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Hey there wrestling fanatics, and I welcome you back to another countdown of Pounding 7’s. This week is my special Halloween episode of Pounding 7’s and I will countdown the top 7 costumes in wrestling history. All this and so much more! Enjoy, and let me know what your countdown is.

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Jeremy wants to know about other women in a steel cage!

Other than Sasha Banks and Charlotte, has there been any other female to even compete in a steel cage?

Not by a longshot, many would remember the Lita vs Victoria cage match on Raw a little more than ten years ago, and they regularly had females inside the cage in the 70’s and 80’s. However in 1990, the most famous and considered the greatest women’s steel cage match took place in Japan between former WWE Women’s champion Bull Nakano and Aja Kong. At that time, years before Nakano came to WWE, she was the All Japan’s Woman’s Champion, and Aja was her most dangerous competitor. Surrounding the cage were wrestlers loyal to one woman or the other; one of the most persistent trying to help Aja was future WWE Woman’s Champion, Alundra Blayze.

The ending of the match as well as its ferocity and the power and toughness of both women is why it is legendary–the ending is called, the leg drop heard around the world. I tried to find a YouTube video for you to see this match, but I could not find it.



This weeks heel turn, I take you back to 1999 and WrestleMania XV. Triple H joins the Corporation. Earlier in the night, Triple H faced off against Kane, who was a member of the Corporation. His long time valet, Chyna, who had turned on Triple H a few weeks before, and aligned her self with Kane and the Corporation, came down to the ring, and turned on Kane, and actually rejoined Triple H!! It was a great feel good moment, as Triple H and Chyna were back together again, and DX was alive and well. Later in the night, X-Pac was defending his European Championship against Shane McMahon. Kane came down to the ring, only to have Triple H follow seemingly appearing to help his DX friend out. Triple H comes into the ring, and pedigrees X-Pac, and hand delivers the European Championship right to Shane McMahon and the Corporation. Triple H joined the Corporation that same night, and later than year won his first WWE Championship when he defeated Mankind on an episode of Monday Night Raw.



Before we countdown the top costumes, here are some honorable mentions.

Undertaker and Paul Bearer- Why would this simple gimmick get a mention for best costume. Probably because this tandem was as close to real life as you can get. Paul Bearer was a real life funeral director, and his Undertaker portrayed the dead man perfectly, a gimmick that still stands large today.

Repo Man- Was he the Hamburgler, or a Repossession agent? Either way, this was a fun little gimmick where Barry Darsow took things that didn’t really belong to him.

Sin Cara- Okay some of you may disagree with me on this one, but since this is my countdown, I have to give this to Sin Cara. Just his mask alone, puts him at least as an honorable mention.


7. The Gobbly Gooker- Making his debut at the Survivor Series, the Gobbly Gooker is one of the most unique and unorthodox gimmicks of a turkey who dances around like a fool. Gotta love it.

6. Demolition- The look of these two were very intimidating, coming out with the traditional face paint, and the black wardrobe and masks. I always loved the look of Ax and Smash.

5. Jushin Thunder Liger- Another masked superstar that had a really cool look. How would it feel to walk around trick or treating wearing Jushin Thunder Liger gear? I think it would be awesome. Still don’t understand how he can see how of his mask.

4. The Mountie– Do you know who I am?? Well he is Jacques Rougeau. The Mountie gimmick was well put on as a Canadian Mountie, who enforced the law, and ever of often used his caddleprod to subdue his opponents.

3. Kane- When Kane debuted in 1997 during the Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels Hell in a Cell match, I was immediately intrigued by his outfit and mask. The red demonic type gettup, still is running strong today, nearly 20 years later. I actually went as Kane for Halloween one year.

2. The Big Boss Man- This guy pulled off a correctional officer better than anyone I think could. Dressed in his officer blues, he started the gimmick by literally handcuffing his opponents to the ropes and proceeded to beat them down with the night stick. He even was a part of a gimmick with one of his ex-cons Nailz, where they competed in a night stick on a pole match, won by the Big Boss Man.

1. Doink the Clown- Who doesn’t like a clown? Well I cant stand them personally, but Matt Bourne played this character brilliantly. Dressing and wrestling literally as a clown, and even would pull the occasional prank on his opponent. He would get a little sidekick, Dink the Clown, which was a midget wrestler, who also dressed as a clown. Fun gimmick to watch, though I still hate clowns. For those thinking of dressing up like Doink for Halloween, you may want to think twice as some don’t think clown lives matter.


That’s all for this week, what did you think? Give me your countdown by commenting below.

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