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Wrestling fans, welcome back to yet another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Backlash is behind us and we will give you our thoughts and opinions relating to that show. Was AJ Styles able to walk away as the WWE Champion? Also, what should we expect at the Clash of the Champions? All this and much more.

I hope everyone downloaded the Froshemon Go app in an attempt to find Frosh. We still have no freakin idea where he is.

Let’s get started.

Power rankings

1.Kevin Owens- The Universal Champion had a big victory over Roman Reigns last Monday to keep his match one on one against Seth Rollins.

2.AJ Styles- The New WWE World Champion is on a role, but how long can the Phenomenal one keep this roll up?

3.Dean Ambrose- The lunatic fringe lost his WWE title last Sunday at Backlash, but how will Ambrose come back from this loss?

4.Seth Rollins- For the time being he is facing Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at Clash of the Champions, but what will the repercussions be for his involvement in the Reigns vs Owens match on Raw?

5.The Miz- The Intercontinental Champion just keeps winning, what will be next for the feud with he and Daniel Bryan?


this week

1991: Ric Flair makes his WWE TV debut, defeating Jim Powers.

1997: Curt Hennig defeated Steve McMichael to win the WCW United States Championship.

2014: Daniel Bryan wins his second WWE Championship.


And here we go!


What were your thoughts on Backlash this past Sunday?

Steve: Im going to elaborate a little more later on during this forum, but the question is this. How do you follow up arguably the worst pay per view event in 2016, Summerslam? With the worst Pay Per View of 2016. Backlash was nothing more than a glorified Smackdown event, and besides the opening womens match, I thought the rest of the show was awful. I have no problem with AJ Styles winning the title. I think he can make a fine champion, but have him do it cleanly for god’s sake. I was very disappointed in the show and thought that the WWE wasted two and a half hours of my time.

Todd: Well there was the first match and the last match every thing in between was garbage!

Jim: Very disappointed in Backlash.  But they tried.  But just look at the winners, and you’ll see all you need to see.  Becky Lynch, no issues at all with her.  But then the WWE proved once again they want to get rid of Dolph Ziggler.  They build him up for the World Championship…and he loses.  Then they build him up for the Intercontinental, and he loses it.  So what’s the point WWE?  Where can he POSSIBLY go from here?  He’s too good and popular to keep using him as a jobber.  What a complete waste of one of the best names on the Smackdown roster.  Wyatt vs Kane?  Why?  ZZZZZZZZZZ.  Slater and Rhyno are champions?  Go f**k yourself WWE.  Seriously.  And AJ Styles cheats to win the Heavyweight Championship title.  Again, go f**k yourself WWE.  Why in the world does every match end in cheating?  How does that reward the fans for their support, their cheers, their tweets, and their MILLIONS of dollars?  Styles is good enough to just win.  But no, you can’t do that.  Every title has to be won by cheating.  It’s just ridiculous.

Chad: I thought it was a good show despite the build up around the card the Women’s title matach had a good change of pace with Becky getting the win. The Tag title tournament situation and the IC title match I though were well played out and AJ Styles taking his place as WWE champion is well-deserved although surprising WWE pulled the trigger on the move.

Christa: Backlash was boring! There was no need to watch the last two matches because my WWE crystal ball already told me that AJ Styles was going to win the title. And that sucks! The best part of Backlash was watching Becky Lynch come out of nowhere and win the title. As hot as Shane McMahon is, I wasn’t going to watch Smackdown anymore if Carmella won the title. Very few characters can completely annoy me like she does. Carmella and Alexis Bliss need to find their way back to the pole and off of my TV. Stripper pole for all of the male readers. My mind isn’t completely in the gutter yet. Just half way.




What do you expect for Clash of the Champions on September 25th?

Steve: Honestly, and I really hate to say this. I expect to walk out disappointed. Todd and I are going to attend the Raw after the Clash of Champions, and you can expect that we will protest if the event once again wastes my time. I expect Owens to retain the title, I think Sasha will win the title back, and Reigns will defeat Rusev to win the United States Championship. I see the New Day retaining, because I think they will ultimately break the record for longest reign ever. I also think Triple H will get involved some how in the main event and then disappear for another two months.

Todd: I expect HHH to get involved in the Universal Title match.

Jim: What do I expect?  I expect to be completely bored to tears once again.  Same matches, same results.  One thing we know about “Clash of Champions” is that no belt holder ever loses.

Chad: I expect the New Day to lose the Tag Team Titles and for HHH to insert himself into the title match. Also, Jericho and Zayn will steal the show.

Christa: Clash of Champions will not be entertaining at all… The problem is that this “new era” is just the same boring formula with the superstars only performing on one show. I truly hope that Sasha Banks is healthy now because Charlotte can go join Carmella and Alexis at their new professions ASAP.




What wrestler, other than Brock Lesnar,  would have the most immediate impact, if Paul Heyman was by his side?

Steve: Roman Reigns. It is clear that Reigns cant really talk very well, but he still has a great look, and obviously the writers still want him to get over. I think Heyman could rejuvinate his career, and could do great things for the Roman Empire.

Todd: Braun Strowman. WWE is building him up to be a monster it is about time he starts facing some real competition.

Jim: Styles could use someone to speak for him, since he sucks at it.  Reigns could use someone, but not nearly as bad as Styles needs a voice.

Chad: I’m going to go with Heyman’s fellow New Yorker…Big Cass If Paul Heyman were working with him those two together after a Big Cass heel turn I think would be s great move to give Paul someone mor full time and to help Big Cass in his character development.

Christa: I think it would be great if Heyman became Orton’s advocate. That would be a great storyline flip.




Agree or Disagree: AJ Styles will not be the WWE Champion past Survivor Series?

Steve: I agreed before Smackdown, but then seeing that John Cena is back in action. I think the title was put on AJ to have Cena take it from him, and they continue their feud. I would love to see Cena break the record, and the two can have some amazing matches. Not sure if it is best for ratings though.

Todd: Disagree. Now that Cena is back in the picture I think he will win his 16th title real soon.

Jim: God I hope not.  Meaning, I disagree.  The WWE is clueless anymore on how to use their champions.  They just keep the same people wearing the belts forever.  Every wrestler gets to be the “longest title holder”.  Why?  Because the WWE has given up on creating new and interesting storylines.  They basically sit in a room and say “we got their money, so screw em”.  That’s mainly the fault of the $9.99 a month instead of an actual Pay Per View.  Why care about the product when you’ve got my money already?

Chad: I will disagree as I predict that Styles will #BeatupJohnCena well into 2017 as the champion because I feel like he will have a better run as Champion than the previous 2 title holders.

Christa: I really hope not! He’s so incredibly boring and needs to retire already. I’m sure that the Performance Center needs a new instructor, right? Kendrick turned out Eva and she’s terrible.




Agree or Disagree: After a couple of months of being separate brands. It is clear that Smackdown will always be regulated to the B show.

Steve: Okay, so as you can see from my previous answers, I am not sold on the state of the WWE right now. This is a no brainer. Smackdown is boring, even going LIVE. I find myself DVR’ing the show, and end up fast forwarding through the entire broadcast. I cannot say that Raw is much better though, after the initial first show, Raw simply has just been a sub-par show, and really is not very entertaining. Something has to change, or I may find myself removing myself from watching wrestling for the first time in 30 years.

Todd: Last week both shows were horrible especially Raw. I watched some Prime Time Wrestling shows that were better than last weeks Raw. Smackdown there was way too much talking. Through the first hour they only had 2 matches. If I wanted to hear someone talk I would just turn on CNN and listen to Nancy Grace all day. I guess to answer the question I have to say Raw by default because neither of the shows have really stuck out since the brand split.

Jim: Disagree completely.  Smackdown is actually more interesting than RAW.  And given what I’ve said above about Smackdown…that should tell you how terrible RAW is.

Chad: Yes, Raw is the flagship of the company it’s been there since Bill Clinton took office but I think the things Smackdown is doing especially being live on Tuesdays are helping it become its’ own brand. The promo to setup the No Mercy main event was awesome.

Christa: Absolutely agree. It’s hard with the talent that WWE has right now for Smackdown to truly compete with Raw. They need to focus on carving out their own niche and not competing with their big brother.



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