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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable, Our panelists are here once again to enlighten you on there comments related to the world of wrestling.

Many of you have been sending me emails relating to the whereabouts of Frosh. Well Frosh seems to appear whenever he wants to, claiming that his contract only dictates he has to work a certain number of days. I guess he thinks he is Brock Lesnar or something. However, due to popular demand, I have developed an app you can download called “FROSH GO” Now you can try and find Frosh on your own. Maybe he will just make his presence known right here on the Roundtable.

Lets not waste anymore time, and let’s get to the Roundtable.

Power rankings

1.Kevin Owens- The Universal Champion had yet another solid victory on Raw, but can he defeat Seth Rollins on his own?

2.Dean Ambrose- The WWE World Champion, is vulnerable going into his match against AJ Styles this Sunday at Backlash.

3.Seth Rollins- Rollins has a mean streak right now, and it is set towards Kevin Owens and the Universal Championship. Can Rollins reclaim Championship gold?

4.AJ Styles- The number one contender seems to have one up on the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose. Will the Phenomenal one walk out with World Championship gold this Sunday?

5.Braun Strowman- Who can stop Braun Strowman? Certainly not Sin Cara, as we saw last Monday night.


this week

1990: The Black Scorpion, who later would be revealed as Ric Flair, begins his three month torment of WCW World Champion, Sting. The Scorpion made appearances and would get into the head of Sting. This culminated at Starrcade when he was unmasked, being revealed as Ric Flair.

1993: Bret Hart wins the first ever televised King of the Ring tournament as he defeated Bam Bam Bigleow in the Finals. Bret also won the non-televised tournament in 1991, making him a back to back winner. In the same event, Yokozuna wins his second WWF Championship when he defeated Hulk Hogan.

1995: WCW debuts Monday Nitro, LIVE from the Mall of America in Minneapolis Minnesota. This also saw the return of Lex Luger to WCW, after unexpectedly bolting from the WWE.


And here are your Roundtable questions this week.

Triple H

Were you disappointed at all that Triple H did not make an appearance on Raw this past week, considering he handed the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens a week before?

Steve: A little bit. I mean the guy comes out last week on Raw, and pedigrees Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and then basically hands the Universal Championship to Kevin Owens. A lot of questions were unanswered. What was the situation with Stephanie and Foley? Are they in cahoots with this? Is Triple H going to be on TV on a regular basis? Why did HHH turn on Rollins, and join Owens? This was a Raw that I was really looking forward to, and I ended up very disappointed in the show as a whole.

Chad: I was I wanted to hear his promo about why but I think the storyline is going to be a long possibly going to Mania with Rollins and HHH. But, with the Reigns/Owens encounter next week; maybe that’s when the game shows up again

Jim: Actually, I’m disappointed that Levesque just can’t seem to give up his part time gig of screwing up wrestling.  Either you’re management, Paul, or you’re a wrestler, Hunter.  One or the other.  Stop just showing up for now damn reason and confusing the audience.  Personally, I choose Paul Levesque.

Todd: To me it just makes the story line make less sense. I am not necessarily disappointed but more confused. He makes an appearance for the first time since Wrestlemania and then don’t show on Raw. I’m sure he will appear again at Backlash.



Smackdown has a Pay Per View event, Backlash, this Sunday, but has very little hype. Raw has Clash of the Champions on September 25th. Are two Pay Per View events too much?

Steve: It is way too much overkill. I can barely find time in my schedule to watch one event in a month. What they should do if they are sold on having at least one pay per view each month, is have a combined show that lasts four hours. Run it from 6 to 10pm, allow each show 2 hrs of the entire show. Then you can have time to develop your storylines for each show. Every so often you get a crossover match between a wrestler from Raw and Smackdown face off. It would keep things interesting, and would not be too much too soon.

Chad: It is overkill and now it will cut into my NFL Sunday Night game viewing but I think they need just a Raw/Smackdown supershow every month that way each show is represented; maybe an interpromotional battle or two but each show getting a show a month is not smart business.

Jim: It’s $9.99 a month.  Have all the “pay per views” you want.  Perhaps just call them “special events”.  I prefer to call it “Sunday Night Wrestling”.  I love wrestling.  I don’t care how many events they have.  They can have one every Sunday if they want.

Todd: Well since now they have the WWE Network, they can do whatever they want. I think they should stick with the at the very least 12 ppv a year and have both Smackdown and Raw on the ppv. The ideal thing would be for them to go down to like 6 ppv a year and be able to have more time to plan the story lines. this 19 ppv a year is gonna be ridiculous.



Agree or Disagree: Roman Reigns should have no part of the main event at Clash of the Champions for the Universal Championship?

Steve: Agree one thousand percent. No disrespect to Roman Reigns, I like him, and hope that one day he can get back on to the top of the WWE, but the fans do not want to see this. Did you hear the crowd erupt in boos when Reigns came out on Monday? Then Foley announces that if he defeats Owens next week on Raw, he will be in the match? No, please we cannot see another Triple threat match in a main event for a pay per view event. We have seen it far too much this year. The heat is there for Rollins and Owens, there is no need to put Reigns in to this match.

Chad: Here is where I put the Michael Scott meme from The Office of him yelling “No, No, No, Please God No” have Jericho interfere in the match; boom Reigns vs Jericho at Clash no Reigns in the main event.

Jim: Disagree.  Roman Reigns, regardless of the boos, puts butts in the seats.  He’s earned a place in every title shot they want to give him.  My only complaint is that either he’s going for the Universal Championship or the US Championship.  Why is he in a battle for the Universal, when the US Championship storyline was never finished?  Again, this is my complaint with the WWE.  Their writers and storyline developers SUCK.  A STORY has a beginning, middle and end.  HIRE ME.  I could do a better job at half the pay.

Todd: Agree. What the hell are they doing with Roman Reigns? One minute he is wrestling Rusev for the U.S. title and then the next minute he is back in the World title hunt. Reigns-Rusev feud was just gaining steam and then WWE left us hanging. That didn’t make no sense at at. WWE never pulled the trigger on turning Reigns heel and thats the only way he will get over. He has no business in the World Title Match.


big cass

Big Cass wrestled in the main event a week ago for the Universal Championship, and this week on Raw loses in a tag team match to the Shining Stars. Has the WWE yet again, foiled a push by another top young rising star?

Steve: I don’t think so, I think Cass is a great talent, but he was not ready for the big stage and be involved in the WWE championship picture. I did pick him to win the Universal Championship two weeks ago, but only because I know Cass is the kind of wrestler who Vince loves to push. Cass simply was not ready for the spotlight. He did not take the pin against the Shining Stars, but I could very well see Enzo dropping matches, then Cass could do a heel turn saying that Enzo is holding him back.

Chad: I don’t think so because that is when a tag team situation and the Universal Title is obviously a singles title. I could see Enzo and Cass fizzle out as a tag team and then Cass takes off as a singles competitor

Jim: See my answer above.  The writers and content developers  could easily be replaced by three monkeys and two typewriters and NOBODY WOULD NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.  I’m so sick of storylines that lead nowhere.

Todd: No, cause Big Cass didn’t take the pin fall. It was a fluke win by the Shining Stars to put them over.


dean vs aj

Agree or Disagree: AJ Styles will walk out of Backlash as the WWE World Champion this Sunday.

Steve: This is going to be AJ Styles third attempt at the WWE Championship this year on a pay per view event. I think that the third time is a charm for AJ Styles and I predict that he will in fact, defeat Dean Ambrose and win his first WWE Championship, this Sunday at Backlash.

Chad: I just can’t see WWE having an ROH franchise guy holding the Raw World Title and the MVP of TNA holding the Smackdown World Title and since I can’t see them going away from Owens so quick; somehow Ambrose retains.

Jim: Agree.  Sadly.  Angrily.  He’s such a pitiful person, and the WWE is giftwrapping a championship for him.  It’s such a sad sad time in the WWE right now for the fans.

Todd: I really don’t know it could go either way. Ambrose has had the title for a few months now so it might be time for him to drop it but will he drop it to Styles. One will win and one will lose.






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