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Francona or Maddon?

Who’s it gonna be?

See the surprising results in this week’s MLB Round Table discussion…

1) Yoenis Cespedes intends to opt out of his contract with the New York Mets following the World Series. If, he does, then he will void the remainder of his contract which is for another 2 years and an additional $47.5 million. The rumors are that he is looking for at least a 5-year deal and that the Mets aren’t optimistic about resigning him.

Is Cespedes making the right (or smart?) move walking away from the Mets? Why?

Dan: I think he is. While the Mets do have a possibility of re-signing him, they probably need to work out the money details before they can re-sign him.cespedes

While teams haven’t been optimistic in the past about re-signing a player, they do end up doing it. I think he’ll remain a Met and get a nicer contract that better suits him. Either way it goes, he’ll end up with more money and on a contender in my opinion, and, that’s the smart move.

Earl: Cespedes is doing the right thing by his career by seeking a long term deal, and, after the last two seasons he will get one. And, it won’t be from the Mets.

Trading for Jay Bruce was meant to  protect the Mets from a Cespedes departure, but, if, I were the Mets, I would decline Bruce’s option because he wasn’t a great fit. Losing Cespedes will hurt a team that is lacking offense, but, it opens up the outfield for Granderson and Conforto who were forced into positions that did not suit them to accommodate Cespedes. This might be an addition by subtraction move to let Cespedes leave.cespedes1

Joe: Probably. I guess if it’s just the money, then, yes, opting out of his deal with the Mets is his best chance to make lots more money. But, I think he likes playing with the Mets, and, I think, the best chance for him to be on a team that will make it to the World Series is with the Mets.

Why? Pitching. The Mets may have the best overall starting staff in MLB. And, in my opinion, good pitching wins more games… especially in the playoffs… than good hitting does. Of course, teams still need to score at least a run or two to win games and Cespedes gives the Mets the chance to do exactly that.

I think Cespedes, in the end should work out another deal with the Mets because, again, he likes playing in the NY market and they need one another. 

Steve: Hard to really walk away from that amount of cash. However, Cespedes is still relatively young, and I’m sure that someone will be glad to have him for a 5 year stretch. I think he will sign close to a 5 year, 200 million dollar deal, so that would still be considerably more than his current contract with the Mets.

2) Who has better sustainability to keep their ball club together and stay highly competitive going into 2017 and beyond… the Cubs or the Indians?

Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, Ben Zobrist & Kyle Shwarber
Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell, Ben Zobrist & Kyle Schwarber

Dan: I believe it’s the Cubs. Their entire roster is young with second or third-year players. They’re in a bigger market with more money to spend. They have a great core especially on offense. They’ll be able to stay highly competitive for multiple years to come.

While, I think the Indians will also stay competitive, I don’t think they will be quite at the level of the Chicago Cubs due to their ages and their market.  

Earl: The Indians. Their pitching is young and under their control for a few seasons.

The Cubs have two problems with their rotation: Lester is up there in age, and, he and Arrieta are free agents after next season. The Indians are the better bet to keep their team together because their team is young, under control, and, lacking any real stars that other teams would want to poach from them.

Corey Kluber, Carlos-Carrasco, Trevor Bauer & Danny Salazar
Corey Kluber, Carlos-Carrasco, Trevor Bauer & Danny Salazar

Joe: I think the Cubs have the better, and younger, offensive team and essentially control most of the players on the team. But, I think the Indians have the better pitching staff. And, as I said in an earlier answer…  pitching wins more games than hitting. So, I am gonna say the Indians.

Steve: The Cubs. They are built for the future, and have some great team contracts over the next several years. They have control of Bryant until 2021, and, I think, Rizzo. Those are your go to guys and you can fill in pieces around them.

I don’t think the will re-sign Chapman, but, I think, Theo will go out and get another solid closer if that does not happen.

3) If, there ever was a scenario where this were to happen… Who do you want managing the 7th game of the World Series… Francona or Maddon?in-tito

Dan: I want Terry Francona. While, I do think that Joe Maddon is a great coach and has done a spectacular job managing the Cubs to the World Series and down to Game 7, I want Francona. The man who has been to World Series before. The man who has won World Series before. The man who has a lot more experience in the post-season, in game 7s and in the World Series. Give me him.

He did win a game with Cleveland this post-season using damn near only the bullpen. Who else can claim that? 

Earl: Both managers are excellent, but what Francona has done so far this off season is remarkable. He’s called the game correctly every game this postseason. Even when the Indians have lost, he’s been spot on.

In a one game, winner takes all scenario, give me Francona.tito2

Joe: As I write this, we stand on the brink of a game seven in the World Series and regardless of who wins the Series, I gotta say I’m taking Francona as my manager. Everything he has don in this series (as far as what he can control) just seems to have been the exact right move. Plus, his history with Boston speaks for itself. He ‘s the man right now that I want as my manager.

Steve: Even though Maddon won the game, I would go with Terry Francona due to his long term experience in the big game. He made the right choices when it came to pitching changes, and, he always seemed calm as a cucumber.

Maddon made some fast choices and appeared to panic a little bit in last night’s Game 7. Fortunately for Maddon, his players came through.  

4) Do you think there will ever be another day game in the World Series? Why or why not? FYI: Game 6 of the 1987 World Series was the last World Series game played in the daytime, indoors at the Metrodome in Minnesota. The last World Series played outdoors during the day was the final game of the 1984 series in Detroit’s Tiger Stadium.

Dan: Unless a World Series game manages to reach as far as Thanksgiving or later, I don’t think so. I think the MLB only looks for the ratings and the ratings are at night. That’s where most people are at home, sitting by the TV watching the game.

Tigers celebrate the final game of the 1984 World Series which was the last outside day game played in the World Series
Tigers celebrate the final game of the 1984 World Series which was the last outside day game played in the World Series

During the day, people are either trying to enjoy their last warm days before winter finally starts coming, or, they work. People don’t have much to do at night. It’s getting colder, darker earlier, most people sit and watch TV before it’s time for sleep. Perfect time for World Series watching and positive ratings.  

Earl: I wish there was, but, no. The days of a daytime World Series game is over. Baseball, like most sports, is now a prime-time event. You get the bigger audience starting a game at 8 pm when you know that viewers on the East Coast (the more populated part of our nation) are either at home or at a bar somewhere watching.

While it would be nice to see a day time game on the weekends, it’s not going to happen.

Joe: Sadly, nope. Not even on a weekend.

TV, or the media, pays the freight and they get to call the tale and they demand the games be on in prime time and screw everything else.

Steve: No, Fox, who usually carries the broadcast, wants the prime time ratings. There are far too many people who work during the day and would miss the LIVE broadcast. I don’t think it would go over well to have a day game World Series.

5) Who has been the breakout star of this World Series? Why?

 Addison Russell/Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Addison Russell/Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Dan: I think there are two. Addison Russell for the Cubs, who has come to life in the World Series after struggling all post-season. But the other, and the top priority, if, I had to choose one player, would be Kyle Schwarber. He didn’t play all season. He just started swinging a week ago. He gets a start at DH – due to inability to play the field medically – starts spraying the ball and showing that he didn’t need a season to hit to get warmed up. He’s been what every writer has been talking about. He’s been one of the big stories of the World Series.And, he’s the main break-out star in my opinion.

Francisco Lindor
Francisco Lindor

Earl: I’ll go with either Francisco Lindor or Jose Ramirez from the Indians. I was tempted to go with Chapman or Miller here, but, the two Indians players have come up big when their teams needed them. Lindor is crushing the ball, and Ramirez is more than timely for his team.

Joe: I’m gonna say that Addison Russell is the young player that seems to the one who is starting to peak the most in this World Series. So, I’ll pick him.

Kyle Schwarber
Kyle Schwarber

Steve: Oh, gosh… there were so many. Hard to name just one.

I guess I have to say Kyle Schwarber. Everytime that he was in the lineup, he was productive. I think the only mistake that he made was when he tried to stretch a single into a double and was thrown out by a mile. But, he had a heck of a series for not being in the lineup all year due to injury.

Zobrist is an obvious choice, but he is a veteran who has been there before. So, I would pick Schwarber over Zobrist here.

Extra Innings…

This time it’s real… this-time-its-real-2

Next week in MLBRT… some Round Table discussion on the World Series…

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