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Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. The Clash of the Champions is this Sunday and is the first Raw event since the brand split. We will give you our bold predictions for the Clash of Champions. This and much more!



1.AJ Styles– The WWE Champion takes the top spot this week, after Kevin Owens lost to Reigns on Monday.

2.Kevin Owens- The Universal champion may be in trouble heading into Clash of the Champions.

3.Seth Rollins- Rollins is looking to become the first person ever to win both the WWE and Universal Championship.

4. Dean Ambrose- Heading into the triple threat at No Mercy next month, the lunatic fringe is hungry to get his title back.

5. Roman Reigns– A victory over the Universal Champion puts Roman Reigns back on the Power Rankings.



1980- Bob Backlund the WWF Champion squared off against Harley Race, the NWA Champion at Madison Square Garden. Backlund won by disqualification.

1997- The WWE held there first and only One Night Stand event in England, which features Shawn Michaels defeating the British Bulldog to win the European Championship.

1998- Stone Cold Steve Austin delivers a Stone Cold stunner to Vince McMahon for the first time ever.

And here are the questions this week


Clash of the Champions is this Sunday! What are your bold predictions for the event?

Steve: I see Owens retaining the championship in some sort of cheap ass way. I think Roman Reigns will walk out as the United States Champion. I see the New Day retaining the titles. Cesaro will beat Sheamus to complete his “amazing” comeback. I like Sasha Banks to regain the womens championship. TJ Perkins will retain the Cruiserweight title, and Sami Zayn will beat Jericho. My bold prediction is that none of these will come true, and I will walk away disappointed.

Todd: HHH shows up again and gets involved in the title match to help Kevin Owens retain. Charlotte drops her title to Bayley (Sasha turns heel on Bayley)

Chad: Foley or Steph turns heel to help Kevin Owens; The New Day finally loses the belts; Rusev retains; Bayley wins gold; Jericho loses again. Sheamus prevents Cesaro from completing the comeback from 3-0 down. Perkins will also retain the Cruiserweight belt.

Jim: My bold prediction is that not one title will change hands.  I’m normally nearly 100% accurate on this prediction

Tyler: Pre-Show: Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox – Nia to continue her monster heel gimmick
– Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho – Sami should win, as Jericho is in the ‘put over the younger talent’ portion of his career
– Best of Seven Finals: Sheamus [3] vs. Cesaro [3] – Cesaro should win, but this whole series really hasn’t done either of them any good.
– WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and/or Xavier Woods) (c) vs. The Club (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) – The Club needs the win badly at this point
– WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: TJ Perkins (c) vs. The Brian Kendrick – Kendrick is more well known to WWE audiences so putting the belt on his makes sense
– WWE US Title Match: Rusev (c) vs. Roman Reigns – The rebuilding of Roman Reigns continues as he gets the strap and stays the in mid-card for now.
– WWE Raw Women’s Title Match (triple threat): Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – Sasha wins, heel turn, and revives feud with Bayley
– WWE Universal Title Match: Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins – Owens wins through Triple H interference, solidifying Rollins’ face turn and setting up Triple H/Rollins for Wrestlemania



How big of an impact do you see the Cruiserweights having on Monday Night Raw?

Steve: It has the potential to be huge. These guys are probably the most talented guys on the roster, and will be an exciting add to the Raw lineup. I think overall though, they will fall into obscurity because Vince has never really liked the Cruiserweights much. So it will be big for awhile, but the hype will fall and they will just be another attraction that gets built the wrong way.

Todd: I think it will have a big impact on Raw. These guys are so amazing. The matches are so much better than some of the garbage they have on there now.

Chad: I’m not expecting a huge impact from the division on Raw. It will help fill in the 3 hour time block that Raw without sacrificing other superstars on Raw.

Jim: HUGE.  People love wrestling, and lately the only ones actually wrestling is the Cruiserweights. Everyone else just does their signature move out of nowhere, or sprays hairspray in faces, or kicks in the balls, or anything else BESIDES wrestling.

Tyler: It helps fill out the three hours and gives the audience something exciting to keep them hooked.



It is rumored that the WWE is considering putting the Shield back together. Would you be open to this as a fan?

Steve: The fans would love it, but it will never happen. The Shield may reunite on a one night only basis, possibly at Survivor Series, im thinking against the Club, in a cross promotion match up. Full time though? I would not expect that.

Todd: Not at this point. It would have been a better idea to reunite the Shield after Rollins returned from his injury but at this point it really makes no sense.

Chad: I would be open to this in the right situation. Although I feel this would be something better suited a little further down the road. The seeds are being planted with Rollins running down to help Reigns on Raw.

Jim: No.  You can’t give them all individual belts, have them fight each other, and then call them at team.  Dumbest idea…EVER.  Especially since they’re on different shows.

Tyler: Since now all three members are faces, I can see this working the short term.  However, it seems like step back considering all three of them have been world champions.



Hulk Hogan is apparently in talks once again with the WWE to actually compete in at least one more match. Do you have any desire to see Hogan inside the squared circle?

Steve: Hulk Hogan is a piece of human garbage, and has no business in the WWE, especially inside the ring. I don’t ever want to see Hulk Hogan period, but If I have to see him, I would love for him to get in the ring and bust his hip.

Todd: are you kidding me? What a Joke!  He can wrestle James Ellsworth. NEXT QUESTION!

Chad: Please Hogan no more matces you’ve had your run or runs it’s time for you to step aside. He can’t put on a believable match at his age and with the injuries and surgeries that he has had.

Jim: I love Hulk Hogan.  But if he wrestles, I’ll stop watching the WWE.  Period.

Tyler: None at all.  He’s past his prime as a worker, but I’d be fine in a non-wrestler role.



John Cena is in the main event at No Mercy in a quest to become a record tying 16x World Champion. Will Cena win the title at No Mercy?

Steve: It is bound to happen eventually that John Cena will at the very least tie, if not break the record for most world championship reigns. While I don’t see it happening at No Mercy, I think eventually, he will get there.

Todd: John Cena will tie ric Flair one day but it will not be at No Mercy.

Chad: I predict that John Cena will tie Ric Flair’s record but It will not happen at No Mercy.

Jim: He can’t win a match on SmackdownLive.  How the hell can he win the world championship?

Tyler: At this point in his career, Cena works best as somebody to put talent over, much like when he was US champion.  He doesn’t need the win, but he and Styles have had really great matches so I can see them trading the belt between them at least once during their feud.

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