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Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome once again to the most controversial rankings in the land. This is Pounding 7’s. This week, we give you a very exclusive club, simply because there are not that many to choose from. This is the Top 7 Tag Team wrestlers of all time. I spent a bit of time trying to come up with a top 7 that you all should be proud of. Feel free to disagree with me on any of the choices, and add to what I have given.

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Mike wants to know about The Shield

Will the Shield ever reunite and reform that faction?

The WWE has been teasing the fact that the Shield, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins will reunite and reform the Shield. The timing is there, they are now all baby faces, they are all over with the fans, they are all involved in major storylines as singles wrestlers. Rollins, going after the Universal title. Ambrose, going after the WWE World title, and Reigns, going after the United States Championship. I could see them reforming on a one night only basis, kind of what we saw last year on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Perhaps we could see this at Survivor Series. Maybe you could build it as Ambrose continues to feud with AJ Styles, and on Raw. Gallows and Anderson try and take out Reigns and Rollins. Then, at Survivor Series, we see a six man tag team match between the Shield and the Club, again a one night only event. I don’t see this coming to a full time deal though seeing as Ambrose is on Smackdown, while Reigns and Rollins are on Raw. It could happen on a short term, but not long term….at least for the foreseeable future.



This weeks heel turn, we take you back to February of 1990. The event: Clash of the Champions X. The Four Horsemen, Ric Flair, Arn and Ole Anderson, and Sting. Sting and Flair had some major history with each other over the past couple of years, and even started teaming up together in 1989, after Flair was attacked by Terry Funk, and Sting was feuding with the Great Muta. The two were close, and at Starrcade 89, Future Shock. Sting pinned Ric Flair to win the Future Shock tournament. Shortly after this, Ric Flair extended an invitation to Sting to actually join the Four Horsemen. Sting accepted, and became part of one of the most elite groups in all of wrestling. Flair, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, was slated to face Sting for the NWA Championship at Wrestle War 90, after he won the Future Shock tournament. At the Clash of the Champions, the Four Horsemen kicked Sting out the group, and gave him an ultimatum that he can cancel the match against Flair and walk away, or he would face consequences. Sting declined, and the Horsemen proceeded to attack Sting, three on one. Sting would suffer a knee injury due to this attack and was replaced at Wrestle War by Lex Luger, where Sting tried to assist Luger in defeating Flair. Flair would get disqualified, keeping the championship, but would lose the championship to Sting later that year in July, at the Great American Bash.



Before we get started with the countdown. Lets give you a few honorable mentions.

Mike Rotunda- Mike Rotunda is one of the most underrated professional wrestlers of all time. He is a former NWA Television Champion on two occasions, and held that championship for a long time. He is best known for his IRS gimmick in the WWE. Before all that and during his run as IRS. He was a multiple time tag team champion in both the WWE and NWA. He won the WWF Tag Team titles on two occasions with Barry Windham. He also held the WWE Tag belts on three occasions with Ted Dibiase as a member of Money Inc. He also won the NWA World Tag Team championship with Dr Death Steve Williams in 1989.

Shawn Michaels-  Shawn Michaels started his career in the AWA with Marty Jannetty, where he won the AWA Tag Team championship on two occasions. He came to the WWE along side Jannetty and won the tag titles against the Hart Foundation, in a match where the turnbuckle broke during the match, and was never publicized as Vince did not want that to air on national television. The Rockers would never hold the tag titles officially, but Shawn went on to hold the WWE Tag Team Championship with Diesel, as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

And here is the countdown

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin-  Stone Cold Steve Austin is not really known for being a tag team wrestler, he has had so much success as a singles wrestler, winning championships in both WCW and the WWE. Austin, while in WCW formed a successful tag team with Brian Pillman, known as the Hollywood Blondes, where they won the WCW Tag Team championship, and were one of the most dominant team in the early 90’s. Austin also had tag team success, winning the tag team titles with The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Mick Foley. So he has been a tag team champion with five different partners. If that is not a successful tag team wrestler, I don’t know what is.

6. Edge- Edge began his WWE career with his real-life best friend Christian, where they won the WWE Tag Team Championships on multiple occasions. Edge’s tag team success does not end there though, as he also won tag team gold with Hulk Hogan, and also Randy Orton with Rated RKO.

5. Booker T- Harlem Heat, the team of Booker T and Stevie Ray were one of the best tag teams throughout the 90’s, winning the WCW tag team titles on 10 different occasions. Booker was the key factor for this team, and went on to have a great singles career, and a Hall of Fame career at that. Booker also won the WWE Tag Team titles with Goldust during his time in the WWE.

4. Bobby Eaton-  Beautiful Bobby Eaton is one of the most overlooked wrestlers, maybe in the history of wrestling. He started his career in the NWA, where he teamed with Dennis Condrey to form the Midnight Express. They did have a lot of success, but never won tag team gold. Eaton then reformed the Midnight Express with Sweet Stan Lane, along side Jim Cornette. Together, they won the United States Tag Team titles on multiple occasions, and are the first team in history to win both the US and World tag team titles and hold them simultaneously. Bobby Eaton also won tag team gold with his partner Arn Anderson as part of the Dangerous Alliance in 1991, and also had a pretty good tag team with Steven Regal with the Blue Bloods.

3. Kane- Many will not view Kane as a tag team wrestler, as he has had a dominant singles career, winning virtually every championship there has been in the WWE. However, Kane has been a great tag team wrestler as well. He won the WWE Tag Team titles with X-Pac, The Undertaker, The Big Show, and Daniel Bryan. Throw Kane in any tag team, and that team will be a success.

2. Billy Gunn- Billy Gunn has to go down as one of, if not the best tag team wrestler of all time. He started his run with Bart Gunn as part of the Smoking Gunns, where they won the tag titles on three occasions. He then teamed with the Road Dogg Jesse James to form the New Age Outlaws as part of D-Generation X, and together they won the WWE Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions. Billy Gunn was not done yet, as who can forget the run with Chuck Polumbo as Billy and Chuck. If you don’t remember that, you are in a better position than I am in. Billy and Chuck won the tag titles on two occasions as well before they attempted to get married on an addition of Smackdown. No, seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.

1. Arn Anderson- Double A, Arn Anderson gets the top spot, as he teamed with Tully Blanchard to win both the WWE and WCW tag team championship, and as part of the Four Horsemen, were won of the most talented and most dominant teams in the history of tag team wrestling. Arn and Tully won the NWA/WCW Tag titles on two occasions before leaving the NWA and finding immidiate success in the WWE where they quickly won the WWE tag team titles from Demolition, and enjoyed a nice run as champions under Bobby Heenan. When Anderson returned to the WCW, he again attained tag team success, this time with Beautiful Bobby Eaton, where they won the tag team titles on two occasions. He ended his tag team run with Larry Zybysko as part of the Enforcers, where they won a tournament to become the WCW World Tag Team Champions. Like many on this list, Arn Anderson will go down in history as one of the most premier tag team partners anyone could have.

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