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Hello again wrestling fans and welcome to the most controversial countdown in the history of the internet. This is Pounding 7’s. This week I will countdown the top 7 World Champions that never should have been. Who would you put at the top of your list? Find out what I have to say about this and much much more!

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Nicolas from Concord New Hampshire asks this week

When the Honky Tonk Man would hit is opponents over the head with his guitar, how did that not knock them out or give them a concussion? I have a guitar and there is very little if any give to the back of an acoustic guitar.


Well in the case of Jake the Snake Roberts, when he got hit with the guitar on an episode of the Snake pit in 1987, he did get knocked out, and suffered a small concussion, so it does happen. Typically though, the guitar is pre-cut so it can be easily broken, and would not cause too much damage to his opponent. Not saying that it does not hurt, because I have taken a guitar shot and it still hurts a little bit, but the impact is not nearly as great as if it was not pre-cut and simply did not break. When Jake the Snake got hit, the guitar did not break, causing Roberts to sustain a concussion, and it was thought that they would not do it again. Randy Savage took a shot in the Fall of 87, and the guitar was pre-cut, but not so much to wear he felt a little dizzy afterwards. Now they pre-cut the guitar so much that the device will completely shatter making it look freakin awesome, and does not cause hardly any damage, just make sure you close your eyes so you dont get any wood chips in your eye.


heel turn

We are going to be talking about Hollywood Hulk Hogan in just a few moments in our countdown, so it would be fitting to talk about his heel turn in 1996 at the Bash at the Beach. This heel turn by Hulk Hogan in 96, to this day is probably the most notorious heel turn in the history of professional wrestling, as an “icon” a long time baby face, a wrestler who was all about the fans, and a complete role model for future stars in the business. He came out during a scheduled match with Lex Luger, Sting, and Randy Savage against Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. As Hall and Nash were beating down Savage, out comes Hulk Hogan, still wearing the red and yellow. Hall and Nash leave the ring, and the next thing you know, Hogan leg drops Savage and turns his back on WCW and the fans, forming the New World Order, a faction that would go on to become one of the most popular and most controversial factions all over the world.

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The top 7 World Champions that should have never been.

Here are the honorable mentions who were horrible, but not as bad as the rest.

Hulk Hogan (2002)- When Hulk “Hollywood” Hogan came back in to the WWE in 2002, he had a classic showdown with the Rock at Wrestlemania, in one of the most hyped and most talked about matches in the history of Wrestlemania. A month later he somehow ends up as champion defeating Triple H. Hogan had no business being champion at his age and at this time.

Ivan Koloff (1971)- More known for his run in the tag team ranks with Nikita Koloff and Krusher Kruschev, Ivan Koloff had a three week reign as champion when he upended Bruno Sammartino’s 8 year run as champion. I could have thought of about 50 wrestlers that would have been more suited to end his run than Ivan Koloff.

Stan Stasiak (1973)- Similar to Koloff, Stasiak held the WWE Championship for just a short time when he defeated Pedro Morales in 1973, only to drop the championship back to Bruno Sammartino. Again at transitional champion that I could have thought of several others to end Morales’ two year reign.



7. Rey Mysterio Jr- In 2011- In 2005, Rey Mysterio won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, just months after his best friend Eddie Guerrero passed away, some say that was Eddie’s reign, but still Rey had a nice little run with the title for a couple of months. In 2011, however, Rey Mysterio upset the former champion the Miz, in a tournament Final to become the WWE Champion for the first time. His reign would be very short lived, as he lost the championship to John Cena later than night. He would never again wear the World Championship.

bob backlund

6. Bob Backlund- In 1994- The sole purpose of Bob Backlund winning the WWF Championship from Bret Hart in an I Quit match, was because Bret Hart was injured and had to drop the championship. Backlund was the perfect patsy, as just days later, Backlund lost the WWF title to Big Daddy Cool, Diesel in a record that still stands today 8 seconds. The championship reign still goes down as one of the worst all time.

ric flair

5. Ric Flair- 2000- In the falling years of WCW, I take you to May of 2000, where Ric Flair defeated Jeff Jarrett on an episode of Nitro to win his final World Heavyweight Championship. This reign would only last a week, and to this day it served no purpose for Flair to win this championship, but only to pad his number of reigns, a record that does still stand today.

hulk vs yoko

4. Hulk Hogan- 1993- Oh how I would love to put this championship reign at the top of the list, but as you will see in the next few, I just can’t under the circumstances. Hogan defeated Yokozuna just moments after Yokozuna defeated Bret Hart to win the WWF Championship. Hogan was slated to face off against Bret directly at Wrestlemania IX, but he did not think that the match would draw well, so what does he do? He has Yoko beat Bret, and then he comes out as the true American to take the title off the newly crowned champion. Why is this reign so horrible? He wins the championship in April of 1993, and does not defend the championship once until he drops it back to Yokozuna in June of 1993. This marks one of the longest but most pathetic reigns as a WWF Champion of all time.


3. Vince McMahon- 1999- When you are in charge of the booking, much like some of the wrestlers were back in the day, it does not seem right to book yourself as the World Champion. Guys like Dusty Rhodes did it, Jeff Jarrett did it, Verne Gagne did it. So why is Vince McMahon criticized for booking himself to win the WWE Championship in 1999? Simply because he surrendered it just a few days later on Raw, only to have a 6 pack challenge match at the next Pay Per View event, won by….yep the same guy that Vince beat, Triple H.


2. Vince Russo- 2000- These final two picks really could go in any order, however Vince Russo lands here at #2 after he again, booked himself to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Russo, unlike Vince had never stepped foot inside a ring to compete as a wrestler, so he had no business carrying the WCW World Championship, a title that had some prestigious history. To name former WCW Champions like Sting, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Terry Funk, and try and put Vince Russo’s name in there, is a complete joke.

david arqutte

1. David Arquette- 2000- Oh Mr Courtney Cox, where do I begin? David Arquette won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship during a tag team match on an episode of Thunder, where he teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to face off against Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff, yes I said Eric Bischoff. The match was for the WCW World Championship and basically whoever got the pinfall would win the championship, no matter who they pinned. Arquette hits a spear out of nowhere and pins Bischoff to win the championship. This title reign was simply booked to promote Ready to Rumble, a movie in which Arquette, and WCW superstar Randy Savage was a part of. Like Russo, Arquette is along side the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Flair, Funk, and Steamboat. Such a crying shame.

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