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Wrestling Roundtable time all you wrestling fans. Friday is always a great time of the week. For most of you it is the end of a work week, for some it may be a three day weekend. However, the majority of you look forward to Friday because our elite group of panelists educate your mind on the latest in the world of professional wrestling!! This week, No Mercy is this Sunday, and we, as always give you our bold predictions for the event. Who will win? Will John Cena make history and become the 16 time WWE Champion? All this and much more!!


1.Kevin Owens- Can anyone stop Owens? He is riding a hot streak and he does not appear to be ready to relinquish his title.

2.AJ Styles- The WWE Champion is set to defend his championship in a triple threat match. Can he overcome both Cena and Ambrose to keep the title?

3.Seth Rollins- Despite injury, Seth Rollins seems more determined than ever to capture the Universal title from Kevin Owens.

4.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic wants his title back, will he be successful this Sunday at No Mercy?

5.Sasha Banks- The new WWE Womens Champion doesnt have any plans to give her title back anytime soon.



1985 – NWA World Champion Ric Flair vs. AWA World Champion Rick Martel in a title vs. title match on an All Japan card in Tokyo ends in a double countout.

1997- Brian Pillman is found dead in his hotel room before a scheduled pay per view appearance. The next night on Raw, the WWE Superstars held a ten bell salute in honor of Pillman.

1997- The first ever Hell in a Cell took place between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.  Michaels won the match after outside interference by Kane, who also made his WWE debut.


And here are the questions this week.


What are your bold predictions for No Mercy this Sunday?

Steve: AJ Styles will retain the championship, and I think we will see the start of a feud between Ambrose and Cena. I think the Miz will retain and we will see the last of Dolph Ziggler. Becky Lynch should retain her title, I cannot see any way that Alexa Bliss wins the womens title. I think James Ellsworth will make his pay per view debut, and will make history.

Todd: I am gonna start off with the world title match. At first I didn’t think Cena was gonna win his 16th title at No Mercy. After watching Smackdown and giving it some thought, I think he will win it at the expense of A.J. Styles (former TNA Guy). Becky Lynch retains. Usos become 3 time tag team champions and Heath Slater gets his double wide repoed. Dolph Ziggler vs the Miz will finish in a no contest. I heard through my sources that Zigglers contract does not expire until sometime next year. He will leave for a while and then return with a new Gimmick, therefore he cannot lose this match but he will not win the title. the only other option it that The Miz gets disqualified.

Jim: Honestly, the only reason I’m watching this Sunday is because of Ziggler.  So my bold prediction is Ziggler is the new Intercontinental Champion. Becky Lynch against Wastea Bliss?  ZZZZ.  Tag team match?  ZZZZZZZ.  Any Bray Wyatt match?  ZZZZZZ.  Nikki Bella…vs…oh who cares.  I’ll watch Nikki Bella eat soup.  They say Curt Hawkins is coming back.  OK.  We’ll see what that means.  If it’s some throwaway match, who cares?  And finally, YET ANOTHER 3-way championship match.  I’m so over them.  It proves again what I say…..the creative team of the WWE is three monkeys and two typewriters.  There’s just no original ideas anymore.

Chad: Styles will #BeatupJohnCena and deny him his 16th World Title and also Dean AMbrose at his opportunity to reclaim the Gold. Usos Win. Lynch wins. In my upset pick I’m going with a Bray Wyatt win at No Mercy. But my Boldest perdiction is that the Miz defeats Dolph Ziggler for the IC belt I really think bringing back half of the Spirit Squad was meant to bring the career full circle.

Tyler: AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose vs John Cena…AJ retains, Ambrose and Cena continue their feud.

Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss…Becky wins her first defense.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs the Usos…Usos win to start program with American Alpha

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler…Since the deck is stacked again him, Dolph gets the feel-good win.

Orton vs Wyatt.. *sigh*  If there’s any justice in the world, Bray gets a much needed win.  But they’ll probably give it to Orton.

Carmella vs Nikki Bella…Carmella needs to win to legitimize her heel character, but I’m not sure she’s there yet.  Nikki wins this one but look for something to occur after the match to continue the feud.

Curt Hawkins vs James Ellsworth…battle of the jobbers, but it’d be funny if Ellsworth gets the win.



What is your favorite WWE Original on the WWE Network?

Steve: My favorite probably is either WWE 24, or Table of Three. I love watching the wrestlers just sit back and be themselves for just a short period of time.

Todd: Swerved is my favorite. Some of the practical jokes these guys come up with is hilarious, of course some of them are so stupid that they are hilarious.

Jim: Superstar Ink!  I’m a tattoo fanatic, so anything tattoo related has my attention.

Chad: Honestly, I liked Breaking Ground it gave different look at the training center and focused on the people who are on the Main Roster now so it’s cool to make that connection.

Tyler: Don’t have the Network, so don’t have one.



Roderick Strong, a former Ring of Honor talent has signed with the WWE.  What kind of success, if any will he have in the WWE?

Steve: I love the pick up by the WWE as it pertains to Roderick Strong. I think he has absolutely amazing potential. The problem is this. He is going to go from a big fish in a small pond, into a small fish in a big pond. Simply put, he is going to get lost in the mix in the WWE, and I don’t thing we will see too much success from him as I don’t think he will be booked properly.

Todd: It all depends on how WWE uses him. He and Jay Lethal had some amazing matches in Ring of Honor. I think if he is put in the right situation he can have some success in the WWe because he is very talented.

Jim: He’s 5′ 10″ and claims to be 212 pounds, which is bulls**t.  He’s about 190.  Who is he going to wrestle?  The women?  The WWE doesn’t need anymore little guys, since they blew the chance for a great cruiserweight division.  So Roderick Strong?  Who cares?

Chad: He has to be in the Cruiserweight picture to start off with or possibly the NXT title hunt but I do have to agree the WWE has been signing a lot of the same size talent; I just worry he will become just another guy.

Tyler: He’ll have great success in NXT, but I’m afraid that once he hits main roster, he’ll be mishandled because he doesn’t have the WWE “look”.



The WWE is apparently close to purchasing TNA, mainly for their video library. Is this good for wrestling if they purchase and then disband TNA?

Steve: I don’t think it means anything for wrestling in general because no one really watches TNA. I think it gives Vince an upper hand when it comes to wrestler contracts. The wrestlers now will have zero leverage as there really is not one other place to go, unless they go to Ring of Honor for substantially less money. It is good business for Vince, but the wrestlers probably hate it.

Todd: Well, I heard through the grapevine this could be bad if TNa goes out of business because that would be one less place WWe could pull talent from. My opinion is really? how much talent does TNA really have left. WWE has A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, there are rumors they also signed Eric young. They may have a handful of talent left that could even make the NXT Roster. Lets face it TNA is worthless.

Jim: Nobody cares about TNA anyway, but at least they try something different.  Purchasing it and disbanding it?  Terrible idea. Purchasing it and using it as yet another avenue for product?  Great idea.  Pissing off Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow?  BRILLIANT!

Chad: I think that there are pieces WWE could use on it’s product especially with 2 brands. I almost think you could merge with NXT to create a split brand developmental using the Performance Center as home base. Early reports indicating that TNA is making changes in its’ direction from BOund for Glory. We’ll see where it goes now that it can continue at this point.

Tyler: As much as I’ve joked in the past that I’d rather have ROH have half TNA’s roster and all of their production budget, I’d hate to see TNA go without something else taking it’s place.  The wrestling industry needs more competition not less.


It is rumored that at this year’s Hell in a Cell, that we may see the Women’s Championship defended inside Hell in a Cell with Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Do you have any desire to see these two inside a cell?

Steve: It is something different, and I will definitely watch with anticipation to see what happens. I could see this being once again a show stealer, as these two can really go. I don’t think we will see much as far as hardcore stuff going on here, but it will be neat to see two of the best female wrestlers in the business inside a massive structure like Hell in a Cell.

Todd: I think it would be a good match and another way to put the women on the map. As far as Charlotte and Banks not too excite it is those two. I don’t think they have as good of chemistry in the ring as Bayley and Banks. They tore the house down twice in 2015. It will be an interesting match to actually see 2 women in the steal structure though.

Jim: Hell in a Cell results in blood.  Women should NEVER bleed in the ring.  EVER.  And if they’re not going to bleed, there’s no reason for the cell.  So no, I have no desire to see them in one.

Chad: With the Divas Revolution happening over a year it’s bound to happen, I wish it would be the 4 Horsewomen of NXT (Charlotte, Bayley, Banks, and Becky) going for the gold; but beggers can’t be choosers.

Tyler: Absolutely.  They’ve shown that they can put on big matches in the past, I’d be very interested to see what they can do in the Cell.

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