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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Training camp is right around the corner. This week we will discuss a controversial but sensitive subject in the Nation Anthem, also should Chris Bosh continue his play career, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.


Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers says he might sit for the Nation Anthem. What are your thoughts on this sensitive subject?

Todd: Well, being a former war veteran myself it kind of pissed me off when I heard Kaepernick did not stand for the National Anthem. Then I had more time to think about it and that is why myself and so many other men and women are fighting in other countries for, is the freedom to speak your mind how ever you choose. Now in Nick Young’s case he needs to understand why he refuses to stand for the National Anthem, He can’t just do it because everyone else is doing it. Me personally I think everyone has the wrong idea by not standing for the National Anthem. the flag stands for the country we live in. It includes everyone not just the cops and the black community. There is a probably different way this could have been handled if it would have been thought out more. Not standing for the National Anthem might get everyone’s attention but it will not change the way this world is. There are still dirty cops out there and until you weed them out, this country will always have the same problem.

Steve: That is his choice and opinion. I think the whole thing is ridiculous if you ask me. You are an American, and you need to stand for the National Anthem, it shows this country respect. While I may not agree with many things that are going on in his country. I will always stand proud for my country. You know, I have to say this though. It’s funny how we are talking about professional athletes not standing for the anthem, but have we forgotten that there are United States Senators, and Congressmen and women sitting for the pledge of allegiance? I think that is a thousand time worse than what we are seeing across sports.

Dan: I think, if he feels like he should sit for the National Anthem, then let him. If he feels like he should stand for the National Anthem, let him. The nice thing and one of the biggest perks of freedom, is we can say and do what we want regarding this that it shouldn’t matter. I know Kaepernick has been one of the biggest topics due to him leading it off, but before 2009, the NFL didn’t even stand on the field during the national anthem. They were either in the tunnel or they were waiting in the locker room for the conclusion of it before they came back out. One of the reasons they started all standing on the field and doing different patriotic activities before the game was due to the large payment the Department of Defense as well as the National Guard gave to the NFL. They paid the NFL off as if it was a marketing ploy. The NBA isn’t a big of a deal to stand or sit. Same with MLB, it’s on them. They need to stand for their rights. I believe they should sit if they feel that’s best.

Chad: We can debate this for a long time but in the end it is his choice, I definitely don’t think its the best way to go about making a statement as there will always issues that divide a populated area. All in all not standing for the anthem is not a good move for an American to make but hes does have the right to do it.


Chris Bosh says he is ready to come back and play. Should he take a chance and play again after the last 2 seasons ended early due to blood clots?

Todd: I guess it would be weather his doctors give in the clearance or not and then it would be his decision to play.

Steve: It depends on the doctors, and what they say. I am sure they would not put him in a position where he would be in a life threatening situation. He did take a full year off last season, so if he is ready to go, and the doctors clear him, then I have no problem with him making a comeback.

Dan: I think, again, this decision falls on him. If he feels like he can play and contribute and complete the season and his doctor is giving him the okay with no further health concerns regarding this for the long-term future, I’ll be okay and keep playing. If there’s a lot of health concerns surrounding it and it’s a 50/50 chance that they come back or not, I’m not risking it. He had to have had the medical reports, etc on his side so I say he made the right move. I don’t think he will contribute like he used to for the entire season, but he’ll be a great asset for Miami to have.

Chad: This is a conversation that needs to occur with Bosh and his doctors as well as league doctors as to whether it is a good idea for him to participate in the 2016-2017 or ever again for that matter.


Agree or Disagree. Shaq says Ben Simmons is a LeBron like player.

Todd: Not a chance. This is a ridiculous comment by Shaq. He hasn’t even stepped on the court with real NBA stars and you are already comparing him to LeBron James.

Steve: Nice compliment from Shaquiile O’Neal. It is not true, at least right now. Simmons is a talented basketball player, and probably the early favorite to win Rookie of the Year. However, let’s wait and see how he does in the regular season. I will be ready to answer this question again in February.

Dan: I disagree. Right now, there is no other play to play like LeBron or is playing LeBron-like. LeBron, Kobe, AI, Shaq, they’re uncomparable players for the most part. Plus, all we have evidence from is college and summer league. He might be playing LeBron-like against them, but as an NBA player against other NBA stars and athletes? No, he’s not.

Chad:  High praise from Shaq but Simmons will have to prove it on the court in real games before I’m ready to make any kind of comparison.


Agree or Disagree. The Los Angeles Lakers are said to be the worst team in the NBA this year.

Todd: Die hard Laker fan here as many of you know already. I have to agree. The Lakers have a really bad roster with a whole lot of young gys and very little veteran leadership. I think they will be a tad better this year because the drama of Kobe is gone but not good enough not to have a chance to get the number one pick in next years draft.

Steve: Disagree- The last time I heard, the Philadelphia 76ers are still in the league. And until they prove me wrong, they are going to be the worst team in the NBA. I think the Lakers are going to surprise some people, and are not as bad as many think they will be. They have a good coach, who knows how to win, they have a group of young players, who can make an impact. I don’t think the Lakers will be in the playoffs, but a 30 win season is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Dan: I agree with this. They have an awful roster, they just lost their best piece to their line-up, Kobe Bryant. They have a bunch of inexperience and while they do have a couple solid players, they just don’t have enough as a complete team to make it past the worst record in the league. They’re team is trash overall, chemistry is a question mark and they’re losing the most and are the worst team in the NBA coming into the season.

Chad: I will disagree for now as I don’t know the impact Simmons will have in Philly and whether he can pull them up to a level where they are not the laughing stock of the league.


Joel Embiid has recovered from his injuries and is set to play once training camp opens. What kind of impact will he have in his first official year on the court?

Todd: So, I don’t know a whole lot about this kid because I don’t really follow college basketball that often and he hasn’t played a minute in the NBA so far. I can’t see why he wouldn’t be able to make some kind of impact given his size but who knows.

Steve: He was a stud in college, and has the potential to be a great NBA player. However, until I see him play a full season, or hell, half a season, it is hard to say. He is going to be on a really bad basketball team, so that is going to have an impact on how well he plays. Embiid is not a type of player who can lead a team by himself, he has to have a supporting cast. Sure, they have Ben Simmons, but it is not going to be enough, and the Sixers are probably on pace to win no more than 17 or 18 games again this season.

Dan: I think he will be a key contributor in his first season. The 76ers have a good, young team in my opinion and will surprise a lot of people this year in how much they have improved.He’ll be a very solid player in the league and, I think he’s qualified, will win Rookie of the Year.

Chad: It’s a young team so he is in a position for playing team and to be a solid contributor to maybe start making noise other than #1 draft pick talk in the city of Brotherly Love.

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