fantasy Warfare becomes real” The Survivor Series main event should the Men’s 5 on 5 for Brand Supremacy.

Jim: Did you see Goldberg try to do something on RAW?  Did you see what I’ve said all along?  He’s an old man.  Why in the world are we going to be forced to see him stumble and fall around the ring with someone who could obviously kill him?  Does anyone care?  I know I don’t.

Christa: Goldberg/Lesnar will be the main event at Survivor Series and, YAWNNNNNNNNN, sorry I fell asleep just writing about it. Watching it will be unbearable. I was never a Goldberg fan, still not a Goldberg fan and actually LOLed when he fell on his ass performing his signature move. Lesnar should kick his ass but who knows how the writers will roll the dice on that one.

Tyler- Should they be?  At this point in their careers, probably not.  Will they be?  Yes.  Vince see’s money to be made.



As it appears, Randy Orton joined forced with the Wyatt family. What are your thoughts on Orton with the Wyatt?

Todd: It is stupid!

Chad: I’m seeing the rehash of the Daniel Bryan storyline from 2013 into 2014; Orton will not be a Wyatt in the long run.

Jim: Randy Orton, One of the greatest wrestlers ever is now being portrayed as a follower?  A sheep?  I guess he’s now equal to Brawn Strowman?  What a complete disappointment.

Christa:   I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine Orton with dreadlocks. I’m sorry for scaring you. Moving on.

Tyler– I think it’s a good unexpected turn for the character, as I think he’s always worked better as a heel anyway.   It also grants and air of legitimacy to the Wyatts that they’ve lacked given their win-loss record.  Of course, I await the inevitable betrayal, but it’ll be a fun to see how it all plays out.



The main event at Hell in a Cell was apparently changed from Sasha Banks winning to Charlotte winning the title so that Charlotte can feud with Bayley for the title. Is this a mistake, or did the writers make the right call?

Todd: It is a huge mistake. Sasha Banks and Bayley tore the house down in NXT. They had 2 of the greatest matches ever. Why change what everyone wants to see. Because WWE is a bunch of stupid idiots. Charlotte in my opinion just don’t have what Bayley and Sasha have. Sasha should have won and it should be Bayley and Sasha at Wrestlemania and they would tear the house down one more time.

Chad: Ideally I’d like to see the rematch of their Takeover Iron Woman Match at a PPV not necessarily Wrestlemania but I think that’s how Bayley gets in the mix.

Jim: Every decision WWE makes these days is a mistake.  And quite frankly it’s getting old.  We’re tired and no longer care.  So yes, it was a terrible mistake to call the people that create the stories in the WWE “writers”.  “Writer” indicates imagination and creativity.  They people that work for the WWE have neither.

Christa:“BIG, HUGE!” Julia Roberts’ response to the nasty salespeople not wanting to sell clothes to a whore. Same fits here but Charlotte is the one of the nasty salespeople, Banks is the whore and Bayley… Well, she’s off smiling somewhere and playing with blow-up dolls. Enjoy that image burned into your brain.

Tyler– I think this was a good call for the most part.  While it’s been a very entertaining feud, I think it’s time for both ladies to move on the other programs.  My only concern is what to do with Sasha now.  I feel that the “Boss” character works better when Sasha’s a heel, but if you turn her, that only leaves Bayley as the only face woman that’s over on the Raw women’s roster, especially given how thin that roster is.

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