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Lies, lies… and… more lies…

joe1Trumpty lies. Trumpty lies a lot. That should come as no surprise to anyone, because, by definition, politicians as a lot… lie a lot.  And, in this prez campaign the two candidates… the one for the donkeys and the one for the elephants are both fervent, and maybe ever pathological, liars. But, Trumpty’s lies are vicious and despicably hateful at times. When he makes the decision to attack someone that he has perceived as having slighted or attacked his being, or that which he sees as a threat or enemy, he will do his best to skewer his target and mask them in the most despicable and mendacious manner possible and he does it with mis-directed truths or information… or direct and patent falsehoods… that have no direct connection towards his targets.


Such as his painful, and at times puerile, attention to Wee Willy Clinton’s dalliances outside of his marriage, in an attempt to misdirect attention from his leering disrespectful salaciousness towards women and/or to paint Hillary Billary with being part and parcel to Wee Willy’ own disrespectful salaciousness towards women. (More on this issue in a bit.) And, as indicated above, Trumpty does it with a mixture of distorted truth as well as specific lies that border on slander that have historically been purported and promoted by those who have been outright Clintonian haters…  or… what is better known in the vernacular as… outright fucking lies.

There are also those moments when he chooses to put his hate, spitefulness and out right bigotry and chauvinism on full display. When he uses hateful innuendo, as well as his outright lies, in an attempt to further his agenda and garner support from either the lowest of the low, or, from those who have been left cut off from being helped because they believe… albeit falsely… they happen to be the wrong color or wrong ethnicity. And, as a result of that feeling believe they too have been fucked by the system… by the government. And, therefore they with the feeling that they are adrift without anyone to take up their cause and provide the support and aid they need to get their feet back on a firm and level economic path. Trumpty uses his own mixture of propaganda peppered with pernicious language that perpetuates bigotry and racist thinking to tap into that lost segment of society in a worrisome and sad attempt to gather support for his wrongful self-serving political purposes.

For instance, to this day… Trumpty continues to hammer away at the Central Park Five even though they have long been exonerated for the rape of a woman who was jogging through New York City’s Central Park in 1989.

Central Park Five today...
Central Park Five today…

On October 6, 2016, CNN Politics reported that Trump told CNN in a statement that “they admitted they were guilty. The police doing the original investigation say they were guilty. The fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. And the woman, so badly injured, will never be the same.”

They is the Central Park Five…. who were five teenagers who were incarcerated for many years after they had “confessed” that they were involved in the rape of the woman jogger. However, after convicted killer and rapist Matias Reyes confessed to the crime and investigators were actually able to connect his DNA to the charges were dropped in 2002.  Curiously none of the teens DNA was ever connected in any way to the rape scene or on the body or clothes of the woman.

The Central Park Five eventually won a $41 million settlement.

... Central park five then.
… Central park five then.

That crime… where a young… 28-year-old… banker who had been jogging in Central Park was raped, then had her head smashed in with a rock and was found many hours later bound and naked and suffering from severe exposure to the cold as well as brain damage… was flashed all over NYC’s front pages as well as front pages across America. It, with understandable cause, shook the fabric of society and it, without cause… or should I say… without legitimate and logical cause, set a flame to the existing racial tensions that were always an incident away from being an incendiary bomb exploded in a near inextinguishable full blaze.

Within days after the vicious rape had occurred cops came out and announced that five Black and Latino teens had “confessed.” Headlines emblazoned the front pages of all the NY newspapers… especially the tabloids… the Post and the Daily News. The teens in one form or another were painted as being wild and incorrigible bad asses who were essentially nothing more than savage beasts.

trumpad-webAt the time Trumpty inserted his ass fully into a growing conflagration of morally righteousness as well as a political and racial controversy. He took out full page ads in major papers with huge bold face type that demanded “BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY. BRING BACK OUR POLICE!” In the ads he blamed politically correct attention to civil liberties and the protection of society’s criminals instead allowing cops to be free to enforce the law as they saw fit. Trumpty’s final coup de grace was a personal entreaty for the kids responsible to be punished with extreme prejudice… he said, “I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.”

Problem was… The Central Park Five were innocent. The “confessions” they had made were full of inconsistencies and inaccurate information regarding the crime and the scene of the crime and even the victim.  There were no witnesses to the crime. And, the victim couldn’t provide any information to incriminate anyone… she had no memory of the violence that was committed against her body. And DNA? That was barely a reality in those days… it wasn’t exactly a routine part of any “run of the mill” police investigation during the time that the crime took place.  It was never presented at the teen’s trial.  The five teens were convicted on their confessions which they all testified were coerced by investigating officials.

And, only when the police had a man that could be connected to the crime… through DNA… and… a confession in hand… that a strong movement was begun to free the five teenagers, who were now five grown men. In 2002, the convictions were vacated with the support of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.  trump-race-baits

But, it wasn’t over for Trumpty… he tore into NYC’s Mayor de Blasio for the $41 million settlement they ultimately made to the men. He said, “They should be very thankful I wasn’t mayor because they wouldn’t have gotten a dime.” He added that “These young men do not exactly have the pasts of angels.”

Yet not one of the five had an arrest record or had even been under an accusation of any crime… ever. And, yes, they were with a large group of teens who were causing trouble in the park that night but evidence tends to say they were on the periphery of the group… in no way were the leaders or quite possibly even directly involved with the criminal activity that occurred.

And, yet had they not wound up being busted for rape and assault, among other charges, they probably would not had been busted for anything.

Still… Trumpty saw nothing wrong with the five being jailed for a crime they didn’t do. And, which flew against all the logic of the evidence of the scene then, and, eventually now.

Sarah Burns who wrote extensively about The Central Park Five in her book “The Central Park Five: The Untold Story Behind One of New York City’s Most Infamous Crimes”, says this is nothing more than “his racist assumption that all black and brown men must have been or will in the future be criminals.”

And this is the guy some people are seriously thinking about voting for?

Pleaseeee… five innocent men would have been dead and justice would never have been served at all if he had his way.

What’s next… white sheets, torches and hangings at the nearest tree?

Trumpty, Hills & Billy’s willy…

About Trumpty’s attack at Hills through Wee Willy’s acts…

Before I go further… let me state right here and now that I am in no way voting for Hillary Clinton… thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton… or… in any way of supporting her or encouraging anyone else to support her or to vote for her. All I am about to do is to state the truth as I know it and point out one more time that Trump is a dyed in the wool bully and a liar who will try to influence voters in any manner possible to vote for him.trump-bill-affairs

During the second debate, Trumpty finally took aim at Wee Willy Clinton’s own actual and alleged treatment of and the implied disrespect he has for women. Trumpty said, “What he’s done to women… there’s never been anyone in politics that has been as abusive to women… and Hillary Clinton has attacked those same women.”

As for his disrespect or respect for women… that’s a moot point. Its open to each person’s own interpretation of what entails disrespect or respect.

But that statement… Trumpty’s words… at its base… it is a lie. Wee Willy had “relationships” with six women that we know about. Gennifer Flowers; Monica Lewinsky; Dolly Kyle Browning, a childhood friend; Elizabeth Ward, a former Miss America Gracen and Myra Belle Miller a former Miss Arkansas.  Not one of these women have ever said they were abused by Bill Clinton… sexually or otherwise.  All the sex was consensual.

There have been four others who have made allegations that Clinton… as in Bill, that is… made unwanted sexual advances. None have ever been proven or adjudicated by a court of law. Billy boy has always denied these allegations and Hills has never addressed them. When asked to comment she has always declined.bc1

Yes, the fact that at least four women have accused Wee Willy of being, at the minimum, sexually suggestive, or even aggressive, towards them is not real indicative that he is squeaky clean by any means and does imply or suggest something took place with each of the women. Maybe not on a Bill Cosby level… still…

But, the same can be said about Trumpty and his associations with women as well as his public attitudes and words about or with women. That’s not a justification for anything… it’s just a fact.

But… Trumpty, on the other hand, has been caught on tape saying he would like to sexually force himself on a woman and has admitted to saying it too… being aggressive towards women in a sexual manner…. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait… when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, an out and out Trumpty critic, has said… “Hitting on married women? Condoning assault? Such vile degradations demean our wives and daughters and corrupt America’s face to the world.”

liberty-trumpRudy Giuliani… one of his most ardent supporters has stated … on television… his objections to what Trump said on the tape… To a CNN reporter…   “(Those are) horrible remarks (that) you don’t want to hear from anyone, much less a presidential candidate.”

To Fox News… “I don’t think anyone is going to defend his remarks. I’m not here to defend his comments…. His comments were wrong. They were very wrong. Reprehensible…”

And to ABC… “What Trump is describing in that tape is sexual assault.”

As for Hills…

She never ever threatened any one of these women… not that I am aware… and… I have never seen a substantiated claim of her threatening any of the women. Has she ever called them bimbos, narcissistic loons or trailer trash? You bet your sweet ass she has. But, those words ain’t threats. They is name calling.

Monica Lewinsky, when asked if Hillary had ever approached her… confronted her… and called her certain names… said something to the effect of… if, that’s the worst that she (Hillary) did, then I’m lucky…

If, someone wants to, they can try and sue Hillary Billary for slander. No one has ever done that either, as far as I know.


The Thrilling Appeal of IncrementalismBut… forget all of that… let’s jump to the nitty gritty of this bullshit Trump is spewing by bringing Bill Clinton’s sexual conduct… real, imagined or alleged… into the prezidential discussion…

What the fuck do Wee Willy’s sexual dalliances have to do with Hillary anyway? Right from the get go… I have said this all along… if Bill Clinton wants to get his dick wet outside of his marriage then that’s between Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the women he does it with. It ain’t none of my business and it should be none of yours. There are many damn other things Billy boy can be crucified for but I don’t give a goddamn what he does with his nether regions. And, frankly, neither should anyone else as long as there is no abuse involved.

Has Hillary probably enabled the shit out of Bill Clinton and his horny ass self? Most likely.

But, that has nothing to do with whether she is prezidential material…

There are many damn other things she has done that disqualifies her from being the next prez of America… Bill Clinton being a horny ass old bastard is not one of them.

Grandma got run over by the helo…

Recently, a military helo flew and began circling over a residential home in in Amherst (MA). Tim Holcomb, who was having a quiet lunch inside with his sister, heard the loud… thump…thump…thump of the helo rotors and then felt the house vibrating. He went outside to see what was going on. He looked up at the helo and saw two men who were seen in an open door holding some sort of electronic thingamajig.

The helo soon departed from the airspace over the home and ten minutes later several vehicles heloappeared and stopped in front of the home. The Massachusetts National Guard and State Police entered the yard where Tim was and a Statie showed Tim his badge and according to Tim then asked… if he knew that there was a marijuana plant growing on the property?”

Tim says he answered the question with one of his own… “What are you doing here?”

The trooper told Holcomb that if he didn’t request the officers to go get a search warrant and just let them take the “illegal contraband” then there would be no further consequences… aka… no one would be arrested. However, if, he made an issue of things, well… then… maybe it would have to happen differently… aka you might be spending time down at the cop shop until we release you or a lawyer showed up.

Long story short… the cops went into the yard; located the lone 6 foot marijuana plant in the yard; chopped it down and took it away.

The plant belonged to his 81-year-old grandma who was away for the day. She grows the pot to help her sleep and to ease her discomfort from arthritis and glaucoma. Unfortunately, although marijuana use for certain medical conditions is legal in Massachusetts, you do need a doctor’s authorization and medical card that says it’s OK for you to possess the pot. Oh… yes… and, then, that still don’t mean you can cultivate it on your own. You have to go to a dispensary to get your needed dose of pot.

State police spokesman David Procopio confirmed that State Police and National Guard forces were in the Amherst and Northampton area on September 21st seeking yards that were growing pot illegally. He also confirmed a pot plant was found and confiscated from Margaret Holcomb’s home… Margaret is also known as the grandma…. and that plant was one of 44 confiscated that day. Procopio added that “At each location where property owners were home, troopers identified themselves and explained the purpose for the visit, why the plants were being grown illegally, and seized the plants.”

No one was charged with a crime.

Margaret Holcomb Tim Holcomb stand where Margaret's marijuana plant once was...
Margaret Holcomb Tim Holcomb stand where Margaret’s marijuana plant once was…

Grandma… Margaret… is pissed. She says she ain’t “a huge social activist” but that she feels her civil rights were violated and if it comes to it… if she can’t get her medical pot in any other manner… then she will just have to find a way to grow some more somehow.

When this story broke about grandma’s home being raided and that her one lone pot plant got confiscated, the posts poured into one of the reporting newspapers Facebook page… about 100 of them. And almost all 100 of them said stuff like… Ridiculous. Wasteful. Intrusive. Misguided.

The Daily Hampshire Gazette wrote “That process is nonetheless alarming, since it asks people to trade fundamental rights for relief from criminal consequences.” In other words… if, a person refuses the Staties admission to their yard and they have to go get a warrant, then shit could happen to the person’s ass. But, if, they relinquish their right and allow them to come and do a search and seizure… then all will be good.

That is to say that this time that’s the way it may go down… but… down the road …. is that the way it is gonna always occur? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless. It’s not a damn good precedent to go around setting. Ya’ll know the saying… give ‘em an inch; they take a yard.  By the same reasoning… give up a right; they may take them all.

Other folks pointed out… the Staties, as well as the National Guard, are wasting tax payer’s money… and… although the funding for the searches comes from the Feds.. the time spent on these “frivolous” searches could be time spent fighting real crime. Like maybe hard core drug traffickers… or murderers… or rapists… or thieves…

Others saw the heavy handedness of using military copters and armed soldiers… even if they are National Guardsmen… as kind of asinine and a useless use of public resources.

Grandma said, “It’s ridiculous. This is not what happens in a democratic society. We don’t have people flying over us and watching us, then coming and invading our property. It’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment and not speaking out would be a violation of the First Amendment, as far as I’m concerned.”

Grandson Tim said that it was “…a clear violation of my mother’s rights to privacy.” The home and property where this all took place was his moms.

And mom said… “it smacks of police state and fascism.”legalize_marijuana_infographic-600x580

Grandma also said… “I’ve grown marijuana for many years… one plant. I don’t sell it. I don’t talk about it. Some people drink wine at night, occasionally I’ll have a little smoke. I’ve kept my glaucoma at bay smoking this wonderful, healthful, vital plant.”

First… Marijuana (and all its derivatives) needs to be removed as a Schedule I drug as it is presently under the Controlled Substances Act, alongside drugs like heroin and LSD. While other, highly addictive substances… including oxycodone and methamphetamine… are regulated differently under Schedule II of the law. Having said that… I need to add…  the government is an ass…as is the DEA… and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)…

legal-and-rightFrom an August 2016 NPR piece… “Drug Enforcement Administration chief Chuck Rosenberg gave ‘enormous weight’ to conclusions by the Food and Drug Administration that marijuana has ‘no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States,’ and by some measures, it remains highly vulnerable to abuse as the most commonly used illicit drug across the nation. This decision isn’t based on danger. This decision is based on whether marijuana, as determined by the FDA, is a safe and effective medicine and it’s not.”

The laws governing marijuana on the federal level, and also within most states are arcane and draconian at best.

Changing marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug to a Schedule 2 drug is a start… but… ultimately… we need to finally legalize marijuana, or, if not legalize it, then stop harassing people who grow one or two plants for personal consumption. Especially, if it’s being used to combat the ill effects of some personal problem… physiological or psychological or both. Marijuana is not a deadly drug. It is not heroin. It is not even as bad as alcohol in my opinion.

Let me ask… Would you feel safer knowing every drunken fool was getting into his vehicle and trying to drive his ass home after getting a snoutful or would you feel safer knowing some person was smoking pot and then tried to drive his ass home?

Me? I’ll pick the pothead every damn time.

And… second…  I saw this on Facebook…


One more time… it’s time to put the propaganda to bed and just legalize the damn stuff and let people use it for whatever reason they need it. At the least… if, a person has some sort of malady and using pot… or a derivative… can help ease the pain or discomfort pf that malady, then, please, don’t make them jump through hoops… don’t fuck with them. Allow them the use of a substance that will help them the most with a minimum of negative side effects.

I figure that using pot to help someone deal with pain, or other problematic situation, is a lot better than having them hooked on pharmaceuticals like Demerol, dilaudid or oxycodone.

Freedom of Speech?

No. 16 Arkansas’s lost to No. 1 Alabama by a 49-30 score. There were a lot of unhappy folks at Frank Broyles Field at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium but one fan in particular made it known how unhappy he was… loudly and brazenly. As the Razorbacks’ head coach Bret Bielema walked off the filed the fan shouted out… “If I had your record, I’d be fucking fired. Fuck you.”handcuff_r600x400

Stadium cops approached the fan and reports say a “discussion” ensued between them and the fan.

The fan got handcuffed and escorted out of the stadium and ultimately was busted… according to the official police report… because of public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

university-of-arkansas-professor-jail-logHe happened to be Dr. Lawton Lanier Nalley, an associate professor who specializes in agricultural economics and agribusiness.

Wanna bet this, at the worst, gets thrown out of court with a stern lecture from the judge when all is said and done?


Why the fuck was he arrested in the first place? Did he threaten the coach (or anyone else) in any way? I thought swearing was a part of a protected right of free speech?

Sounds to me like the cops overreacted… again.

True peace…

I wanna make a statement… a point of fact… a bunch of points of facts, in fact.

I support Colin Kaepernick and what he is doing… why he embarked… on his protestations. It is a protest against injustice and not against the men and women of the military.home1

All the people who keep posting them videos of men and women… but mostly men… in uniform being greeted with amazing emotional ladened scenes by family members… a lot of children. And, with the flag waving in the background… and, maybe, even some so-called patriotic martial type music… but, usually just the flag…

It ain’t about them in any way shape of form. The protest… it really is not about them. I support those men and women. As does Kaepernick.soldiers-surprise

I hate that they have to be overseas in some of the most perilous and morbid situations that there are and that involve all sorts of shit that no one should ever have to witness or be a part of. I hate that we… America… participate in the many wars they we presently do and believes we need to send our people into those zones where war… hell itself… is being waged.  Plainly speaking… war… is… despicable. And, in my heart of hearts… rarely justifiable.

But the protest? It was never about them. And, it was never about disrespecting or respecting them.

It was always about our society not confronting the evil that is done under the guise of protecting our rights… of promoting the general good of the people. It was a stand and protest against injustice in all its forms.

Sorry to say… the propaganda tool of government and the power elite is very, very, very damn good. It sucks us all in. Yeah, even me, at times… I ain’t immune.

So post away… all them videos. It’s your damn right. Your right to your opinion. And, maybe, you may believe it’s a reverse protest against people like Kaepernick…true-peace

But… ya know what?

It ain’t. Because… he never did not support our men and women in the service… he never did not care that they should be with their families… he never did not care that they should be the people they were meant to be… he never did not care that sometimes they didn’t come back…

… he just cared and wanted that every damn person… every single one of us in America… regardless of their ethnicity… or color of skin… to have that same damn opportunity.

… and… so do I

Another thousand words…


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