Barbara Lee… hero or traitor? @ WTF 9/21



Who is Barbara Lee?

American Hero or American traitor?

Let’s find out…

“Let us not become the evil we deplore.”

joe1Ya’ll have heard how Hillary Billary first voted for the Iraq invasion and then later recanted and said it was a mistake and she would, knowing what she knows now, would had never voted yea but instead would have cast a nay. Ya’ll have heard countless others making this claim or that claim about the Iraqi invasion and the ensuing war that is now on one level or another is still going on in Iraq as well as many other areas of the Middle East.

Only one damn person can say this…

First, let me set the stage…

9/11 happened… and while bodies were still buried… laying under the rubble… while the smoking and burning remains of the fallen towers were still being extinguished. George Bush the 2nd demanded that Congress authorize him to use military force against those responsible for the attack… which all assumed would be an invasion of Afghanistan.  Congress acceded to Georgie Porgy’s demand and they drew up a broad and wide resolution…  that said… “the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons.”barbaralee2

On 9/14 the House of Representatives approved the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) resolution by a vote of 420-1. The Senate approved it the same day by a vote of 98-0.

Only one person… only one damn person… Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee of California… can say they said no!

And, for that she took all sorts of abuse and all sorts of misdirected so-called patriotic threats, including death threats that as a result required her to have round the clock body guards. All that because she decided to dissent… a right she is supposed to have under our laws…. and… for her right, as a legally elected representative of the people, to do her duty and vote her conscience and to say no to what she thought was a wrongheaded decision and authorization to give unfettered war powers to the prez.

Nine days after that vote and the continued hatred and vitriol directed at her being, she wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle her reasons for voting no…. among them was the fact that she felt the resolution “was a blank check to the president to attack anyone involved in the Sept. 11 events… anywhere, in any country, without regard to our nation’s long-term foreign policy, economic and national security interests, and without time limit (my italics) …. (it was a) rush to launch precipitous military counterattacks (that) runs too great a risk that more innocent men, women, children will be killed.”

For this stand the Wall Street Journal, and, the Washington Times vilified and fell just short… barely short by the tiniest of hairs… of calling her a traitor, and worse, to America.barbaralee

Yet, today she now stands vindicated for her stand against unfettered militarism and unfettered power in the hands of one slightly off kilter and somewhat over emotionalized man. The invasion of Afghanistan turned into an invasion of Iraq and just as she feared we entered into a war that caused the senseless deaths of countless of innocent others and untold amounts of destruction of people’s livelihoods… homes and businesses.  But, beyond the obvious bravery needed to take the stand she took, she has been completely vindicated on the merits of history.

aumf-incidencesNow, many, if not, most Americans feel the war in Iraq was wrongheaded and should never had happened. Yet, it still stands… the AUMF… as a law and authorization for the prez, to keep on using the powers of the resolution. Yep… the Bamster has used it at least 12 times. Added to the 18 times Georgie Porgy implemented it, that’s 30 times we… America… has invaded, attacked, assassinated or otherwise utilized military force in a foreign country.

To this very date Barbara Lee has repeatedly tried to lead a repeal of the AUMF, but, has been, first, thwarted by the elephants under Bush, and, then, by the donkeys under Obama and has failed to accomplish or even come close to doing so.

Understanding what we do now… Lee’s then profound words are even more profound now… “Let us not become the evil we deplore.”

(Editor’s note: Information, including various dates and names, was used from The Intercept’s article on September 11, 2016… Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroic… which was written by Glenn Greenwald.)

The following is Lee’s reasoning, in full, for failing to support the AUMF and why she voted no to the resolution…

barabra-lee-3“On Sept. 11, terrorists attacked the United States in an unprecedented and brutal manner, killing thousands of innocent people, including the passengers and crews of four aircraft.

Like everyone throughout our country, I am repulsed and angered by these attacks and believe all appropriate steps must be taken to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We must prevent any future such attacks. That is the highest obligation of our federal, state and local governments. On this, we are united as a nation. Any nation, group or individual that fails to comprehend this or believes that we will tolerate such illegal and uncivilized attacks is grossly mistaken.

Last week, filled with grief and sorrow for those killed and injured and with anger at those who had done this, I confronted the solemn responsibility of voting to authorize the nation to go to war. Some believe this resolution was only symbolic, designed to show national resolve. But I could not ignore that it provided explicit authority, under the War Powers Resolution and the Constitution, to go to war.

It was a blank check to the president to attack anyone involved in the Sept. 11 events — anywhere, in any country, without regard to our nation’s long-term foreign policy, economic and national security interests, and without time limit. In granting these overly broad powers, the Congress failed its responsibility to understand the dimensions of its declaration. I could not support such a grant of war-making authority to the president; I believe it would put more innocent lives at risk.

The president has the constitutional authority to protect the nation from further attack and he has mobilized the armed forces to do just that. The Congress should have waited for the facts to be presented and then acted with fuller knowledge of the consequences of our action.

I have heard from thousands of my constituents in the wake of this vote. Many — a majority — have counseled restraint and caution, demanding that we ascertain the facts and ensure that violence does not beget violence. They understand the boundless consequences of proceeding hastily to war, and I thank them for their support.

Others believe that I should have voted for the resolution — either for symbolic or geopolitical reasons, or because they truly believe a military option is unavoidable. However, I am not convinced that voting for the resolution preserves and protects U.S. interests. We must develop our intelligence and bring those who did this to justice. We must mobilize and maintain an international coalition against terrorism. Finally, we have a chance to demonstrate to the world that great powers can choose to fight on the fronts of their choosing, and that we can choose to avoid needless military action when other avenues to redress our rightful grievances and to protect our nation are available to us.

We must respond, but the character of that response will determine for us and for our children the world that they will inherit. I do not dispute the president’s intent to rid the world of terrorism — but we have many means to reach that goal, and measures that spawn further acts of terror or that do not address the sources of hatred do not increase our security.

Secretary of State Colin Powell himself eloquently pointed out the many ways to get at the root of this problem — economic, diplomatic, legal and political, as well as military. A rush to launch precipitous military counterattacks runs too great a risk that more innocent men, women, children will be killed. I could not vote for a resolution that I believe could lead to such an outcome.”

Five Trillion dollars… and counting…

Saw this in more than one place…

A Brown University poly sci scientist (is that redundant?) says that as of this year… 2016…  the Iraq and Afghanistan conflagrations…aka wars… have cost we the peoples… aka American’s… $5 trillion. That’s our tax money supposedly being put to use… working… to make America better for us all.

Before I go on… think about that number… exercise your grey matter and grok the enormity of that number. Got it all locked in? Think ya’ll know how big that number is? Good… hold that thought.

In addition to our tax dollars being spent in those wars… about 7,000 American military folks have given up their lives… here have been another 52,000 or so sustaining wounds of all different kinds and different severity…. as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis dead, 4 million without homes or displaced and so on and so forth.

Simply put… It cost a damn shitload of money and lives, and, changed the quality of life for thousands… hundreds of thousands of people… in fact… maybe millions of people… and not to the very good either.

Here’s the thing… according to one of the pieces I read…. take the 5 trillion… pick 5 people. Then, tell each of them five peeps they can spend… in fact… they are required to spend… $10 million a day. Ten million might buy you some nice, but relatively cheap place, in say Beverly Hill or someplace else like that. They will now do this for the rest of their lives.spend-1-trillion

And, each of the five will be succeeded by one their children… who will accept the responsibility to spend the $10 million a day… and… then… each of them will pass it on to their children… until it comes to a point when 273 years have gone by… or… the year 2289 has arrived.  Yep. That’s how much 5 trillion damn dollars is. Did your grey matter even come close to grokking that? Because…  I’ll tell ya… mine never did. When I first read this, my brain said… “Holy fucking shit!”

Now, let’s say we never entered them wars and we essentially saved that 5 trillion. What could we have accomplished? Assuming the right minded people were in government.

Bernie Sanders said his single health care plan for America would cost about $1.4 trillion over a decade. The NY Post, not exactly a bastion of liberalism, said guaranteed coverage for all Americans would be about $1.5 trillion over the next decade… or about 147 billion, give or take, over a year.

Totally free education to any public university or community college? I have seen estimates ranging from 60 billion to over 77 billion a year… let’s be overly generous and put it at $100 billion.

The government itself says it spends about $45-50 billion a year for highway and transit programs and that it needs about another $157 billion in the next ten years to sufficiently fund the continued maintenance and improvements to the transportation infrastructure… that’s about $66 billion a year.

Getting the message, yet?

I haven’t spent $313 billion and have shown that the United States could have provided a college education for every student who wanted one, universal health care for all Americans, and, the improvement and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure in America. I haven’t even begun to talk about the savings that could be recognized or the jobs that could be created if the government used the $5 trillion it has so far taken to finance the war being unnecessarily waged and used it for other purposes.  By fighting an unnecessary, and, in some minds… mine any way… an immoral and distinctly unethical invasion of a sovereign nation(s) through deception and skullduggery, we wasted trillions of dollars to kill  people and lay waste to foreign lands, when we could have been building up our own land.costs-of-war2

Neta Crawford… the poly sci prof who did the homework on all of this 5 trillion war costs… also said in her published work…

“The US has spent $1.7 billion for combat and reconstruction.  I have a sinking feeling that first they spent half of it on destroying things and then they spent the other half on rebuilding them.”

And who is reaping all the profit for doing all that destruction and reconstruction?

It ain’t me… I ain’t no billionaire’s son…

“Of (the) 2.7 million military personnel who served in those two theaters, 2 million have now left the military and have entered the Veterans Administration system.  Some 52,000 of them were wounded in action and many need care… (and)… “Through 2053, the US government owes the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans $1 trillion in medical and disability payments along with the money to administer all that.”

Yet the elephants keep shooting down any legislation that would aid and help veterans.  Calling them heroes from one side of their mouths, while saying fuck you with the other side… it’ll cost too much.

I ain’t no senator’s son…

“Interest costs for overseas contingency operations spending alone are projected to add more than $1 trillion dollars to the national debt by 2023. By 2053, interest costs will be at least $7.9 trillion unless the US changes the way it pays for the wars.”

I ain’t no military one…

“Because the Bush administration borrowed money to pay for the wars, we’ve paid half a trillion dollars in interest alone.”

It ain’t me… it ain’t me…

“At least al-Qaeda had been based in Afghanistan.  Iraq had had nothing to do with September 11.  It was Bush’s invasion that brought al-Qaeda there, which later morphed into ISIL.”

It ain’t me…

“We were lied into that war, and it has weakened our economy.  If anyone can tell me what benefits that war brought the average American, I’d like to hear it.”

I ain’t no fortunate one…war-card2-640x360

Neta? Me too… I wanna know what benefits that the average Joe and Jill have gotten from the wars being waged in the Middle East, too.  Seems we were led down some political bullshit thorny path and it has cost American taxpayers a mint and a half to finance it all. A mint and a half that is lost…down the drain… in someone else’s pockets. And, it ain’t we the people’s, that’s for sure. Give ya’ll three guesses where it all is likely gone… the first two don’t count.

Money that could have been spent providing Americans the funding to educate themselves, to heal or maintain their health properly and to travel around this country with a fair amount of confidence that they could get from one place to another with a damn good chance of arriving safely.  And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg what we could have done… did… with 5 trillion damn dollars.

Elizabeth wants answers…elizabeth-warren

In 2009, congress authorized a 10-person board…. the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC)… to investigate the causes and reason for why the financial collapse of 2007-2008 had occurred.

By 2011, the FCIC had accumulated mass amounts of data and information… including whistle blower testimony and financial records.

The FCIC had no power to prosecute instead it had to refer any case they felt merited prosecution to the Justice Department… and… they turned all of this info they had over to Justice Department, with the recommendation that 25 specific cases be considered for prosecution.

On Thursday (9/15), Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren requested a formal investigation into why the Obama administration did not bring criminal charges against individuals and corporations involved in the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Warren stated in her missive that her Senate staff had reviewed and checked thousands of pages of FCIC documents and discovered evidence especially damning and not one single criminal charge was ever mounted against any individual bankers or executives even in cases where the FCIC found “serious indications of violations” of the law. Among the case Warren’s staff noted were… “(possible fraudulent) loan underwriting at UBS, accounting fraud at Fannie Mae, mortgage fraud at Citigroup, and securities fraud at Goldman Sachs.”elizabeth4

Warren wrote…  “The Department has failed to hold the individuals and companies… accountable. This failure requires an explanation… (and)… Nine individuals were implicated in these referrals. The DOJ has not filed any criminal prosecutions against any of the nine individuals. Not one of the nine has gone to prison or been convicted of a criminal offense. Not a single one has even been indicted or brought to trial.”

Warren also wrote to James Comey, the head of the FBI, and requested that he release records of FEEB investigations into the events of the financial crisis in an effort to shed light on why no prosecutions were forthcoming from the Bamster’s administration.

The Justice Department… aka the Bamster’s administration… has secured over $40 billion in fines from corporations involved in the crash. But, in an industry that often sees yearly profits in the many billions of billions of dollars that is a mere pittance of an annoyment to their cash reserves.  And, so far as I am aware only one person has ever done, or is doing, prison time for any wrongdoings… illegal activity… or… specific breaking of laws… that contributed to the financial crisis.

As of April 30, 2014, the former Managing Director/Global Head of Structured Credit in the Investment Banking Division of Credit Suisse Group, Kareem Serageldin, was the “only Wall Street executive prosecuted as a result of the financial crisis” that triggered the Great Recession.  On November 22, 2013, Serageldin was given 2 ½ years in a minimum level federal prison due to his involvement in a scheme to hide more than $100 million in losses in a mortgage-backed securities trading book at Credit Suisse.

However, two other execs who were not directly on, or directly related to, Wall Street, but, were still involved in fraudulent actions during the time leading up the financial crisis also got prison time… On February 24, 2011, Michael J. McGrath, Jr., 47, former president and controlling shareholder of closely held U.S. Mortgage, laundering was sentenced to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of mail and wire fraud conspiracy and one count of money laundering.  And, Lee B. Farkas, former chairman of a “small” mortgage company…  Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corporation…  received 30 years in prison and was ordered to forfeit $38.5 million, for his role in a $3 billion scheme to rip off banks through the sale of fake mortgage assets.

Whistle blower Richard Bowen, who gave thousands of pages of evidence and testimony to the Bamster administration to help build a case against his former firm of Citigroup and its execs, … which did result in a fine of $7 billion but not one person ever did jail time…  told reporters… “I’ve never understood why they never tried anyone in those years right after the financial crisis. It should come to light the significant amount of evidence the DOJ ignored.”washington-works

I have gone on record countless times within these pages of WTF, on this 7Poundbag website, and stated unequivocally that until people… real honest to goodness living people… who eat, breathe, shit and bleed and everything else people do… begin to do jail time for their contributions to illegal activity, or who directly instigate illegal activity, there will never be any changes coming down the pike that will protect we the people and this shit will continue on forever. Nothing will change.

I recently saw this somewhere on the internet… “People keep saying the system is broken. The system is not broken. It’s working fine. We need to break the system”

That may not be a direct quote but it is pretty damn close. And… that statement is fact.

Until people’s feet are held to the fire and made to serve consequences… punishments… jail time… for there crimes, nothing will change. Until bankers and executives go to jail whenever fraud is done to we the people… they will just walk away and “the same shit; different day” will continue to occur… just lie and do fraudulent acts with impunity. Until people in authority are held to account for their wrongful actions nothing changes.

And this includes cops killing Black citizens without reasonable cause… and fear of their lives or someone else’s life is the only cause I really could see justifying the continuing of Black people dying by cop. Until other cops… the supposedly “good” cops start testifying against the bad cops and helping get the bad cops kicked off the police forces and then put into jail… nothing will ever change.

torn-apartIf, I do a serious crime… rob a liquor store, beat someone up, etc…  I will certainly do jail time… especially, if, I have a history of doing the same shit over and over. If that be the case… then, why should people in power… in authority… not have to do jail, also, when they commit crimes against American society?

There is no damn reason except that the system that is in place and controlled by you know who… if, you don’t know, then you need to take off the rose colored glasses and start to inhale reality… is working fine as far as they are concerned. A long as they have us worrying about this other shit… the evil we do unto one another…  then we will never notice the real crime that is being perpetrated upon us all by the richest of the rich… we are being used, abused and tossed away on the garbage heap of humanity once our usefulness is all expended… and we are totally ignorant of that reality.

One more time…

The system ain’t broke… we need to break it!

No bad deed goes unrewarded…

News item I saw recently…

A stretch of a Cleveland street is expected to be named after boxing impresario Don King.

According to, “By next week, Cleveland City Council should repeal legislation that would designate a part of Shaker Boulevard as ‘Don King Way,’ instead giving that name to the area of Cedar Avenue between East 36th Street and Stokes Boulevard.”

If, any of ya’ll know where this is then ya’ll must live in Cleveland; have been to Cleveland or else are just one of them geographical savant types who knows this kind a shit because I sure as hell don’t know where any of these boulevards, streets, ways or what all are. But, that’s irrelevant to the story… what’s relevant is King is very likely having some Cleveland street… or part of a street… named after him.

For those of ya’ll who know of King… be patient while I quickly get others up to speed.

First… impresario is a big bad ten cent word meaning organizer of events…like plays, concerts, and, in King’s case, boxing matches. King was involved in some very big money events as well as some of boxing’s greatest boxing matches including one of the Ali vs Foreman fight… or… the Rumble in the Jungle… and… the third Ali vs Frazier fight… or the Thrilla in Manila.

Don King
Don King

But, before he began his career as a boxing impresario, he ran an illegal bookmaking operation and while conducting that illegal business did so with some rather other nasty tactics from time to time, including stomping the shit out of one of his employees to their death for failing to pay $600 in gambling debt… near E. 100th Street on Cedar Avenue… the almost same spot where he is supposed to be honored by having that area named after himself.

As a result, King was convicted of 2nd-degree manslaughter…reduced by the presiding judge at his sentencing to non-negligent manslaughter… was sent to jail and served almost 4 years in the pokey for beating the crap out of and “manslaughtering” a fellow gangster. Despite witnesses who say they saw King kicking and stomping on the dude and some other witnesses saying he pistol whipped the doomed crony.

The governor of Ohio at the time… one Jim Rhodes…granted King a pardon in in 1983.

Now, some folks may disagree with me but I wonder about the wisdom of naming a street after a guy whose most famous moment in his life before he began promoting fights in the boxing biz was killing a fellow outlaw over an argument concerning a debt of $600.

I have always wondered why he was even allowed into the fight game considering his very shady and somewhat nefarious past with gambling and criminal violence… some say he had a direct connection with the mob… aka mafia… and even a later connection with former mob boss John Gotti, which he of course denied during a Senate investigation.

I mean it’s a great thing when some little child looks up and says to his dad or mom “Who was this guy that got this street named after him?” And, if he is told the truth, finds out it’s a person who went around running bets… taking money from mostly poor people and then kicking asses if he found out his money wasn’t straight, or, quite possibly, if he even thought his money wasn’t straight… and ultimately killing at least one man… that we know of… over a debt of $600.

Nice history lesson for a young child to grok… be a bad ass and someday you too might get a street… or at least a piece of a street named after you.

Somebody fucks with ya’ll… grab a gun and go kick their ass and if that don’t work… after ya’ll kick their head in… if, they still be breathing somehow… ya’ll still got the gun to finish the job.

And, for ya’ll thinking… don’t peeps deserve second chances? After all, he was given a pardon…

Listen to Mike Tyson… former heavy weight champ and who was once managed by Don King…”(King is) a wretched, slimy, reptilian motherfucker. This is supposed to be my ‘black brother’, right? He’s just a bad man, a real bad man. He would kill his own mother for a dollar. He’s ruthless, he’s deplorable, he’s greedy … and he doesn’t know how to love anybody.”

Yep… real smart… name a street after a career criminal who somehow first wrangled a sweetheart sentencing from a judge and then a pardon from a politician… (wonder how all that went down and how much money exchanged hands and who all was really involved) … who, then, finagled his way into a business that was rife with shadiness and gambling problems and fixed fights. Hell, if he’s good enough to make it into Boxing’s hall of fame… for what I’m not quite sure… he mostly used other people’s money to attach his name to some big time fights as a promoter… then, it must be OK to name a damn street after his crooked ass. Besides… it ain’t a whole damn street any how… it’s just a few piddly ass short blocks. No one really probably gives damn about them blocks anyway.

Trumpty promise… The rich will get richer…

Last Thursday Humpty Trumpty was a guest speaker to the Economic Club of New York at an event at the high faulting Waldorf Astoria.

Let’s put it this way the event was an invitation only… although open to the press… and let it suffice to say that there weren’t’ a lot of working, nor even middle class, folks roaming around the room where the event took place… or… as one newspaper put it… “(Trumpty Dumpty) assured a group of some of the richest people in the U.S. that they’d likely grow even wealthier if he’s elected President… (Trumpty) promised… the attentive crowd of well-dressed financiers, bankers, hedge-funders and yacht-owners, even more than they already had, (as he laid) out his plans to cut taxes for the wealthy and scale back government regulations on businesses, including on food safety and the environment.”

Trump @The Economic Club of New York
Trump @ The Economic Club of New York

Yep… same old, same old elephant promises that somehow always seem to pan out real damn well for them that’s gots and not so damn well for them that needs or ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to toss it out of.

Trumpty was full of grandiose schemes and promises .. such as 3.5% growth in the economy and adding some 25 million new jobs… but when it came to explaining it all… he said… “You can visit our website to see the math.”

Wouldn’t ya think if a man was going around making all sorts of promises, that the least he could do is know just a little about what he was pontificating about and how it all works so he could deliver a short synopsis on why he would make these stinking rich folks even more stinking richer than they already were? I think that’s reasonable and should be expected.

But, with Trumpty that’s always the way it is… he’s real long on making promises and saying all kinds of wild and fantastical stuff and promising it will all be real wonderlicious and we will return to the days of wild splendor and lush pastures that America once was.  Right… as if.

What’s the old saw? If wishes were horse beggars would ride? I ain’t seen no beggar riding around on horse anywhere these days… have any of ya’ll?

The problem with everything he says he and does… he as all these grand wordy promises but it’s mostly just a bunch of smoke and mirrors with a whole bunch of bluster. In fact, man times what he says is full of outright untruths… aka plain fucking lies!

But, there he was in his perfect environment speaking to his perfect audience… millionaires and billionaires.  They clapped… now whistling or raucous behavior with these fellows and gals… at just the right times… and even laughed at some of his jokes…  and, at one point, even gave him a standing ovation… as close as they would get to being rowdy or even raucous.

I don’t know about any of ya’ll but I don’t want, or need, a president who is promising to make rich folks richer. That’s part of the damn problem now and a big reason why we are in the situation we all are in right now… too many people struggling to get their daily bread while a pitiful few reap the gold.  Simply put… too man y rich folks getting richer and too many poor folk getting poorer and poorer.

I want a president who has a plan to make poor people more well off and the rich  paying more of their fair share into the government bankroll to help fund all the programs we need to satisfy all the American people’s needs… medical, education, transportation, etc…

If Trumpty is ever elected… well… to paraphrase Trumpty Dumpty’s own words when he said during a recent speech in Philly that “We Will Be One People, Under One God, Saluting One American Flag”…

We will be one nation, under one god, saluting one flag, bowing down to one percent…

The answer is blowing in the wind…

I just saw this…

New videos provide fresh look at 2011 St. Louis police killing
New videos provide fresh look at 2011 St. Louis police killing

Newly released footage has shed a troubling new light on a 2011 police shooting in St. Louis, showing an officer gun down a black suspect and then planting a gun on the crime scene.

Officer Jason Stockley and his partner Officer Brian Bianchi had engaged drug suspect Anthony Lamar Smith in a high speed chase. Stockley can be heard saying “I’m going to kill this motherfucker.”

The police rammed Smith off the road, and camera footage shows Stockley shooting five shots into the driver’s seat of Smith’s disabled car.

New footage now reveals Stockley taking a gun out of a duffel back from the back of his own cruiser and planting it on Smith’s body. Stockley claimed in his report that Smith had pointed the weapon at him, justifying the use of lethal force.

Subsequent DNA evidence on the gun, however, did not contain any DNA or fingerprints from Smith.

Stockley will be tried for first degree murder. One of his initial hearings takes place on Oct. 3rd.”

Let me ask… do you think this is an anomaly? You think this doesn’t go on every damn day all over America? Because, if, ya’ll do… if, anyone does… I got this damn bridge in Brooklyn I been trying to unload and ya’ll appear to be a prime candidate to buy it.

You don’t think that maybe that could also be a reality in the situation of another Black man being shot dead by Charlotte-Mecklenburg cop yesterday (9/20) afternoon?

That it could have happened to Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old disabled dad, who cops say “posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers”? While they were trying to serve a warrant on an entirely different man at an apartment complex around 4 p.m. yesterday?cop-notice

Cops say he had a gun… a gun was found at the scene… his family says he was waling on his son to be dropped off from school and only had a book in his hand.

I haven’t heard of a video, yet, so, I have no more knowledge of anything than anyone else. I’m just saying saying… Could a backup… and probably illegal… gun that cops do sometimes carry have been involved?

We may never know.

But, the past history of cops and Black people… and… yes, I know, even Black cops kill Black people, too… or any other citizen killed by cops… and almost no punishment ever being handed out, does not preclude a swift and open investigation into all the particulars of what went down.  And, until that day does arrive… when “good” cops stop covering for bad cops and when cops finally start getting the training..,  needed… Intensive and extensive training that they need to fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs… these incidents will become ever more suspect and more questionable.

Nuff said…

Think about it…


Another thousand words…



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