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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 4th of November, and the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions. I am happy for the Cubs for winning the World Series and breaking a curse that hung over the franchise for the last 108 years. Cubs fans have been a long suffering bunch, and finally that suffering has come to an end. I’m happy for them.

Hopefully, our long national nightmare will come to an end as well. That nightmare of our Presidential election will soon be over. I’ll discuss that in depth in a moment. However, before I get into the meat of the blog, I wanted to let the reader know that I have been listening to The Beatles lately. I, like most people, are fans of the Fab Four, but I’ve been rediscovering their lengthy catalogue and appreciating their genius over these past few days.

john-oliver-on-clinton-trump-debate-850x479Very few people can match the career that the Beatles had. They had a magic, and you can hear it when you listen to their work. So, here I am feeling a little bit like Eleanor Rigby, and like Father McKenzie I am writing a sermon that no one will hear. Except for the handful of you who actually read this thing. Feel privileged.

As I stated earlier, our long national nightmare is coming to an end. On Tuesday November 8, we can finally go to the polls and elect our next President. I for one, have grown exhausted by this whole process. The mudslinging, the accusations, the downright nastiness of this whole thing will end in earnest in a few days. I’m not naïve though. I don’t expect there to be a cease fire on November 8th, but at least by the time we go to bed that night we will know who the 45th Commander in Chief will be.

Well, assuming we don’t get another hanging chad situation like we had in 2000. I don’t think anyone wants to go into weeks of ballot counting and proposed court fights that came after the Bush-Gore general election. Ironically, that was the first election I was able to vote in, and I don’t want to go through that again. Goodness no.

I do not think anyone wants to go through that again. This process has to end. This election has probably brought about four undesirable candidates, but we do have to choose one. Be it Clinton, Trump, Johnson, or Stein please just pick one. You can write in an eligible candidate, or you can do whatever, but I would urge everyone that is eligible to vote.

electionI know this is sappy, but it is your civil liberty. It’s something your forefathers fought for, or it is something that you yourself earned by becoming a citizen, but please vote.

Voting is important to me. Why? I’ll put it this way: my parents were not born in this country. They came here for economic reasons, and they had two children who were born in the States. Voting was my birthright as a citizen. For them to vote, they had to become citizens and go through the process of naturalization. Both of my parents are citizens, now, but it was a long process for both of them. It wasn’t easy but they became citizens and they both vote.

Well, my father only has voted once and that was for Obama in 2008, but he exercised the right. Point is, just do it. I personally am not enamored with any of the options and despite my beleaguered support for Clinton, I at this moment am not sure if I will actually vote for Hillary but I do know that I will vote. Why? It’s something that I can do, knowing that thousands if not millions of us in this country cannot do. So, if you are eligible, and you are registered, then take your ass to the polls on Tuesday. Believe it or not, you can make a difference.

So, as I sit here listening to Nowhere Man, and feeling that it’s a little bit too spot on for my mood the past few weeks, I’m going to end the blog here. Have a good week, thanks for supporting 7Poundbag.


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