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Whats up wrestling fans, welcome to another countdown, where I give you my top 7 of random wrestling thoughts. As always, these are my opinions and my opinions alone, and for the most part, you are welcome to disagree with me. I challenge you to leave a comment, and let me know what you think of the countdown. This week I will countdown the top 7 WCW wrestlers that had massive success in the WWE. These particular wrestlers wrestled for the WCW/NWA before finding themselves after jumping ship to the WWE.


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This week, James asks about the British Bulldog.

Was the whole purpose of the British Bulldog winning the Intercontinental title? It was such a big deal when he won it, but only held it for a couple months.

There were two reasons really why they had Bret drop the championship to the British Bulldog. The first reason was because Summerslam 92 was held in the Bulldog’s home country, and it was the first time the Intercontinental Championship was defended in the main event of a major pay per view event exclusively. With it being in London, the WWE really had no choice but to have the Bulldog walk out of Wembley Stadium with the championship. It also made Bret look good in going out in defeat but in baby face fashion. Which brings me to reason number 2. They wanted to get the Intercontinental belt off of Bret to transition him into the main event scene. It was decided around this time, that Bret Hart was going to be their next top guy in the business, as they felt the Ultimate Warrior was not going to work out. They had Savage drop the belt to Flair. Flair then held the belt for just over a month before Bret defeated him to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. As for the Bulldog only getting a short run, well, they wanted to pull the trigger withe Shawn Michaels as soon as possible as he was getting over as one of the top heels in the company.



This weeks heel turn takes us back to 1998, Superbrawl. Scott Steiner turns on his brother Rick Steiner and joins the NWO. Rick and Scott Steiner were one of the most famed teams in the world of professional wrestling. They held multiple championships all over the world, and at one time they simultaneously held the WCW World, United States, and IWGP Tag Team Championships. During the course of 1998, Scott was acting very strangely, as he was winning matches on his own, and not wanting to tag in his brother. He seemed as if he wanted to go out on his own to start a singles career. Things seemed to turn around for Rick and Scott, as they won the WCW World Tag Team Championships against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. In February of 98, they met in a rematch for the championship. As they did in typical Steiner fashion, Rick ran around the ring, and slid under Scott’s legs. When this occured, they would stare down their opponents. This time, Scott nailed his brother in the back, and cost them the WCW Tag Team Championships. Scott then would join the NWO, turning his back on the fans, and his brother. Scott would go on to win the WCW World Television, United States, and the WCW World Championship on multiple occasions.


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Before we get started with the countdown, here are some honorable mentions.

Sid Vicious- Before having some success in WWE in the early to mid 1990’s, Sid Vicious was involved in some main storylines along side the Four Horsemen in WCW. He even main evented Halloween Havoc, when he faced off against Sting for the WCW World title. He went to the WWE in 1991, and was the runner up in the 1992 Royal Rumble, ended up Main eventing Wrestlemania 8 with Hulk Hogan, and even became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on two occasions in the mid 90’s, defeating both Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart to win the title.

Chris Benoit- Chris Benoit is known now for the tragic incident that took his life and the life of his family. In the mid 90’s, Benoit had a nice career with the WCW, also as a member of the Four Horsemen. He won the WCW Television title, and the United States title. He had a one day run with the WCW World title, but essentially dropped it, when he left for the WWE. When he arrived in the WWE, he had immediate success, winning the Intercontinental Championship. And then his career escalated when he won the Royal Rumble, followed by a WWE Championship run, as he main evented Wrestlemania XX, and defeated Shawn Michaels, and Triple H to become the champion.

Eddie Guerrero- Eddie Guerrero was a dominant Cruiserweight when he was with the WCW. He was a multiple time Crusierweight champion, and also won the United State championship early in his career. When he jumped to the WWE in 1999, he achieved his greatest accomplishment by defeating Brock Lesnar to win his first and only World Heavyweight Championship. Eddie was set for even better things, and likely another championship run before his untimely death.

Chris Jericho- Chris Jericho had a lot of success with WCW as he was the Cruiserweight Champion, the Television Champion and was involved in many main storylines. When he left WCW for the WWE, he instantly started a showdown with the Rock. And later that year became the Intercontinental Champion. He went on to win the WWE Championship on five occasions.

7. The Big Show- Remember when the Big Show made his debut in 1999 at St Valentines Day Massacre? Well prior to that he was in WCW known as the Giant, where he was one of the most un-recognized WCW World Champions that the company has ever seen. He won the championship on two occasions, and also won the WCW Tag Team Championship. Like many wrestlers in WCW, the Big Show simply was not booked right, and when he went to the WWE, he had a very nice career, that is still going today.

6. Dustin Rhodes- Before his tenure with Goldust, Dustin Rhodes was in the WCW until around 1994, where he was a United States Champion, as well as a Tag team champion. He also met his wife Terri Runnels while he was in WCW. After a fall out with his father, Dusty Rhodes. Dustin left WCW, and became Goldust, where he still had some success today.

5. Kevin Nash- In 1994, the WWE and Shawn Michaels debuted Big Daddy Cool Diesel. In the WWE he won the WWE Championship in a record time that still is around today when he beat Bob Backlund. Before he became Diesel however, Nash was in the WCW as he was known for multiple gimmicks. He was Master Blaster Steele, Oz, and Vinnie Vegas. Nash asked for his release before coming over to Vince McMahon, a move that ultimately got him into the WWE Hall of Fame.

4. Scott Hall- Who can forget the Bad Guy, Razor Ramon. A four time Intercontinental Champion in the WWE. Many also know him as Scott Hall when he was with Hogan and Nash in the NWO. Before all of this however, Scott Hall wrestled for the NWA as a simple mid carder, then got his fame in WCW as he was known as The Diamond Studd, managed by Diamond Dallas Page. The gimmick was successful, and Vince convinced him to jump over to the WWE, where he maintained the same style of gimmick with Razor.

3. The Undertaker- Probably the most recognized wrestler in all of sports entertainment. The Undertaker made his WWE debut at the Survivor Series 1990, as part of Ted Dibiase’s Million Dollar Team. He was an instant success, striking fear with all the wrestlers, and fans. Before this, he was in WCW competing as Mean Mark Callous, where he was managed by Paul E Dangerously. He was also a member of the Skyscrapers along side Sid Vicious, and Danny Spivey. The move to the WWE played a huge role in his career, as he is easily the most decorated wrestler today.

2. Triple H- We all the know the success that Triple H has had in the WWE. Now essentially running the company. He started in 1995 as Hunter Hearst Helmsley where he was a British style wrestler where he stuck his nose up to anyone paying attention. Before this, he was in the WCW known as Terra Ryzing, as well as Jean Paul Laveque. He made only one pay per view appearance, losing to Alex Wright at Starrcade 94. Who would have known that this man would one day be the future leader of the WWE?

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin- The Rattlesnake has been one of the most notorious wrestlers in the WWE, as he has been a multiple time WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Tag Team Champion. He had one of the biggest feuds of all time when he was against Vince McMahon. To this day, Austin is one of the top 5 wrestlers of all time in the WWE. Before all this took place, he was involved with WCW where he was known as Stunning Steve Austin. He had a lot of success as he was the World Television Champion, The United States Champion, and was a tag team champion. Austin was bound for greatness, until injury sidelined him, and ultimately was fired from the WCW by Eric Bischoff. He had such anomosity towards Bischoff, Paul Heyman allowed him to be himself when he went to ECW, this caught the eye of Vince McMahon, and history was made.




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