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Hello NBA fans!! Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. As we get closer to the season teams are getting their rosters cut down closer to 15 players. This week, LeBron thinks NBA retired players should get more money, is Paul Pierce Hall of Fame Caliber, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started with the questions:


Agree or Disagree. LeBron James thinks retired players should get more money.

Todd: Hell No! First of all they should know how to manage their damn money. They don’t deserve the fuckin money they get already let alone get more money when they retire. Athletes shouldn’t get anything when they retire because they make enough money to live the rest of their fricken lives. You know who needs more money, the men an women who fight for our country but you don’t see them crying and whining about wanting more money. Fuck these rich fools!

Steve: A thousand percent disagree. When you play a professional sport, you get paid a ton of money to do what you love to do. If you spend all of your money, that is on you. Some of these guys probably make enough money to support their kids’ kids’ kids grandkids for life. No way that retired players should get any money from the league, unless they have a deferred contract of some sorts.

Chad: I will say disagree only for the fact that in my opinion it doesn’t matter how much money you give somebody they have to know how to manage it. Rookies have a seminar before coming into the league. What about having a seminar or some kind of classes to help players learn how to manage money so that we don’t have to ask whether they are getting enough.


Paul Pierce announced that this year will be his last year? Is he Hall of Fame caliber?

Todd: Absolutely without a doubt. Paul Pierce was part of the big three who took the Celtics to the NBA Championship in 2008 and back to the finals in 2010 where they lost in game 7 to my Lakers.

Steve: Easily he is a Hall of Famer. Pierce was the face of the Boston Celtics franchise, and was able to turn that team around and made them respectable again in the late 2000’s, winning an NBA Championship for Boston for the first time in nearly 20 years. When he left Boston, that team immediately had a makeover and began a decline again. When he went to the Wizards, he immediately made them a contender. I would put him on my first ballot for a Hall of Fame career.

Chad: Yes, as the heart and soul of Boston for over a decade and a constant contributor where he has gone towards the end of his career. In my mind his contributions go beyond stats and he is a hall of famer, I mean if Yao Ming can get in then Pierce certainly deserves it right.


The 3 years Brett Brown has been coach of the Philadelphia 76ers he has suffered through seasons of 63, 64, and 72 losses. If he does not show significant improvement this year, is his job in jeopardy?

Todd: Well, Brown just got dealt a bad hand. the real people who need to get fired is the team doctors and training staff for drafting all the injury prone guys.

Steve: I cant believe that he seriously still has a job as we sit here and talk about it. This is no knock on Brown though, as he has had zero talent, and his top draft picks are always getting hurt and cannot compete. But yeah, he gone.

Chad: He probably will be but unfairly as he has had not talent to coach let’s be honest here.


Do you think Kevin Durant’s comments about his new teammates last week was meant to take a shot at Russell Westbrook and OKC? (Playing with players who “Selfless and enjoy the game in its purest form”)

Todd: Who cares!

Steve: No and stop it. Kevin Durant is simply giving a compliment to his new team. Did he ever say that his old Thunder teammates were not selfless, and did not enjoy the game? No he didnt, this is simply something to build his morale within his new team. The media is on something for even saying this.

Chad: I will say that it was as Russell Westbrook was known to try and play hero ball at certain points in games last year and not have Kevin Durant in the flow of the offense which is why those two never won the big one in Oklahoma City.


Who is your pick to be the most improved player this year?

Todd: I originally was gonna put D’Angelo Russell after he had an average season on the court and a horrible season off the court. I decided to go off on a limb here and say Nick Young. He has played great through the preseason and I truly believe it was Byron Scott’s fault he had such a bad year last year. With Luke Walton running the show I think he will have a bounce back year.

Steve: The person who has a much better season than he did last year. In all seriousness, I think Joakim Noah will be a great asset to the Knicks and will have a much better season than he did last year.

 Chad: I’ll say Harrison Barnes in Dallas I want to see him improve in Dallas and live to the contract that received in the off-season.

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