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Wrestling Roundtable time all you wrestling fans. Friday is always a great time of the week. For most of you it is the end of a work week, for some it may be a three day weekend. However, the majority of you look forward to Friday because our elite group of panelists educate your mind on the latest in the world of professional wrestling!! No Mercy is behind us and A.J. Styles is still the WWE World Champion. This week, what are your overall thoughts of No Mercy, Should the women finally get to main event a PPV and so much more!!


1. Dolph Ziggler – After winning the biggest match of his career and capturing the IC Title, can Ziggler keep his momentum going?

2. Seth Rollins – Seth Rollins looks to regain the Universal Championship after defeating Chris Jericho on Raw.

3.  Roman Reigns – Reigns has been gaining a lot of momentum since winning the U.S. title from Rusev. Can he keep it going through Hell in a Cell?

4. Sasha Banks – Banks is more determined than ever to keep the women’s title after making Charlotte tap out for the second time in 2 weeks.

5. Beauty and the Manbeast – Rhino and Slater have been on a roll as of late retaining their tag team titles at No Mercy over the Usos.

Honorable mention James Ellsworth pulled off the biggest upset in WWE history by defeating the WWE World Champion A.J. Styles.


1975 – WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defended his title against Ivan Koloff, the man who ended his first title reign in 1971, at the building where the loss took place, Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The match ended in a draw after a 20-minute brawl when the referee ruled that both men were bleeding too heavily to continue.  A slew of wrestlers had to come out to separate the two. This was the first of three straight MSG shows headlined by the two, culminating a few months later in the first steel cage match ever held at Madison Square Garden.

1992 – Money, Inc. (Ted DiBiase & IRS) defeat The Natural Disasters (Typhoon & Earthquake) for the WWF Tag Team Title in Regina, Saskatchewan to begin their second title reign.

2006 – Kurt Angle made his debut appearance at TNA’s Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.  During a taping of Impact, Samoa Joe was informed that if he didn’t relinquish the NWA championship belt he had stolen, he would be removed from the roster. In an in-ring segment, Joe refused and ripped up the papers informing him. The lights went out and Kurt Angle hit the ring and got in Joe’s face. He headbutted Joe and hit the Angle Slam. Angle held up the belt but Joe hit an enziguiri from behind. Joe cinched a choke on Angle and security tried to break them up. During all this, Jeff Jarrett came out retrieved his belt.  After Joe was removed from the ring, Angle took the house mic and stated that he wasn’t fired (from WWE), he asked Vince McMahon for his release. He said he was back to wrestling and McMahon could kiss his “Olympic Ass.”


Here are the questions for the week:


What are your overall thoughts of No Mercy?

Steve: The first half was awful, and I seriously thought of just turning it off and calling it a night. Then the Dolph Ziggler vs Miz match happened, and it got my attention once again. The Bray Wyatt vs Orton match was good, with a little twist in the end. I still think that they need to do something more with Bray and keep him by himself for a push, but again the writers are going to drop the ball on him again. Back to the Miz vs Ziggler match, seriously in my opinion, this is a match of the year candidate, it was that good. The right guy won, and it sets up the storyline perfectly. Overall probably a 6 out of 10 for the total show with two solid matches.

Todd: Well to tell you the truth i was disgusted with it. When I first heard the triple threat match was first, I thought it was stupid. Then I was thinking that they put the Ziggler-Miz match as the main event. I didn’t even finish watching the show when I realized that match was not the main event. I really thought that was Ziggler’s last match and i thought it should have been the main event. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton I knew did not belong in man event status. Nothing against either one of them guys but to be honest to the die hard WWE like myself, is not really invested in that feud because Wyatt’s feuds are always the same. I did go back and watch the Ziggler-Miz match. Ziggler stole the show by himself. The Miz was just along for the ride.

Jim: A snooze fest from start to finish.  That’s the only way to describe it.  A complete waste of a Sunday evening.

Tyler: Decent show.  Glad AJ retained, the Cena/Styles/Ambrose feud is one of the most entertaining programs that WWE is running right now.  Glad to see Luke Harper back from injury, too bad Rowan is now injured; it would have been nice to see the original Wyatt Family lineup back again.  Very glad Bray got the much-needed win.


Should Sasha Banks and Charlotte Main event Hell in a Cell?

Steve: No question about it, they absolutely should main event Hell in a Cell. First, this is going to be a first ever happening, and these two have proven that they can be the top build. Honestly, anymore the women matches are really the only reason I watch RAW, and the only time I am not fast forwarding my DVR. They will once again steal the show, in a structure that no woman has ever competed in. I cant wait to see it.

Todd: Yes, I think they should without a doubt. This is WWE’s chance to give the women the spotlight at a PPV. A match that has never been done in the women’s division before and if it were to be the main event. That would make it that much better. these are 2 tremendous athletes and they desrve a chance to be in the spotlight at the end of the night. It has never been done before. Go for it WWE!!!!

Jim: No, not in a cell.  Again, I’m 100% against women inside the cell.  I’m 100% against women bleeding in a match.  I love the women’s division, but I hate how they’ve turned it into a masculine show.

Tyler: Absolutely.  Both of them have been killing it since being brought to main roster, and if WWE is serious about making the women equal with the men, then making them the main event would be the best way to show it.



Where do you think WWE is going with the team of Cesaro and Shemaus?

Steve: Nowhere, and fast. That is all I have to say about this.

Todd: I really have no idea. Like all the odd couples WWE has put together in the past, i’m sure the writers have some kind of stupid plan.

Jim: Hopefully writing it off and firing them both.  Their 7 match series turned into an absolute joke, and their partnership is disgusting.  I DVR wrestling on Monday and Tuesday simply because I can fast forward through stuff like them.

Tyler: I have no idea, and I don’t think they do either honestly.  The Best Of series dragged on, and just throwing them together into a team doesn’t make sense either.  I’m hoping this doesn’t signal a heel turn for Cesaro, as I find him better as a face at this point.


Rumors been going around the last few months about Goldberg vs Lesner. Paul Heyman made the challenge this past Monday on Raw. Are you at all interested in seeing this match?

Steve: After watching their match again on the WWE Network from Wrestlemania XX, I have zero desire to see a 45 year old Bill Goldberg face off against Brock Lesnar, where on paper should be a squash match. Eric Asafailo said on his show yesterday that this is 13 years in the making and, we saw what happened their first time which was awful, and we compare it to Hogan vs Warrior in 98, which may be the worst match in wrestling history. I think this could very well top that.

Todd: No! I think Brock Lesner shouldn’t wrestle in WWE ever again. WWE is suspending all these other superstars for the wellness policy but they give Lesner a pass because he is only part-time. What kind of shit is that? WWE should fire his ass!!

Jim: Bill Goldberg is turning 50 in two months.  Why in the world does anyone think we want to see a 50 year old man fight Lesner?  Why do they think we want to see a 50 year old man fight at all?  Hey, I have an idea.  Goldberg vs Kevin Nash.  Nash is 57.  How about Goldberg vs Flair?  He’s 67.  Dear WWE.  How about bringing up new talent for a change.

Tyler: Yes, as long as everybody involved is actually going to be motivated, which they clearly were not in their last match.  It would be nice to have a do-over of that particular trainwreck.

survivor series

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan challenge Raw to 3 separate elimination matches at Survivor series. Do you think it is a good thing that WWE could be going back to the more traditional Survivor Series format?

Steve: It was kind of expected once that the brand split happened, I had an idea that they were going to challenge each other to face off at a PPV. I was thinking like Braggin Rights, as they did before. I like the format to have many elimination matches, especially the tag team one. We will probably see a championship match as well or two, which many fans want to see. I will predict that someone in some match will turn and jump ship to the other organization. Probably the Big Show.

Todd: Yeah, I like the idea of them doing this. This is what Survivor Series used to be back in the late 80’s early 90’s.

Jim: Of course I do.  I would love to see the preliminary matches on their respective shows, and the winner of each meets at Survivor Series.  It would build so much interest to have some cross flow between the two shows.  They could do it tag team, cruiserweight, heavy weight and women’s division.  Oh yeah, and so Goldberg could be involved, a Senior’s Division.  Sponsored by AARP and Depends.

Tyler: I think it is, as it helps bring back something that older fans remember and helps it stand out amongst the other PPVs since they seem intent on running as many of them as possible back-to-back.

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