Movie Review: Halloween Resurrection

I’m returning to the Halloween series, as you can tell I did have a hole in the series anthology. I wasn’t able to finish it last year just because I just didn’t have the movie. It didn’t come on the marathon that was on TV  and I didn’t have it already. I was able to buy one of the multi packs a few months ago- and those multipacks is one of my weaknesses. I see one of those things and say you have 20 horror movies for five bucks I’m one of the ones going to look at it see what’s coming up and I just happen to find this one. It also has one of the Howling movies and of course Night of the Living Dead because it seems like I have 9 copies of that. I think now I’m still waiting to get one with the with a commentary track from Romero but to tell you the truth I watched one of his commentary tracks for Dawn of the Dead  and it’s not really that good so I don’t know how could his commentary track to be all night. It’ll probably be a whole lot of him whining about money like this one or complaining about copyright protection. Anyway, tangent over.

Now after the Abomination that was the second Trilogy, we did have a bit of a rebound with H20 but let’s be honest they’re kind of out of ideas the franchise. I guess we can’t put Laurie in space or anything, yet.

halloween-resurrection-jamieWe start off with Jamie Lee Curtis in a nuthouse, and she just knows that Michael will eventually come after her. Myers shows up and after a pretty slick trick, she has Michael in a trap, but in thinking she may have yet another innocent in a William Shatner mask, she gets too close and gets killed. Yup, after 6 movies and 24 years (Not counting Halloween III) Laurie has finally died. Damn, I miss Jamie Lee already.

Soon, Reality TV hits as 6 college kids leave school to be on TV as they spend the night in the Myers family home and try to find out what made him kill. This would be more fun if they were in teams and had some brainiac psych student or even a hot-looking undergrad offsite giving commentary. Instead we get this six-pack of idiots with Go-Pros running around a house that has been cleaned and stocked recently, talking away 20 years of dust and squatters. Soon Micheal shows up and is NOT happy.

How how is Halloween Resurrection?

halloween-resurrection-castLet’s be honest this could have been anyone’s villa. Pick your favorite serial killer and there you go- Jeffrey Dahmer whomever – part of the problem is the movies got a lot of potential it’s actually a good idea with the reality shows and everything. This actually could have worked pretty easily. You put a bunch of idiots together in a house and they have to live there. Almost like one of those memes that you see on Facebook “would you spend a week in this house for a billion dollars or would you live in this house but couldn’t have Facebook anymore”. Halloween: Resurrection actually starts off decent, with Jamie Lee Curtis finally getting to end her character, and getting to quit saying no to these shitty sequels. After that, we take a nosedive.

It’s stupid it’s silly but yeah you could have gone off that promise and not had where they had to discover the thing about Michael Myers in the house. That’s where the movie tends to lose me. Let’s not even talk about the groceries, OK?

halloween-resurrection-twosomeThat being said, the execution is awful. Busta Rhymes is AWFUL, but he might not even be the worst actor in the film. Tyra Banks is there for no reason. There are gaping plot holes. I don’t know where they got the bandwidth in 2002 to try and make a dime off this, this is just a horrible execution of a paper-thin plot that could have been pretty interesting had it been done right, and this one wasn’t. Maybe a cross-promotion with MTV films would have been better. Hell, WWE Films could have found better actors. Oh shit, did I just give them an idea? Cena, the Miz and Daniel Bryan with the Bella Twins and Eva in a house as Kane plays Myers and Mick Foley yells Trick or Treat Micky-flicky! Or maybe this is See No Evil VIII. I have to give this one a 2. Both points earned by Jamie Lee. This movie is so ready to move on we don’t even get a good jump-scare or cliff-hanger ending, just Micheal opening his eyes in the morgue. Too bad he’s the only person this movie work up, the rest of the series died in the morgue, until Rob Zombie came along.

Was that a good thing? Might have to wait until next year to find out.

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