Movie Review: Revenge of the Creature

Fun thing about this sequel is, Universal wanted to make it before the original was even finished. The studio even changed the ending so that they could put in a possibility of the sequel so shortly after the original. Again in 3D and Black and White, let’s plow ahead into Revenge of the Creature, shall we?

creature-2-car-tossWe kick off in sunny Southern California- er I mean the Amazon, where two men set out to capture the Creature. The Captain of the ship from last tries to warn them that the Gill-Man ain’t no one to mess with, but the two men don’t care. Reaching the Black Lagoon, one dives to try and find the Creature. He’s attacked, but rescued by the others. Being good southerners, they drop dynamite in the Lagoon but instead of killing everything underwater and bringing a hefty fine from the Game Warden, it only stuns the Creature, so he’s trapped and caged. The Creature is brought to Ocean Harbor, and put into a shallow tank in hopes of reviving it. For some reason they think the Creature is going to react like a shark does. Among the people who are around is local HOT CHICK Lori Nelson who is going for her master’s degree.
Inspires by the HOT CHICK’s closeness, the Creature revives and starts taking people down, the tourists run for their lives! Finally the Gill-Man is captured in a net. The movie moves on as a Prof shows up and wants to “train” the Gill-Man. They give him food and shock him with a cattle prod when he gets too close or doesn’t respond to the word “No”. Man the ASPCA going to fry this whole team. Stunningly, the Creature begins to learn to behave. The HOT CHICK and Clete start to fall in love, because of course they do. The Creature isn’t happy about this, because he’s all about the Blondes.

So how is the sequel?

Weeeeell, the problem is, we lose a great deal moving to Florida. The scenes are not as awesome when we KNOW it’s in a tank. You don’t get all the fun, we dont see all the background stuff. We have the same director and it’s still very beautiful to look at, but it’s just not the same. Nothing just pops the same.
I don’t care about the love story. It’s muddled and thrown in there. For some reason we don’t know if the Gill-Man is a fish or a shark or a human. All the science gobbledygook just makes the story drag, and not a good way.

creature-2-clint-eastwoodThe problem is, I really don’t care about the humans. They try, they really do, but it’s like watching a Friday the 13th movie where you never see Jason except for a minute out of every 20, but we spend ten of those twenty minutes talking about Jason. That’s this movie. I understand the tell not show, and in the 1950s, you may not want the Gill-Man front and center for an hour- especially in Black and White, but what I really don’t want is a whole bunch of talking about something, then we get a shot of the Gill-Man doing something- FINALLY. I’ll go a 4, simply off of goodwill, and the movie isn’t insulting enough to go lower.

Clint Eastwood is in this one as well, in a small cameo. It’s not much and it’s actually a funny role but if not for it being CLINT F’N EASTWOOD, it wouldn’t mean anything, but has to be said.

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