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After a while it ain’t ignorance any more… it’s being stupid. And, I am tired of having to see stupid being the master, or mistress, that runs so many people’s lives these days.stupid

Ya wanna be stupid? Fine. Be stupid. But, leave me, and a hell of a lot of other folks, alone. Dwell in your stupidity, if, you so choose. But, be stupid somewhere far, far, far away from all the rest of us. Because life… reality… is hard enough to deal with as it is for those of us who wanna live in a fair and just world.

Take your racism, your hate, your self-righteousness, your negatively, your pomposity, you know it-all-ness and whatever other bullshit ya’ll got and get the fuck outta here. We’ll somehow manage to muddle through it all without you.

Go away and just leave this world alone. Please…

And… speaking of stupidity…

You ain’t the boss of my political mind…

joe1People who are intending to vote for either Jill Stein… or Gary Johnson… or any other possible candidate… are not casting protest votes. We are voting for our choices for the next president of America. We are doing the right thing… voting what our consciences tells us is the right thing to do with our votes.

Got it? Is it now clear? Good. Try and remember it from now on.

We are not babies or children. We are adults. Who, for the most part, know what the hell we are doing. If, change is going to occur in America, in the American government and how America is to be governed, then one of the places it will need to change is in how we vote and who we vote for. If, people never vote for any other choice than the same two water downed choices the oligarchic corporate state offers up, and, then, those same peeps keep right along voting for the same old, same old bullshit…. we will continue to get the same old bullshit in our lives that we been getting all along. Simply… the government will continue to serve the proposes of the corporate America…  Big Oil, Big Finance, Big Pharm, Big Power, Big Oligarchic Masters… and… not the purposes of the people of America.

Again… we all clear on that?jill

Many of ya’ll lecturing us like little uneducated and ignorant kids. And, then, after your lecture, ya keep saying ya’ll want change. That you are tired of the same hackneyed choices. Yet, when choice is presented to ya’ll you either ignore it or say it’s not of any consequence…it offers no real solutions… or… it’s too idealistic, your candidate, if elected, would never get anything done… or some other gobbledygook variation  thereof…

Then ya’ll wonder why after the election is done and over with somehow it all seems like the same old story is being repeated one more time. Ya know what? Stop crying in your beer already will ya? Ya’ll fucked it up once again. Face reality.

Stop it…. all of it… ya’ll don’t know jackshit.  No more lectures on how we should vote… on how we should do our civic duty. And, ya’ll know what?  Just stop being so damn chauvinistic.

reverse-courseBesides, if ya’ll candidates are so damn worth voting for, then why don’t ya’ll start trying touting their merits and convince peeps like me that he/she is worth voting for.

I’m guessing ya’ll can’t. Because the elephant and donkey candidates essentially suck and have little to no merit to begin with.

Maybe what ya’ll should do is go check what other people who have declared their candidacy have to offer and see if it might not be a tad more to your liking than the pablum that is being offered up by the current corporate sponsored double party system.gary2

We are not casting protest votes We are, however, voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson because of the continued lack of real choice we have been offered. We are refusing to accept the continued dominance of the bullshit two party system in America that when “elected” will continue down the well-traveled road of protecting the rights of the rich getting richer while poverty grows ever more dominant in America. The middle class is evaporating, while the legions of those in the economic caste that are labeled the working class are becoming larger than ever and the bushwa American dream of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and working hard are proven to be nothing more than a pipe dream… or… maybe more accurate would be… a nightmare.

Wanna be a cop?

Been seeing more and more video on social media of cops interacting with every day people… especially of with Black people… and it ain’t always pretty. Ya know what’s gonna happen one of these days? What is going to happen some day is people are going to stop just filming and are going to start getting involved… physically involved.cop-case

And, then, it really won’t be very pretty at all. Because, then, all hell will break loose and heads are gonna be cracked and people… on both sides of the conflict… will end up being dead.

Part of the solution to this dangerous and probable situation is that cops need to be retrained on how they should interact with people and how in any potentially dangerous interaction they need to use every tool they have in the tool box to defuse the situation with little to no violence or before reaching for their damn weapon. Problem is their toolboxes usually have a cup of coffee, a doughnut and a gun and some bullets and little else.


Go Google it…what type of training and/or education is needed to become a police officer…

And almost every site you find on the worldwide web is gonna say something like… a high school diploma or an equivalency… some cities require some college study… Memphis wants their office candidates to have 54 credit hours while San Diego wants close to two years.  Once a person is deemed acceptable to be a cop they must go through Police academy training… which can range from about 19 weeks to about 6 months… Memphis usually takes 21 weeks to complete and San Diego’s program lasts six months.

Academy training includes classes in firearms, first aid, criminal law, emergency vehicle operations, defensive tactics, physical fitness and report writing. Patrol, risk assessment and subject apprehension as well as First-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Nowadays, academies also provide some training in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and some form of Criminal Psych.

All to be crammed into about 4 to 6 months.  

Memphis PD Academy training
Memphis PD Academy training

Any serious students studying, or who have studied, to become accomplished in any form of applied psych is fully aware it takes more than just 6 months to know anything at all about how to apply the techniques of proper psychological appraisal of a person in a calm and controlled setting. To try and do that… appraise someone in the real world in an almost impossible, emotional and hectic situation… would be unfathomable on just 6 months of an overall program of training with a few hours a week of some quasi-professional training session thrown into the course work for good measure.

Then there is the probationary period… or “in the field” training each cop must go through… this is where police departments pair new cops with an experienced cop… Memphis PD has newbies under a “Field Training Officer” for a year. The Philly PD’s required field training is 32 weeks followed by another 18 months of on-the-job probation.

Now a person is ready to be a cop. Deal with the word. Taught by other cops with their own prejudices and world weary worn methods for doing “proper police work.”

Educated cops don't beat you as much...
Educated cops don’t beat you as much…

That’s ain’t right and that it gonna solve anything or change anything between cops and every day we the peoples… especially cops and Black every day we the peoples.

Here’s my suggestion… All potential cops need to go through a four year course of study that will include any special training in needed skills to be a cop. And, will also include at least a years’ worth of study in psychology, sociology and whatever other social programs of study is deemed necessary for a cop to prepare to meet the real world. And, he, or she, must maintain at least a “B” average. Nothing less will suffice.

You wouldn’t want a doctor operating on you if ya’ll knew he carried a “C” average through med school would ya’ll? We don’t need cops failing to fully grok what it means to be a peace office in the real world either. The reality today is… or should be… that a cop needs to be more than just a person with a badge and a gun who says “I am cop; hear me roar. Do what I say or you may get fucked up.”

It’s a beginning…

Last Tuesday (9/20) Middletown, Ohio Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw posted on Twitter “As an officer I am so sick and drained of some cops doing things like this. You are making us all look bad. STOP #TerenceCruthcher (sic),”

He later added… “Life is precious man. Sorry we don’t all agree. Compassion and empathy is eternally important. Just sick of seeing death & hate.”

The Ohio police chief was reacting to the fatal shooting of 40-year-old Terence Crutcher. Crutcher’s life was ended when cops came upon him next to his idling SUV in the middle of a street. An investigation ensued and Shelby wound up firing her weapon and caused Crutcher’s death.  A video of the incident shows Crutcher, who was unarmed, with his back to officers and his hands in the air just before he crumples to the ground to his ultimate and tragic demise.

Muterspaw told CBS affiliate WKRC-TV  that he will use the Tulsa shooting as an opportunity to retrain officers on his force.

Not much to add to this… except… it is a beginning. Much more is needed but it damn well is a long overdue beginning. In the end, only through the changing of the culture of police forces all over will emphatic and lasting and necessary change be enacted. And, this must come from the very top of all cop shops all way down through the ranks until the newest of the new probie is reached and understands that this new culture is the way police work will be done… fairly… justly… equally… and… with humanity.

Every picture tells a story…

“Charlotte, N.C. police have released a photo they found on social media that shows Keith Lamont Scott lying on the pavement just after an officer fatally shot the 43-year-old black man. Two police officers hover over Scott as he lies face down on the ground and an apparent firearm… which police circled in red… is lying inches from his feet in the picture. The appearance of gun in the photo would support the police account of the moments that led Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Brentley Vinson to fatally shoot Scott.”gun

What is interesting is that this photo magically appeared on some media site just like that. What’s also interesting is that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Kerr Putney released the photo of Scott and said, “We were lucky enough to find a photo that gives us more context.”

Cops involved… including the chief… said that Scott was brandishing a gun and refused to drop it when ordered and that led to his being shot and killed by cop.


Scott body is blurred in the photo but what is said to be a gun is relatively close to his body.

Now, what is even more interesting is the chief had previously refused to allow any video of the shooting and killing of Scott be shown previously to the photo being shown. Putney said, “Transparency is in the eye of the beholder. If you think I say we should display a victim’s worst day for consumption, that is not the transparency I’m speaking of.”

Police video... no gun visible...
Police video… no gun visible…

The video which had been shown to Scott’s family, their lawyer and certain other community people (and which was eventually released publicly after a huge outcry that had reached national proportions shows Scott getting out of his car in what in a what appears to be a very calm, non-aggressive manner and when cops order him to respond to their orders that his “hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards” and then he was shot and collapses.

He… the top cop… then releases the photo… found by chance…in an effort to be what? Transparent?  Transparently biased in how and when and what evidence is released and how it prejudices opinion in his favor is my guess.

I mean it’s funny… he won’t release the video because it definitively doesn’t show a weapon. Then goes out of his way to say… Oh, by the way someone posted a photo with a gun laying nearby.

Kinda hypocritical?  Not a lot? Right? Fuck…

I’m all for being just and correct but can we do a DNA test on that weapon?

Video frame taken from video taken by Rakeyia-Scott
Video frame taken from video taken by Rakeyia Scott

Interestingly, Scott’s wife showed up as the incident was happening and when the shot was fired she started filming the scene with her cell phone… and if you were to look at a still of her video (see photo right) you can see a cop in a red shirt standing a good three to four feet away from Scott’s dying/dead body and down by his feet… in fact, the cop looks as if he might be standing on it… near the inside of his left foot… is what seems to be a gun. Funny… that cop never noticed that weapon just sitting there? Some folks have even suggested… after looking at this video… that it appears as if the cop’s foot is actually dragging the object/gun towards Scott.

Hmmm and double hmmm….

This entire scenario has just a real smarmy, sneakyass, bullshit kind feeling about it.

Sorry…  just the way I am reading this entire ordeal.

If, justice is to be served and the truth is to be found in Scott’s death, then the DOJ needs to sweep in and just sequester all the evidence… immediately tell everyone shut the fuck up… and start from ground zero and do not leave any stone unturned.

White privilege defined…

I saw this recently on Facebook…

A friend posted this today. Her friend’s husband’s gave this as an answer to their son’s question about HOW he could have possibly been born with “privilege”

I offer this up as a perfect response to those folks who simply don’t understand the concept.

“Every God-given right you have was predicated on the fact that you were born a white, straight, male. Everyone else has had to have laws passed to protect those rights you enjoy. Even the most basic right not to be owned required a constitutional amendment. That is your privilege. Your responsibility is to make sure that we keep passing those laws until everyone else enjoys your rights.”

This is not only a most perfect answer to that question, but it is also beautifully said. Feel free to pass it around.

Of course, a debate ensued about the “perfect” answer. Because, of course, everyone… including myself … given enough time to think things through, will always find a way to punch a hole in the fabric of perfection.privlege

But… I really don’t have a huge problem with this definition of white privilege. In fact, I think it nails the idea of what white privilege is directly on the old proverbial little metallic head. We who call ourselves white in this world, or at the minimum appear white, usually are treated much differently than others in this society. We didn’t need a special law… the Civil Rights Act for instance. It is a given that most times if we do something out of the ordinary and have an interaction with a cop it will usually… probably 90%… end with the cop saying “Just be more careful from now on. Have a nice day.”

It ain’t necessarily so for people of color or who are obviously seen as not white due to accent or some other idiomatic characteristic.

However… a reality of white privilege is that it sometimes goes further than just skin tone. Sometimes it involves so much more it is really an absurdity in itself. There can be degrees of whiteness.

In some circles if you ain’t of the right ethnic background… no kikes, wops, slants or polacks allowed…

Or… if, you ain’t the right class… with the right job…

Or…  wrong religion… you’re a catholic? Sorry that job or class has been filled.

Yep… even amongst white folks it sometimes goes deeper than just having the right skin tone. Not always, but sometimes… yeah.

Still compared to what other folks…. Blacks, Native Americans, Mexican, Asian, or Middle Eastern just to name some… fergeddaboudit.

So, yeah I think that description of white privilege pretty much nails it. Most of us who write “white” on whatever form we be filling out didn’t need a law enacted for us to have the right to be who we are… all others did. And, that’s white privilege in a nutshell.

We can either wallow in our privileged lives and wait for the inevitable maelstrom to arrive with pitchforks held high… or… we can work to make sure that we try to strive to effect change in every little thing we do every single day of our lives and try to right injustice when we can. And, maybe, one day freedom and justice will be accepted norms for everyone’s life.

The only other option is really no option at all for any of us.

Another thousand words….



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