Pounding 7’s

October 31, 2016 Stephan 0

Hey there wrestling fanatics, and I welcome you back to another countdown of Pounding 7’s. This week is my special Halloween episode of Pounding 7’s and I will countdown the top 7 costumes in wrestling […]


Wrestling Roundtable

October 28, 2016 Stephan 0

Hello again wrestling fans and welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. Will the third time be a charm for Seth Rollins in his quest for the Universal Championship? Or will Kevin Owens retain once […]


NFL Week VIII Picks

October 27, 2016 David Snipes 0

Steve actually got the Jets. I guess he’s a Geno Fan. Must be why he’s still in first place.David was the only one to get Miami, and moved up to fourth. We had several pickers […]


NBA RoundTable

October 26, 2016 Todd 0

Welcome NBA fans to another season of basketball. as the 2016-17 season kicked off last night there were 3 games on the slate including the defending Champion Cleveland Cavaliers. This week, what are your thoughts […]

Movies / TV

Movie Review: Dracula (1979)

October 24, 2016 David Snipes 0

I’m only watching this one because it’s got Laurence Olivier  in it, and I feel like I need to get a Dracula movie in for this Halloween and the only other (color) option I have […]


Pounding 7’s

October 24, 2016 Stephan 0

And hello once again all you wrestling fanatics, and welcome to another countdown of Pounding 7’s. This week I give you the Top 7 technical wrestlers of all time. As always I have to read […]

Other Sports

Jim’s All-In Volume XXVI

October 22, 2016 David Snipes 0

I got a call last Thursday from a friend who was in Las Vegas, asking me to fly out for the weekend. He had a room, and food is cheap (and booze is free), so […]