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Wrestling fans welcome once again to the Wrestling Roundtable. Clash of the Champions is behind us, and we will give you our takeaways from the event. Also, Which wrestler “would” have made a great member of the Four Horsmen? All this and much more!!



1.Kevin Owens- The Universal Champion was successful in his title defense against Seth Rollins at Clash of the Champions.

2.AJ Styles- The WWE World Champion is still riding the hot streak, but is he in for a rude awakening at No Mercy?

3.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic is hungry to regain his WWE Championship at No Mercy

4.Seth Rollins- What is next for Seth Rollins, will he still be in the championship picture?

5.Roman Reigns- The new United States Champion has championship gold once again, however Rusev wants his belt back.



1965- Bruno Sammartino’s WWWF title belt was stolen out of a locked car in New York City while Sammartino was eating in a restaurant following an event in Madison Square Garden.  The belt is never recovered.

1985- Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage square off for the first time ever in Philadelphia.

1986- The NWA crowned their first ever United States Tag Team Champions, Ivan Koloff and Krusher Kruschev


And here are the questions this week


What are your thoughts on Clash of the Champions?

Steve: It was alright, I mean nothing really exciting happened. I thought the Reigns vs Rusev match was probably the highlight of the night. Im glad they put the US title on Reigns. The tag title match was less than impressive. The Main event was decent, but could have been better. The women tore the house down, which is what I expected. And we got no resolution on Sheamus vs Cesaro, other than it appears that they are now a tag team. Ummm….okay, I guess I am willing to see where this played out. Wasnt a bad show, but definitely could have been better.

Chad: I’d say about a C+ There wasn’t anything too memorable also may have something to do with the fact the my stream was questionable at best. It was a decent night with Cesaro/Sheamus probably getting match of the night. I was disappointed given that this was the debut of a Raw exclusive show

Christa: Overall, it was pretty predictable and needed more excitement. Clash of Champions were only two belts changed hands. I’m so incredibly tired of seeing interferences in title matches. I know that it’s the formula for building storylines but, SERIOUSLY, let ONE person win and ONE person fall on his face.

Jim: Is ZZZZZZZZZZ a valid answer?  There were no surprises, no real upsets.  I’m always glad when belts change hands, but does Kevin Owens really need Jericho to interfere for him to win a belt?  What does that say about Owens?  Can anyone get on his bandwagon when he needs someone else to help him win his matches?

Todd: It was alright. The Shemaus-Cesaro match outcome was stupid. There should have been a clear winner. WWE continues tarnish Kevin Owens title reign as he has had help both times. The womens triple threat match stole the show.

Tyler: The right people retained, for the most part.  While I would have liked to see Sasha win the Women’s title, it makes sense for Bayley to have taken the pin, as they need to build up her ‘plucky underdog’ persona again for the Raw audience, and Charlotte is doing fantastic with her current heel run, even better than her NXT heel run.  On the other hand, The Club gets jobbed out *again*, and there’s not been any other heel team that’s been built up as a contender, so there is a risk of The New Day’s run as champs getting state, if it hasn’t reached that point already.



Which wrestler, past or present, would have made a great member of the Four Horsemen?

Steve: Because he is one of the most arrogant wrestlers today, I would have to say AJ Styles. He brings the right build, the right skillset, he has decent mic skills, and has the right attitude to fit in perfectly with what the Four Horsemen demonstrated. AJ, could be the Tully Blanchard of the group in my opinion.

Chad: AJ Styles would have made a great Horseman he can deliver on the mic and in the ring; I would see him being a super athletic version of Tully Blanchard.

Christa: Dean Ambrose would have been a great member of the Four Horsemen. He doesn’t care about authority and has a very memorable ring presence.

Jim: Randy Orton.  He has the perfect presence and persona to pull off being a part of the greatest team in wrestling history.


Todd: I would have to say Edge. He was know as the ultimate opportunist. He would have made a great horseman.

Tyler: Taking this one from the indies, Ethan Page.  Great talker, good worker, knows how to interact with the crowd be it heel or face.  He could easily be groomed to be the next generation of Horseman.



Agree or Disagree: So far the Cruiserweights have been impressive?

Steve:  I strongly disagree with this. They have not shown me that they are getting over with the fans. If you happened to DVR Raw this past Monday night, after they returned from commercial break during TJ Perkins’ match, the crowd was so into the match that they started chanting for Harambe. For those who do not know who Harambe is, he was the gorilla that was shot and killed in Cincinnati back in March when a child climbed into the cage. Later in the match, they started chanting CM Punk. This was probably more noticeable. However, the match was bad, and probably because many of the Cruiserweights have adapted to a ground style type move set. People don’t want to see this, and so far this division has been a complete flop.

Chad: Cedric Alexander has impressed but beyond that trying to gauge the Brian Kendrick character is difficult. It’s only been a couple of weeks some of the competitors may need some time to get used to WWE.

Christa: Disagree! So incredibly boring!! To give it a fair chance, we did watch the Clash of Champions match but fast-forward through the Cruiseweight match on RAW.

Jim: DISAGREE.  Listen, I’m happier than most about the cruiserweights.  But the thing is, cruiserweights are supposed to be different.  Not just smaller versions of the big guys pulling off the same moves.  Think Rey Mysterio.  That’s a cruiserweight.  Brian Kendrick s is just another wrestler.

Todd: I disagree only because they are going to add storylines to the cruiserweight division. If they just let them go out and wrestle these guys have potential to go out and steal the show every single night. That is if they put the right guys in the ring. come on Brian kendrick was the wrong guy to put up against T.J. Perkins at the Clash.

Tyler: Disagree judging by the reactions of the Raw audience.  The problem is that for the most part, unless you’ve watched the Cruiserweight Classic, you really don’t know who most of them are.  And without a strong character to latch on to, the Raw audience doesn’t seem to care.  Which is a shame when you have such talent putting on good matches for an indifferent crowd.  Like I’ve said before, it would have been better to put them on Smackdown, as that’s historically been the “wrestling” show of the main two.



Seth Rollins was once again injured on Sunday night at Clash of the Champions, this time his ribs. Was Kevin Owens correct when he said that Seth Rollins was the most dangerous wrestler on the roster?

Steve: Not so sure that he is the most dangerous on the roster, but he is definitely right up there. Rollins, I think has more of the misfortune of bad luck, more so than being reckless. The superstars that were injured by him, probably could have been avoided, had the wrestler been more careful. Sting admitted it was his fault that he was hurt, and Balor turned his body when he got hurt. Rollins broke a rib this time around. This happens in wrestling from time to time. I am certain that it happened more often than you would think back in the days where we did not have the internet. Rollins will be fine, but his move set may need to be looked at and monitored a little more closely.

Chad: Of these incidents in the ring how many can you really pin on Rollins? Busting Cena’s nose…It’s a testament how good these athletes are that things like that don’t happen more ofter. His Blown ACL..He landed and his knee popped…it happens. Sting in an interview took responsibility for his injury. Finn Balor…maybe you can say he shouldn’t do that move on the outside against the barrier. This Rib injury…that gutbuster move probably didn’t go as planned it happens. This is not ballet it’s full contact Pro Wrestling things are going to happen. I think we want someone to blame for it when it really it’s a circumstance of the profession.

Christa: I would agree with Rollins’ dangerous style in the ring but how was this injury his fault? Because he has had a number of injuries in the past? Owens was in the wrong on this one so he can’t blame anyone but himself.

Jim: Rollins didn’t get his feet down in time to take the impact, so he probably broke a rib.  One more glowing example of how Rollins doesn’t know how to wrestle.  Back to school junior.

Todd: I would have to agree with rollins being the most dangerous wrestler in the ring. He injures himself and others. He needs to be careful or he will end up killing someone.

Tyler: Most dangerous, no.  But in general I feel that too many workers in WWE right now are taking unnecessary risks.  How many people need to be doing suicide dives that really shouldn’t be?  When the cruiserweights do it, it makes sense.  But for people like Big E or Cesaro, one missed landing can lead to the end of a career, as Cesaro almost found out during his match at the Clash.



Will Dolph Ziggler’s career end at No Mercy,  or will he walk out as the Intercontinental Champion?

Steve: As much as I think it is time for the Miz to drop the championship. I have heard through the rumor mill, that Dolph Ziggler has not re-signed with the WWE, and may be on his way out of the company. That being said, I think that we may see the last of Ziggler come No Mercy.

Chad: Yes, I think this is his one last push before he’s on his way out. I think he is a guy that can do well in endeavors outside of WWE that do not involve wrestling. He’s had concussions so I think his career ends.

Christa: Ziggler is going to move on from WWE after No Mercy. He has been promoting his side-work (comedy shows, etc) on social media so it appears that he will be moving on from wrestling after this pay-per-view.

Jim: If Ziggler doesn’t win the belt, I’ll eat my hat.  I mean seriously, the show can’t handle losing him, and he’s quitting if he loses (and no matter what my wife thinks, he sucks at stand up comedy)….so he has to win.  Period.

Todd: IDK and IDC. Just as long as the Miz don’t win.

Tyler: At this point, it would make logical sense for him to the get the strap, as you can only drag out ‘he keeps trying but always comes up short’ for so long before it becomes repetitive.  But The Miz has been more entertaining right now than he has been in years, so this may be a good opportunity to repackage Dolph, maybe even using his real name (Nick Nemeth) or a variation of it as part of his new gimmick.

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