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Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. It’s the 7th of October, we have nice fall weather here in the Northeast, and there is a monster of a storm battering the Southeast. Hurricane Matthew is no joke. The hurricane battered the Caribbean, and has left hundreds dead in Haiti. After tearing through the Bahamas, the Hurricane has its sights on Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. Hopefully people stay safe and stay away from the storm, if possible.

My apologies on missing last week. Sometimes, I just have no clue what I want to blog about and instead of half-assing it through another week, I just decide to skip the week altogether. That to makes more sense instead of posting for the sake of posting, but I’m back this week though.

clinton-trump-debateI still have the same problem I had last week though. I have nothing I really want to write about. I’ve thought about blogging my thoughts about the first Presidential debate, and the Vice Presidential debate, but that subject has been beaten to death in all four corners of the internet. Plus, my political views are pretty clear. I’m not with her, but I am going to vote for her. That her is Hillary Clinton. She might be ultra-rehearsed and she may come across as disingenuous, but she is the most prepared candidate out there. She’s the only one out there who is presidential. I do not like her, but I would be doing a great disservice to myself, by not admitting that.

As far as the Vice Presidential debate, I will give a tip of the cap to Mike Pence. Donald Trump’s Vice President Choice acquitted himself well. He did not defend Trump, which I admit was a smart move, and he came off condescending at times, but he looked rather Presidential. I would not vote for him but I would not be surprised if he threw his hat in the ring for 2020, or 2024. I would not be surprised at all. With that said, I liked the fieriness of Tim Kaine, but I felt Hillary Clinton’s choice interrupted far too much to be effective. Kaine talked over Pence, the moderator, and at times his own self (which I did not think was possible). If Pence looked Presidential, Kaine looked the complete opposite to me.

I could say more, but what is the point? We have heard so much about the Election of 2016, I would not blame you if you had a sense of apathy right about now. It’s almost over. Just one more month, and then we can turn our attentions to 2020. I’m serious. I swear our election cycles start the second one ends. It is never ending, but at least this cycle will end soon. Thank goodness.

Moving on, I have to ask myself why is Colin Kaepernick not playing for the San Francisco 49ers? Is it stubbornness on the behalf of the coach, management or is Colin just not good enough anymore? I ask this question because if you have watched San Francisco play this season, you will see a terrible team that is in need of an infusion. Blaine Gabbert has not been a bad quarterback for the team, but he is not the answer at all.

colinThe Niners need a spark, and why not turn to the quarterback who took them to the Super Bowl not too long ago. Especially for a head coach that runs a shotgun system that utilizes a quarterback that can make plays with his feet. Kaepernick should be playing, and the fact that he is not makes little sense to me. It possibly could not be because of his views. It cannot be. His team has rallied around him. Colin is clearly loved by his team, and his guys have rallied to him. Look at the 49er sideline before the game. They hug him, they approach him, and he is their leader. So if it is head coach Chip Kelly, or if it’s management, then they need to drop their opposition and turn to the guy that could possible save their season. They are 1-4. It’s getting late, but it’s not late yet. What do you have to lose?

I’m sitting here wearing a Hillman College sweatshirt, a nod to Bill Cosby’s series A Different World, and listening to Solange’s A Seat At The Table album. Solange, in most parts known as Beyoncé’s little sister, made a beautiful piece of work in A Seat At The Table. She might cringe at me saying this, but I feel like this album could be a soundtrack to the Black Lives Matter. There’s an inherit sense of “Blackness” in this music. A sense of sadness, anger, and awareness is spun together in just under an hour.

The album has 21 tracks, but my favorite one of them all is Mad. Mad is track 6, but just before is an interlude from Solange’s father, Matthew Knowles, as he describes his experiences growing up in a period of integration. He describes his anger at all of the things he had to go through just to get an education. In Mad, Solange argues that you have the right to be mad. You have the right to be mad at everything you see and face in your day to day. You should let it go, but you should not be told to let it go. No one should tell you, that you should not be mad.

I applaud it. I will always be in favor of people taking the spirit of what is going on in the World and making it constructive. Making it into a learning experience. You can make art out this. I’m in favor of anything that will reach people, in a positive manner. So thank you Solange for taking the spirit of the times and turning it into art.

kid-cudiFinally, sticking with the music world I would like to show love to one of my favorite artists, Kid Cudi. This week Kid Cudi, birth name Scott Mescudi, checked himself into rehab. Cudi has long fought depression and anxiety and that was something you would hear in his music. His songs were often dark, but there was something in it that would pick up your own spirits. Cudi would help you when you were going through your dark times, even when he was going through his own.

Case in point: when my mother was hospitalized last year, I turned to Cudi when I wanted to be alone. After leaving the hospital one night I just wanted to be alone and drive, and I did and for an hour I listened to his song Love on repeat. The entire time I listened to one song. Over and over. The hook of the song starts off with the words “don’t be so down, c’mon young homie, you’ll be okay…”There’s more to the hook, obviously but hearing those words over and over again, especially at a time where I felt lost to be honest (such as the bond I have with my Mom) really helped me.

Since he helped me, I’m proud of him to admit he needs help. It’s hard for men to admit depression. It’s doubly hard for men of color. We’re told to pray. We’re told to get over it. We’re told we are just in a bad mood, but depression is a real thing. It’s a serious thing and it is okay to admit that you are not okay.

I’m done. Thank you for reading and supporting all we do here at 7Poundbag.


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