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… hopefully it ain’t just another word with nothing left to lose…

About damn time…

joe1News item from the Associated Press wire services… The Fresno Bee has reported that a man was sentenced last Friday (10/21) by Fresno Superior Court Judge Edward Sarkisian Jr. to 1,503 years in prison… which is the longest-known prison sentence in Fresno Superior Court history. For that matter, short of multiple “life in prison” sentences, quite possibly one of the longest jail sentences ever.


In September a jury found him guilty on 186 felony counts of sexual assault and among those charges were rape of a minor… his own damn daughter… sometimes two to three times a week from 2009 to 2013.

It only stopped because somehow the young lady said enough and somehow got out of the hell that she was in.no_excuse_

The woman who is now 23-years-old told the sentencing judge, “When my father abused me, I was young. I had no power, no voice. I was defenseless.” She also added that the person who provided the sperm to enable her birth…

… the shitwad is not her “father” as far as I am concerned and I refuse to state the word “father” when I write about this useless speck of nothingness…

As I was relating… the woman… the victim… said that the sperm donor never has shown any remorse at all for what he put her through… the hell that he made her life… her pain and suffering.

On top of anything else… a travesty of justice was avoided… the shitwad could have been out of prison after serving a max of thirteen years.

In a probable attempt to spare the victim any further embarrassment and the pain of reliving her hell due to a trial, prosecutors gave him a chance to accept a plea deal of a recommended 13 years in prison if he would admit his guilt.

The stupid ass turned it down.

Then before the trial was to begin they came back at him and said now its twenty-two years but it’s essentially the same deal… admit your guilt and we will tell the court we recommend that sentence and you can be done with this and maybe come out with some life left to live.

He again refused the offer that he shouldn’t have ever refused. He told prosecutors that he should be released from jail for the time he had served while awaiting trial.

The abject and absolute gall and selfishness of this damn reject from amoeba land’s shit yard and his pure drek view that what he did was maybe just a bump in the road of life… maybe an error in judgment that should be a given, at most, an admonishment and a slap upon his wrist…

The stupidity that is rampant within his pea brain mind and the emotional and moral bankruptcy of his soul and heart which would allow him to even think that he is not guilty of any crime more than maybe a misdemeanor… a small transgression of errant thinking and should be free to go now that he has served his peace… is abhorrent and absurd.

Prosecutors then threw the entire weight of every damn book in the universe at the damn lowest level of life imaginable… they said, “He ruined her teenage years and made her feel like it was her fault.” And, for that, he deserves the most maximum amount of years that are possible for the court to give to him.

The judge obviously agreed and sentenced him accordingly…

Justice… for once was judiciously served.

And… I damn well applaud it.

Justice denied…

Montana is often called Big Sky Country… and, ya know, there may be some relevancy to that sobriquet because maybe since its such a big sky out there… all mountainous and open and all… kinda high up there in the sky… well… maybe the damn air is a bit thin. Kinda lacking in oxygen and therefore maybe the brains of some of the peeps out there don’t get enough of that oxygen to properly feed their brains so they can think clearly.montana-judge

I’m not sure but that could be a great big fucking possibility and a damn good reason why some schmuck of a judge… one John McKeon to be precise… handed down a 30-year suspended sentence to a man who repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter. Instead of 30 years, the dishonorable judge gave the dipshit, incestuous, rapist 60 days in jail reduced by 17 days, time already served. A grand spanking total of 43 days in jail… not prison mind you… a relatively nice safe jail where he quite possibly would never meet any really bad ass criminal types who might wanna do some damage to his nether regions.

To be as fair as I can, the prosecution wanted the man to do 25 years in prison if the asswipe would accept a plea deal where he would have pled guilty to a count of felony incest rape and then have two additional counts of the same crime erased from his charges.

The damn judge though had other ideas. He felt it was acceptable to impose that suspended 30-year prison sentence… dependent upon the asswipe competing a successful probationary term… which would include a community-based sex offender treatment program and no unsupervised contact with minors.

At this point I just placed my head in my palm and began rubbing my forehead…  and… mumbled “What the fuck goes on through the minds of these fucking idjits?”

Where do I start?

As, if there is really a logical and defensible argument for giving Mr. Asswipe the sentence that he got… still… the Judge tied to offer one up…

In a statement, he said… (which by the by he also said as he led up to his judicial (cough cough) decision)… that sex offender treatment specialist Michael Sullivan told the court that a community based treatment program was most permissible because in his “expert” opinion the asswipe was a low risk to repeat his crime and a treatment program would afford the asswipe “a better opportunity for rehabilitation” as well as providing “for the ultimate protection of the victim.”

The judge also said… an exception to mandatory sentencing policies is meant “to encourage and provide opportunities for an offender’s self-improvement, rehabilitation and reintegration back into a community.”

Palm to my head repeatedly as I just cry, baby, cry…trusted

I have no idea how long this asswipe is supposed to be in treatment… but… this means, somehow, he is gonna be unleashed upon society at some point once again. And, what’s to guarantee he is fully rehabbed? That he will never do this shit again. And, what about the 12-year-old child? How long is her treatment supposed to last? And, how long will it be before she can be “reintegrated back into the community? If, in fact she ever will recover from being raped by someone who was supposed to be her protector and not her attacker.

There’s more… the dishonorable McKeon also cited statements from the victim’s mother and maternal grandmother.

The mother wrote a missive to the court that said a 25-year prison term was not the best punishment… because… “He needs help. He has two sons that still love him and need their father in their lives, even with very understandable restrictions. I would like to see my children have an opportunity to heal the relationship with their father. Please, give him the opportunity to work on fixing the relationships he destroyed. He is not a monster, just a man that really screwed up and has been paying in many ways.”

Are you fucking kidding me? He just screwed up? Ya think? He violently took his sexual desires, his aggressions and his hatred out on his little daughter. This is not screwing up, it is being a criminally, incestuous, rapist who needs to be locked away, with no parole, for at least the damn 25 years that was recommended by the prosecution.

And, this woman? She is the epitome of denial. And, I do truly need to ask… what is her past history? Was she ever a victim? In any way shape or form. Did she live and grow up in a house that abuse was accepted as a normal way of life? Not necessarily sexual or even physical… just always subservient to the men of the household. Where maybe mom was kept in her place and only did what she was told to do and was not allowed to think for herself or form an opinion that differed from what her man’s opinion was?

Then the grandma… she says the “children, especially his sons, will be devastated if their Dad is no longer part of their lives.”

Sons? Is not the daughter already devastated? Does the severity and the gravity of the horrific rape of the girl, psychically and psychologically ever enter into this dynamic? Does anyone really care about his poor girl? At all?courage

The dishonorable McKeon ends his defense by saying, “The sentence may not be a popular decision by certain members of the general public but it is a just and proper decision given the record before the court and the law the court is sworn to uphold.”

Bullshit… Bullshit… Bullshit… Bullshit…

I sincerely believe the words I am about to present…

The most important commodity that we have for the future of the world is our children. The most important responsibility that we have is to try and do the best job that we possibly can to enable them to be honorable and responsible adults who will try to effect the world in a positive manner that hopefully we never even dared to conceive to be ever possible.

Raping them… viciously stealing away their innocence… their capacity to learn… is not the recommended method to enable any child to grow into a responsible and caring adult. For the theft of a child’s love, innocence and trust? A creep who does that?  He must serve at the minimum those damn 25 years in prison.

Teaching our children there is no dire and sever consequences for committing rape? We must not allow that to ever happen or to continue to go on.

The circle of abuse must be broken at some point. It must have someone to take the initiative to say… “Stop. This ends now.”

The worst part of all this… as if once wasn’t evil and bad enough… is that the asswipe did it multiple times. He did not just make one bad decision… he did it multiple times… therefore he made bad decision after bad decision after bad decision. At what point is it supposed to stop being a terrible mistake and become a heinous and horrible criminal act? The third time… the fourth… fifth… sixth????

I have no idea, if it is going to lead to anything to correct the injustice that was committed against this little girl, and, frankly, that is still being perpetrated against her by the court as well as her family… but… a petition against McKeon asks state lawmakers and the chief clerk of the Montana House of Representatives to impeach the judge before his upcoming retirement.

Among other things the petition states… “No one spoke on behalf of the 12-year-old child at trial…  It is time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets… He is just one of many judges who have been caught handing down light sentences to rapists. This must stop and we can only do that by sending a message.”

When… if… they finally give the asswipe rapist his just sentence of at least 25 years in prison … let the damn dishonorable John McKeon also serve his own prison term for violating the trust of his office that he had pledged to uphold.

Justice for all and for all to be punished justly fairly and righteously… the punishment must serve the needs of the crime… nothing more or less. In rape… especially the incestuous rape of a 12-year-old… it must be long and hard.choose-well

The other children… the two boys… will learn what their “father” did was a terrible thing to force upon anyone… the worst being… forcing it upon a child… a little girl.  They will learn it is unacceptable behavior and that for certain types of unacceptable behavior there are acceptable consequences that must be served.

If, they can learn that lesson, then, maybe, they will grow into responsible men who will consider the act of rape if committed… upon anyone… an abomination that deserves nothing less than a severe, long, hard prison term with no parole.

I do not see how releasing this asswipe back into society without losing his freedom and serving the hardships of prison would benefit anyone. Regardless of any restraints that were put upon him if he were in a community treatment program, I can’t see that serving justice for that little girl. Because when it all comes down to it… why the hell should he ever taste freedom while the child is locked within… maybe forever… in a prison of her own vicious memories of what some supposed trusted person did to her… lied and stole her life away s before it ever had the chance to begin.

Bad déjà vu all over again…

On Tuesday, Jack Warmolts, a 22-year-old Air Force cadet, admitted to assaulting and having unlawful sexual conduct with a woman in Boulder, Colorado.  He copped to a plea deal and won’t do a day in prison.

Prison is that place where no one really wants to go. To be clear, it ain’t a fun place. Shit happens in prisons that can totally change a person’s entire outlook on life. Because, let’s face it, it’s got its fair share of the dregs of society encased within its walls of concrete and razor wire. Some of whom are bad ass mutherfuckers who mostly don’t give a shit about anyone including their own asses.  Prison is supposed to be a place where a person goes to be punished for committing a crime against our society. It is not supposed to be a nice place rather it’s supposed to be a place where you are, as part of your punishment, deprived of some of your rights. Most of which involve freedom. Essentially, you are told where you are to be and what you are to do at all times when you are in prison. It’s also a place where a criminal is supposed to go to try and get his ass rehabilitated. But, from what I have heard rehab ain’t exactly what a person gets in prison. Mostly, a person does his time as best he can and hopefully comes out as unscarred… physically and psychologically… as you can… if you can… and then move on with your life.

But, Warmolts will escape being put into prison…

Lucky him.rape-case

Unlucky victim.

She can’t escape the prison of knowing she was sexually assaulted and that maybe the court thinks more about the criminal then it does about the victim… her.

I’m not gonna get into the gory details. It’s just fodder for prurient minds and really ain’t worth the time it takes to write the words down. Just know this… his DNA was recovered from the scene and was found from places where it should not have been found. And… he copped to the deed. For that… he gets to walk… more on that real soon and it’s an important issue that needs talking about… while the woman has to deal with the perception that justice… the legal system… thinks she is nothing more than piece of meat.


To be totally fair to the Colorado court system… Warmolts ain’t exactly skating here. On January 31st he will be sentenced but part of the plea deal he agreed to will stipulate Warmolts spend one year in the Boulder County Jail followed by 10 years of sex-offender intensive supervised probation. And, he’ll also have to register as a sex offender. None of which is exactly a day in the park to be sure but it is a hell of lot easier to do than being in prison. Comparatively speaking… it’s like you gotta suffer in purgatory for a bit and then do some godawful penance but you don’t gotta go to hell.  Some from of heaven is available to your ass at some point in your life. If you go to hell that may never happen… finding that piece of heaven at some point.

I’m sure some folks reading this are saying… “Hell. What the dude is getting sure sounds like a damn hard punishment to me. Hell, it was only this one time. He made a mistake. What do you want the dude to do?”

To be blunt. Suffer…

He sexually assaulted a woman. Another person. He stole her life away. He totally and fully demeaned her. Maybe he didn’t rape her… fucked her against her will in a physical sense but he damn well fucked her psychological and how does she ever recover from that type of being fucked?rape-victims

Maybe she can. But… maybe… she never will.

So… what punishment will fit the crime here? A year in jail and a hard row to hoe dealing with 10 years of treatment while experiencing at least some form of freedom outside of prison or at least 4 to 10 years at hard time?

As for the words… it was only this one time. He made one mistake.

Was it? We don’t know that. And, even if it were… what assurances do we have that he won’t do it again? That it was a one-time occurrence and it will never occur again. It’s a fact of life… people change but not that much.

If, a person gets what could be seen as slap on the hand for doing something that is horrific…  and assaulting a woman and having deviant sexual contact with her, either by some form of touching or out and out rape, is damn horrific… then it deserves a damn severe, and maybe even a horrific, punishment. A punishment that declares… for anyone who does this shit… there will be hell to pay.

Simply put… don’t do the damn crime unless you are willing to accept the damn consequences… the time and punishment… for that crime.

But, in the victim’s own words… there is more that is required of the perpetrator of the crime…

“I cannot deny I feel small and silenced by the plea bargain process. I was ready and committed to showing up to that arena… I felt powerful and I had purpose. His words are weightless to me. You cannot bargain or barter the truth.”

Although she did add that she saw the sentence that her assailant got was a step forward considering that overall most sexual assault cases never even get heard…


Maybe it’s one small step forward for survivors and maybe a big step forward to achieving for real damn honest justice.

Sometimes a jackass just need to be told…

In the third debate between Trumpty Dumpty and Hillary Billary the orange man called Hills a “nasty woman.”

Brain Babin (center)
Brain Babin (center)

On a recent Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show (for those who don’t know… Colmes is a liberal donkey. Go figure. On Fox news we gots us a liberal donkey), Texas hard line conservative and elephant Rep. Brian Babin was a guest and Colmes asked him if the Trumpty comment was an appropriate one to utter. Babin said, “You know what? She’s saying some nasty things.”

When Colmes asked for more clarification on the point… Babin said, “Well I’m a genteel Southern gentleman, Alan.”

Colmes then posed the query… was Babin suggesting that the comment was inappropriate?

Babin said, “No, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty.”

And… sometimes a dumb asshole jackass has to be told when he’s an asshole jackass.


I been seeing some stuff on some social media sites that are saying Hillary Billary is starting to sound a lot like Bernie… I still think he is a traitor to the cause but I guess for some folks that’s how the politic game is played. Besides that’s another issue for another time.

I hear that she’s saying she and Bernie have a plan where people can go to a public or state college and attend tuition free… and… if your family’s income is below a certain number then you won’t ever see a bill from at all. She talking about making sure people get nominated and hopefully appointed to the Supreme Court who are judges who will stand up and say no to Citizens United… a group that has undermined our election system, because of the way it allows dark unaccountable money into our electoral system.hillary1

I hear that she is gonna take on the 1% . She says we are going to have the wealthy pay their fair share. We are going to have giant corporations make greater contributions to fixing the system than they are now. Nothing about them outrageously rich to be taxed more just that hey will make greater contributions.

I have also heard her say… I have a public opinion and I have a private opinion.

I got one damn question… What the fuck is she saying behind closed doors, if this what she is saying in public?

I said it earlier… I repeat it now… People change but not that much.

Just a word to the wise… be careful what you wish for… you may get fooled again.

… and… maybe… you might wanna think about voting Green? Jill Stein


I hope that when a woman carries herself with class and is also attractive… yeah, I mean that in a physical  sense… a man can just say it out loud and not be just another sexist pig. But, if that’s what I am then so be it…

I just gotta say.. I am damn well am gonna miss Michelle when she leaves the White House…


Talk about lighting up a room and making my soul do a happy dance..

She got the power…

Think about it…


Another thousand words…



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