Movie Review: The Creature Walks Among Us

Let’s finish off this trilogy. This one is from 1956, and has a better title: The Creature Walks Among Us.
We spend a LOT of time with the films resident HOT CHICK (Leigh Snowden), and again she is surrounded by brainiacs. This time the hottie is married to one of them, but there is ~Drama~ between them. The crew are on a yacht in the Florida Everglades and want to go see if they can find some creature that has been sighted. One of the brainiacs wants to talk about his fish-finder, but before we get too bored, there are gunshots from above, but that was just the HOT CHICK shooting at sharks. I guess this movie has lost the PETA endorsement now.
So the fearless crew heads down to talk to an alligator hunter who was attacked by the creature, but was able to cut the guy. The blood is a match to the thing that escaped from Ocean Harbor (See we have more connections to the earlier movie other than recycled footage) .

For some really ignorant reason the prick husband of the Hot Chick wants to genetically change the Creature. Seriously. Let’s take this weird thing we have never seen and then change it. creature-3-gasoline

So they track the creature to it’s Black Lagoon that he found in Florida. The fish finder works like a stinking charm. The boat gets into shallow waters chasing the Creature. Even though they know it’s a trap, they run right into it anyway. Launching a shuttlecraft, they go after the Creature in the shallow depths of the Lagoon.
FINALLY the Creature attacks! Instead of busting up the boat or killing all the men and grinding their bones to make his bread, he pours gasoline on himself.


Then a torch sets the Creature on fire. That’s one way to kill off the good effects and can show a cheaper version later.

So now the Creature is covered in budget-saving bandages, and they determine that the fire damaged his gills, and he can’t breathe. They also compare him to a lungfish, as the Creature can breathe on land as well. We knew that already, but moving on.

So how do we wrap up the trilogy?

This one streaches everything. The budget has been cut, so instead of more recycled footage, we get more humans talking. This is a fourty-five minute movie pulled like taffy. Bless thier hearts, they tried to give us a story. The Creature stops a possible rape, but is still misunderstood, but by this time we don’t care. The Creature gets accused of killing a guy in a cover-up. The Creature has human-like skin. The Creature is ready to die to escape humanity, ecetera excetra.  They even put clothes on the Creature!  The problem is, there is very little to move from plot point to plot point and it’s not fleshed out, it’s just thrown out there, not explained or expanded upon, just said and moved on, or barely bounced around on.
It would have been nice to stick to one plot, let’s be frank, the original Creature is a plain rip-off of King Kong. This one they almost try to make him the Frankenstein’s Monster. In a movie that is padded to the point that The Creature Walks Among Us is, we get no depth. The Creature effect is just awful in comparison to the previous movies. We are not in 3-D, but we are still in Black and White. creature-3-mask

All that said?

The Creature Walks Among Us almost pulls it off. The acting is better than most low-budget third movies. The attempts at moving a plot almost pull you into it. The Drama does tend to keep your attention. I think I’ll go 5 here, simply because this is a solid middle of the road movie.

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