The Blog About Nothing 9/16 Edition

Welcome to The Blog About Nothing. I was very busy last week as I posted three blogs in five days. I had a lot to write about last week with all of the furor behind Colin Kaepernick and his protest, as well as the fifteenth anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Both things needed to be addressed and honestly doing so drained me a bit. I really have nothing much to blog about this week. So, I warn you now that this will be one of my shorter outputs but no less meaningful. Let’s do this.

I’m an emotional person. Always has been, always will be. I’m not ashamed of that either. It takes little to bring a smile to my face, or a tear to my eye. While surfing the internet this week, I came across a headline that allowed me to do both.

The headline “North Carolina Couple of 59 Years Dies Holding Hands” did both. It brought a smile and a tear. After clicking the link I discovered the story of Margaret and Don Livengood. The North Carolina couple recently passed away on the same day, while holding hands in their hospital room. Margaret was suffering from cancer, while her husband Don was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and pneumonia. Margaret passed away first, followed by Don a few hours later but according to their daughter one of the last things her father said was “when we get to heaven, we can walk in together, just like we’re getting married again. Another honeymoon.”

You’re not human if something like that does not make you smile, or make you tear. A love that beautiful is inspirational. It’s also re-affirming that such love and such devotion exists in this World. I know I definitely have not seen a love like that in my life. I like many are probably unaware that such love even existed. In a time where you hear and see so much bad, it’s impressive to come across a story of love. Real love. Pure love. Enduring love. May the souls of Margaret and Don Livengood Rest In Peace, but I hope that the people who come across their story, learn that there really is love in this World.

This headline, and listening to music that expressed love and wanting of love, has likely contributed to my emotions today. However, I will spare you the ramblings of a single, lonely, 34 year old, trying to find his way through the relationship minefield. I like the fact that this blog space allows me to go where I want, but that’s a place that even I don’t want to take the reader to. I’ll let that world exist in my mind, and I think you will thank me for that decision.

However, if you’re looking for good music, and this will be the last couple of paragraphs of this blog by the way, I suggest two new albums for you. I’ll start with The Divine Feminine by rapper Mac Miller. Mac made a solid 10 track album dedicated to love, relationships, and the power of women. It’s an impressive piece of work from a man that has never been afraid to go there with his feelings and his music.

The second album I have been listening to a lot lately is not even an album. It’s an EP by R&B artist serpentwithfeet. Josiah Wise, better known as serpentwithfeet, makes R&B music that trends towards Gospel but I am into his five track EP, blisters. blisters is an EP that is full of longing, searching, and challenging lyrics that question your place, the place of the one you’re wooing, and it also challenges gender norms considering the singer himself is gay and has no desires to hide that in his music.

To borrow from Donald Glover’s character Earn from his amazing show Atlanta (airs Tuesday nights on FX), “Sexuality is a spectrum. You can really do whatever you want”. I believe in the same. Love who you love. It makes no difference to me. So, that’s why I like serpentwithfeet’s music. He’s openly gay, and I’m a heterosexual male, but art is art, and his art is one that I respect.

I’m done. Thank you for reading, and please take the time to read all of the great content we have here at The contributors to this site are really good, and they deserve your support.


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