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Hey there wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable, where our elite group of panelists debate various topics surrounding the world of professional wrestling. My thanks to Todd for graciously filling in for me last week, as time got the better of me and I was not able to fulfill my obligations as the moderator to this forum. I am back now, and ready to go, so let’s not waste any more time!



1.James Ellsworth- back to back wins over the WWE Champion? Why not give him the top spot on this weeks rankings.

2.Kevin Owens- The Universal Champ is ready to defend his champion, but can he even trust his best friend?

3.Seth Rollins- Rollins is seeking to become just the third Universal champion ever. Only Kevin Owens and Hell in a Cell stand in his way.

4.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion has had a rough couple weeks, two straight losses to a future WWE Hall of Famer drops him a few notches.

5.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic is still under the skin of the WWE Champion, will that be enough to get his title back?



1996- The first even Buried Alive match took place between the Undertaker and Mankind. The Undertaker won the match by chokeslamming Mankind into the grave.

1999- Chyna becomes the first female wrestler to win a major singles championship as she defeats Jeff Jarrett to win the Intercontinental Championship.

2000 – WCW officially released Bret Hart, who then announced his retirement from wrestling. WCW had used Hart sparingly since the death of his brother Owen, and scaled him back to only occasional non-wrestling appearances after suffering a concussion against Bill Goldberg the previous December. WCW stopped using him altogether after Hart wrote a scathing editorial about WCW and their product in his weekly newspaper column in the Calgary Sun, so his release was not unexpected.    Hart would return to the ring in limited fashion for WWE in 2010, including a Wrestlemania win over Vince McMahon and a final match, a six man tag, in Madison Square Garden.


And here are the questions for this week!!!


The Brand split took place this past July, and so far we have seen a couple of PPV events on the Network. In your opinion, has the brand split been a success so far?

Steve: It has been a complete failure for Raw. I have been less than entertained that is for sure. Smackdown has had some great storylines, and some amazing matches. It has been sub-par as far as pay per view for both brands, but as far as the LIVE shows go, Smackdown is far superior.

Todd: It hasn’t changed much as far as the PPV’s. They still suck ass! Failure!

Chad: I would say that it’s a little early to tell at this point but so far I’m liking what I’m seeing the addition of the Cruiserweights to Raw has been good. The Miz/Ziggler storyline was great. So Far So Good.

Jim: The Brand split has been fantastic…for Smackdown Live.  It is head and shoulders above RAW in terms of talent, quality of the matches, and reduction of wasting time.  RAW is mostly just filler.  No substance.  And they’re also letting several wrestlers come out and just toss around homeless people for 10 minutes.  It’s disgusting.  RAW should learn from Smackdown.

Tyler:  As far as the live shows go, Smackdown definitely has proven itself to be the better of the two, as far as writing, quality of the matches, and overall flow of the show goes.  Even though Raw has the Cruiserweights, three hours is still too long, as there’s still pointless squash matches and filler backstage segments that slow the show down.



Hell in a Cell so far is shaping up on paper to be a classic. Will this event be the best event so far in 2016?

Steve: The womens match being the main event has me really excited for the show itself. I don’t think it will be the best of the year, but I think it has the potential to be right up there. WrestleMania still is going to be the best of the year, however, I am more looking forward to HIAC than I was Mania.

Todd: No! WWE will find a way to fudge it up. It seems like ever since the WWE Network started almost 3 years ago the PPV’s kind of plateaued out at average or below. Take for instance Summerslam was suppose to be the best PPV in years but it turned out to be a flop.

Chad: I don’t expect this show to particularly stand out from the other shows of 2016. I can’t wait to see what Sasha and Charlotte will do in the Cell.

Jim: As long as there is a women’s match in Hell in a Cell, it isn’t something I care about.  Regardless of the other matches.

Tyler: I wouldn’t say the best, but the it should be worth if for the main event alone.  Putting two women in the Cell in the main event says a lot about WWE’s efforts to lift up the women’s division to be equal to the men’s.


Do you believe that the match with Goldberg and Lesnar, will be Goldberg’s last match, as he stated on Raw to Lesnar. “You’re Last”?

Steve: Im sure it will be, I mean what is he 50? This is simply a publicity stunt to get WWE 2k17 over, and gives them a reason to induct him into the Hall of Fame next year.

Todd: I don’t really care about this match. To the younger crowd this might be a great match because they have never seen Goldberg Wrestle. Is WWE that desperate to get ratings that they need to bring back a 50 year old Goldberg. WWE needs to start developing new stars before its too late. they can’t always depend on Goldberg, The Rock, and HBK to bail them out just because they need ratings. I hope its his last match.

Chad: Yes, He did his part for the video game (WWE 2k17; great game by the way). I truly felt the promo he had on Raw and I think he means when he says “You’re Last”

Jim:  I believed his last “last” match was his last.  Why in the world, if we were lied to then, should I believe he’s telling the truth now?  He’s 50.  Why dear god do we want to see him wrestle?  Go back to the retirement home, collect your social security, and read your AARP pamphlets Bill.  Get off my TV.

Tyler: It should be.  I’m interested to see what a Lesner-Goldberg match looks like when they’re both actually motivated.



Agree or Disagree: Goldberg will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017?

Steve: Agree! I think other than WWE 2K17, that is the only other reason he is coming in to compete one more time.

Todd: Agree!

Chad: Yes!; Absolutlely, Hall of Famer

Jim: Of course I agree he will be.  He’s earned it.

Tyler: Absolutely agree.  We need some more WCW guys in the hall anyway.



Agree or Disagree. James Ellsworth will be around Smackdown for the immediate future.

Steve: Are you kidding me? The road to WrestleMania will go through James Ellsworth. Okay seriously. I think he makes a few more appearances then will fade into the sunset. However, based on what he has done so far in the WWE, he is a sure fire first ballot Hall of Famer.

Todd: I mean lets get real. It has been entertaining the last couple of weeks. James Ellsworth should just disappear. Its really unfair to all the superstars who actually deserve T.V. time. Its a slap in the face to all the superstars in NXT. they all could whip James Ellswoth’s ass, including the women.

Chad: I disagree; Okay, it’s been cute for a couple for a couple having the 14 year vet live out the dream but he is holding back guys on the Roster and in NXT who are probably more deserving. Heck have him run for President of the US; he’d probably win.

Jim: If you saw the match on Smackdown last night, why not?  He’s actually pretty good.  And watching him gives me hope.  If he can wrestle, and Goldberg can wrestle at 50…Dear WWE…here’s my resume.

Tyler: Honestly, if he hung around for more than another month, I’d be surprised.  It’s a fun little underdog story, but if it runs too long people will loose interest.  So I say enjoy it while it lasts.

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