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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 14th of October. Baseball is coming to an end, Football is in full swing, and now Basketball and Hockey have joined the sports calendar. The San Francisco 49ers have finally decided to turn to Colin Kaepernick as their starting quarterback, and all is right in the World. Well, not everything. I’ll get to that now. Let’s do this!

The one thing that is not right in this World is the state of politics in the United States of America. Honestly, I believed that we were never going to see an election as divisive as the 2008 Presidential election ever again. I thought nothing was going to be worse than Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party, but I guess I was wrong. The 2016 Presidential election has truly been bottom of the barrel stuff.bill-and-hillary

I do not find Hillary Clinton’s deleted, and leaked e-mails no big deal, however I would be lying if I wasn’t exactly shaking my head by some of the revelations that have come from them. While I do not want to “lock her up”, I am questioning her judgement some. Between those emails, and some of the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation, and her continued disingenuous behavior when she tries to defend some of her dealings, all adds up to me having more questions than answers when it comes to her.

However, with that said, she still is not Donald J. Trump. Boy oh boy, where has this guy come from? How did we even get to this place is a question I ask myself every time I hear Trump double down on his scorched earth policy. How did we get here, guys? How did we even get here?

Look, I wasn’t even phased by the comments he made to Billy Bush in 2005. When I heard that leaked audio last Friday night I didn’t even budge. Why? Some men do talk like that. It’s all about making themselves look like a big man, and impressing their friends. Also, some men are hound dogs. They love the hunt, they love the chase, and they make no apologies about that. Trump has been married three times now, to women who are young and exotic. He has a type, and I think we would all be fools if we thought this man was chaste and honorable to all his wives. Nah, he’s a dog.

With that said, I still didn’t budge. I’ve heard worst to be frank. Not from my own mouth though. I’ve never liked engaging in those type of conversations. I’m not saying this to look pious by the way. I’ve always been a quiet, conservative, and prudish person, so engaging in sex talk or any conversations that demean women have never been my style. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been around folks who do talk like that. I’m a 34 year old man. I’ve heard worse. I’ve been around worse, so I can’t say I raised an eyebrow at Trump.

I also cannot say I was offended by anything that has come out on Trump since last Friday. I used to listen to the Howard Stern show so I have heard some of the old Trump interviews before, and I was not phased. The man is a dog, like I said. He’s the type that will say what he wants. It’s not right, and it is ugly but for as long as our election cycles are, I think some folks are fooling themselves with the moral outrage. We knew who he was before we even got to this point. We knew it. Leaking that tape is a part of the political skin game. Sad to say.

However, it still is not right. A smart politician would apologize. A smart politician would chalk everything up to mistakes in his past. To double down, and call it “locker room” talk, or slander, is not the act of a smart politician. To attack members of the G.O.P. who are running away from you (some to save their own hides) is not the smart move. Thankfully this thing is over in less than a month, but I think we are going to see the ugliest forms of political discourse in the next few weeks. It’s going to get nasty folks, and I for one cannot wait until it’s all over.

Colin-KaepernickLast week I asked why the San Francisco 49ers had not benched Blaine Gabbert for Colin Kaepernick. Well, I guess common sense has emerged in San Francisco and Kaepernick will be starting this Sunday at the Buffalo Bills. Part of me is wondering what kind of reception he will receive in Buffalo. I imagine he’s going to hear his fair share of booing. Truthfully, I’m more concerned about the reception he will receive back in San Francisco from the fans, but I think Kaep is going to succeed as a starter.

Besides the offense being tailored for his talents, the reason why I’m hopeful that the narrative about Kaepernick is going to change from his politics to his play, is because his teammates has his back. His team has embraced him throughout this whole deal and I think they are aware enough to know that he has to succeed. I think the movement that Kaepernick has helped to create has to succeed, and him playing well would go a long way towards that. If he goes out there and puts up a stinker, it would only add to the venom of those who oppose him. That’s a lot of pressure on one man, and I hope he’s prepared to take it all on. He has no other choice, really.

blue_jaysBefore I close this thing out I want to talk about the baseball championship series. In the National League we have the Chicago Cubs versus the Los Angeles Dodgers and in the American League we have the Cleveland Indians versus the Toronto Blue Jays. First of all I have to say that I’m happy for those four cities because no matter who wins this thing they will be bringing a title to a city that hasn’t seen a championship in a long time. The Blue Jays are the most recent winners of the final four teams and their second title came in 1993. The Dodgers last championship was in 1989, the Indians last won in 1948, and as most sports fans know the Cubs have not won since 1908.

Despite me being a Blue Jays fan (due to me having family in Toronto and attending a Jays game or two over the years) I think I’m rooting for the Cubs. I’m a student of history, and the Cubs having a chance to win their first title in 108 years is just huge. I would be happy for their organization and the City of Chicago if they pull it off and they have the team to do it. The Cubs got out to an early lead and held on for the best record in baseball. They finished the season with 103 wins, and as the only franchise that had over 100 wins. They have the pitching, and they have the hitting.

They just have to overcome a history of terrible luck. Can they do it? I hope so but if they so happen to fail: Let’s go Blue Jays! I wouldn’t mind finding my way north of the Border to celebrate a title. I remember being a little kid screaming at the TV in both the 1992 and 1993 World Series and let’s just say now that I’m able to imbibe alcohol and watch baseball, that I might be a little worse for the wear the day after the Jays win the World Series. I wouldn’t mind that hangover at all.

I’m done. Thanks for reading.


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