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Welcome NBA fans to another season of basketball. as the 2016-17 season kicked off last night there were 3 games on the slate including the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. This week, what are your thoughts of the NBA expanding the replay center, can Serge Ibaka regain his dominance in Orlando, and so much more on this weeks edition of NBA RoundTable.

Here are the questions for the week:


What are your thoughts of the NBA expanding the use of the replay center? 

Todd: I think they should just take away replay all together. NBA didn’t have it 20 or 30 years ago.

Steve: I feel like we have discussed this just recently. My position has never wavered. I am not a proponent of replay of any kind. It takes away the human element of the game. Might as well have robots officiating a game.

Chad:  It will never be perfect let’s just hope this a step in the right direction.

Dan: With what the proposal is – haven’t seen if they approved it yet – would mean that almost every replay (besides flagrant fouls) would be sent to the replay booth, which is projected to cut replay down by 20%, after a 40% drop in replay time last season. I like this. It doesn’t really give too much of a bias, these replay booth members are already looking at film and will be well-trained. A lot of referees don’t want to admit they’re wrong it seems, so they keep the call the same or don’t want to change it. The replay booth is more neutral and will get the call correct. It works with baseball, I feel like it would work even better with basketball.


Serge Ibaka was trade to Orlando this past offseason. Will we see the old dominate Ibaka who led the league in blocks a few years ago?

Todd: I think he could do some damage because he will be one of the better players on the team.

Steve: I can’t see him doing a whole lot of damage in Orlando. He had a bunch of core players at his disposal before, he will not have that same success with Orlando. He is not the kind of player that can lead a team on his own, but is a great secondary player, he will have to take the reigns of this young Magic team.

Chad: I think part of his dominance was due to the fact of the talent around him which he won’t have in Orlando; so I don’t expect to see a dominance from Ibaka this year.

Dan: While I don’t think that Serge Ibaka will lead the league in blocks again, I do think that he’ll redeem himself a little bit and become a more popular player and a dominant force down in Orlando. He will be the team’s star player and I think that will give him the boost he needs to bring him back to the level he was playing when he first emerged in OKC.


Agree or disagree. Jason Terry has stated that James Harden is better than Klay Thompson.

Todd: Are you kidding me? James Harden can’t stop running water! He only plays offense and he is a ball hog. Klay Thompson can shoot, pass, drive, and play defense. There is really no comparison. Jason terry I think was smoking a little too much crack  when he said them comments.

Steve: It all depends on what aspect of the game. Both have distinct advantages over each other. Harden is a great defensive presence and can score. Thompson has speed, and is a much better shooter than Harden. I think overall, I give the edge to Thompson by an eyelash.

Chad: If we are talking overall scorer than I give the edge to Harden if it is overall player I might give it to Klay for the other things he can do on the court.

Dan: I disagree. Until I see James Harden play some defense, I will disagree. Klay Thompson plays defense, is very good on offense, and doesn’t really lack too much each game. The only difference, offensive wise, is Klay has a much better supporting case around him while Harden is leading the way in Houston by a margin. While I think offensively they’re close, Klay’s defense puts him over the top while Harden’s defense forgets to appear during games.


Who is the most overrated player going into the season?

Todd: Dwight Howard. For years every where he has been, people have said he will take his team to a championship and it is no different in Atlanta.

Steve: Same as it has been every other year Derrick Rose. The New York Knicks thinks Rose is going to be their leader and the key ingredient to get them over the hump. Not going to happen New York, Rose will fail just like he did in Chicago.

Chad: As much as it pains me I am going to say top candidates are on the current Bulls Roster and that is Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade. Rondo is PG with absolutely 0 jumper ability and has clashed with the last two teams he has on been on. Wade is clearly on the downside of his career as far as minutes played and shooting percentage. Combine these two with Jimmy Butler you have a team of slashers and very little shooting. The Bulls could find themselves struggling for points in games.

Dan: While I want to say DeAndre Jordan due to the team around him, his failure to make free throws, and his disappearance act late in games, I think James Harden is more overrated. While, yes, he does put up some nice stats, I think he’s a stat-padder and he takes an unreal amount of shots in order to get the points that he does. He’s talked about as one of the best players in the league, yet only plays offense. And he’s very selfish at that. You have better luck trying to find your exact dollar you spent last week than finding James Harden’s defense. That’s what brings him down a lot. You can’t be one of the best if you can’t play half of the game.


There were a few whispers about maybe Blake Griffin being traded during the offseason. Will he be on the Clippers at the trade deadline?

Todd: It all depends on where they are sitting at as the trade deadline nears. They could get a few good role players for Griffin that could make them a better team.

Steve: As long as the Clippers are contending, Blake Griffin will be an LA Clipper. I can see them unloading him at the end of the season, if they fail to win a championship, or at the very least don’t make a conference Final. The Clippers have been the franchise in Los Angeles, and still have bragging rights with the Lakers, so they will want to keep that as the team to beat in LA.

Chad: Yes I expect him to be there all year as I expect the Clippers to be a strong playoff team in the upcoming season. I don’t expect them to start a full rebuild during the regular season  

Dan: I think that he will be with the Clippers for the rest of the year. He’s a good player and I don’t think the Clippers want to trade him off unless they know they can’t re-sign him this off-season and another team wants to do a trade-and-sign for him. If no team would be willing to do a trade-and-sign, then Giffin goes nowhere and I believe that he’ll be with the Clippers, re-sign with the Clippers, and try to win a championship there with Chris Paul for another couple of seasons at least.

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