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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. Will the third time be a charm for Seth Rollins in his quest for the Universal Championship? Or will Kevin Owens retain once again inside Hell in a Cell? All this and much more!


1.Seth Rollins- The number one contender pinned both Kevin Owens, AND Chris Jericho at the same time, however will he be ready for Hell in a Cell after the Kevin Owens beat down?

2.Kevin Owens- Despite a loss to Rollins in a triple threat match on Raw, Owens devastated Rollins that make impact this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell championship match.

3.AJ Styles– After two weeks of losses to James Ellsworth.  The WWE Champion picks up a DQ victory over Dean Ambrose,  thanks to Ellsworth himself

4.Dean Ambrose- Despite a loss to AJ Styles on Smackdown.  I have a feeling that his championship aspirations are far from over.

5.Dolph Ziggler- The Intercontinental Champion has stated that he wants to bring back the glory of the Intercontinental Championship. So many have tried, yet so many have failed.



1998– In what is perhaps the worst matches in the history of wrestling. Hulk Hogan faced the Ultimate Warrior at Halloween Havoc. Due to the match running longer than they were supposed to the main event between Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page was cut off in the middle of the match, and thousands of the Pay per view audience who purchased the event did not see the end of the match. The match was shown on Nitro the following night.

2000– Two time WWE Champion Yokozuna passes away at the age of 34 in Liverpool England.

2000– Kurt Angle defeats the Rock to win his first WWE Championship.


And here we go with this weeks Roundtable questions!


Will Seth Rollins walk out of Hell in a Cell as the new Universal Champion?

Steve: I think he will. Kevin Owens has not been a great champion, and rarely do you see him compete in one on one matches. With that being said, I should say he “SHOULD” walk out of HIAC as the champion, but the writers will probably make me eat my words.

Todd: No! I think Kevin Owens will find someway to win. Someone will interfere either Chris Jericho or Triple h might show his face again. I don’t think its time for Kevin Owens to drop the title just yet.

Jim: I would hope not.  The world is growing tired of The Shield being the best of everything.  It’s just boring.

Chad: His Reign doesn’t make sense either way. My Heart says Rollins walks out as the champion but my wallet says Owens will retain through some form or fashion

Tyler: No.  Owens deserves more time with the title at this point and Rollins is too early into his current face for a title change to make sense.  I expect shenanigans from either Triple H or Chris Jericho to occur sometime during the match



You have the ability to run Raw or Smackdown for one night, and can make any change you want that would stick. What would you do?

Steve: A title should be defended at least once on every show. I for one, love watching championship matches. You rarely see them on TV anymore, and I think it would bring more interest in the show if people know there is going to be a good championship match. Shoot, even if it is James Ellsworth going after the WWE Championship.

Todd: I would get rid of this brand split. this has been ridiculous from the get go and I was never a fan of it. First of all you see the same matches every week. How many times do we have to see Bayley vs Dana Brook? Raw put on the same matches as they have on the PPV’s. For instance this past week they had Shemaus and Cesaro vs the New Day. That same match is schedule for Hell in a Cell. A few months ago on Raw had Rusev vs Roman Reigns and then on the PPV they didn’t even have the damn match. I know before the brand split some times we would see the same matches but it doesn’t have to be that way if WWE would give everyone some TV time. I have heard Micheals PS Hayes say everyne in the WWE works around the clock to put out their product. If thats the case someone needs to be fired because the last few months has been nothing but garbage.

Jim: I’d have Stephanie wear better clothing?  She has the world’s worst wardrobe.  But I digress.  The change I’d demand for both would be “no match can be repeated on consecutive weeks”.  Period, case closed.  Also “No match that happens on a Pay Per View can happen the week before or the week after the pay per view”.  In other words, I’d make the writers do their job.

Chad: Championship matches so I would make a monthly edition of the show where all the belts are defended similar to a Night of Champions format but on a Live TV scale.

Tyler: For the love of God, RAW needs to be two hours again.  Smackdown has shown that you can do a good show in 2 hours, RAW needs to be the same



Agree or Disagree: Smackdown needs to move on from AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose?

Steve: Absolutely agree. People are getting tired of the same old matches night in and night out. We have seen this go on for too long, and we need to see something different. Give some other guys a chance. I would love for Ambrose to take the title off of Styles, and then have Bray Wyatt challenge for the championship. Its time to get Bray a run!

Todd: Yes! Its been entertaining the last few weeks adding James Ellsworth to the mix but it is old news. It is time for AJ styles to move on to bigger and better things.

Jim: My god yes.  Please. Please. Please.  I wish they’d move on from AJ Styles, period.

Chad: Yes, please can we get somebody fresh for AJ Styles title matches I am tired of seeing Styles vs Ambrose and that sawed off wrester James Ellsworth.

Tyler: Not yet, as I think there’s still life in the Styles/Ambrose program.  But they do need to start building up who AJ’s next challenger is so we can move on when the program’s done.



Agree or Disagree: Its time to pull the trigger with Braun Strowman and make a decision on what to do with him.

Steve: Agree: They need to do something. I was halfway excited to see him face off against Sami Zayn, at least we had a chance for some good competition. Instead he just walked away. He needs to start facing off against Roman Reigns for the United States title before the end of the year.

Todd: Agree. All these squash matches are boring and getting old. No offense to Sami Zayn but I just don’t think he is the man to really put up a challenge for Braun Strowman. The question is, is he ready for a big time match? Can he hold his own? No ne really knows I don’t think because they always put him in the ring with 100 pound guys.

Jim: Strowman has no talent, no skill, and no personality.  He’s a space filler.  “Hey, we didn’t sell commercials for this three minutes, have Stroman go out and waste everyone’s time”.  if he was never seen again, nobody would notice.

Chad: Agree, I don’t need more squash matches or quick wins I need to see this guy involved in something relevant on the show.

Tyler: Absolutely.  If he’s going to be your monster heel, just pointless squash matches with jobbers isn’t going to put him over.  Have him start destroying people like Sami Zayn or Roman Reigns.



Roman Reigns was recently ranked #1 in the PWI top 500 wrestlers in the world. Is Reigns the right choice for this honor?

Steve: I have no problem with it. It would not be my first choice, but I think that his Mania win, and the fact that he has been involved in the main event probably helped him get the top spot. As I am writing this, Im trying to think of someone else that could do it….and I can’t, so why not Reigns?

Todd: I don’t have no problem with it. Just because 75% of the WWE Universe hates him doesn’t mean he is not a great wrestler. 

Jim: Who better?  love him or hate him, he’s #1 in wrestling in fan reaction.  And that’s all that matters.  People care, one way or another about him.  In wrestling, it doesn’t matter if you’re loved or hated.  It matters if people care.  Notice the answer for Strowman…NOBODY CARES.  People don’t cheer or boo him.  They just boo the boring “matches” he is in.  The arena’s explode in noise, regardless of what’s being said, when Reigns enters the room.  He absolutely deserves to be #1.

Chad: biased here so I will say AJ Styles as been the Number  1 wrestler in the world. I would still put Reigns Top 5 but because of what AJ did in ROH and New Japan in the past 12 months I would put him ahead of Reigns.

Tyler: Wow, not really.  He’s definitely in the top ten, and he’s improved leaps and bounds during the last year, but #1?  I don’t see it.  If anybody should be #1, it would be AJ to me.

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