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Hey there wrestling fanatics, and Happy Friday to all of you. I hope you are getting ready for a three day weekend as Labor Day is this Monday. We have a new WWE Universal Champion. What are our thoughts on the new champ? Did the WWE writers finally get one right? All this and much more.


Power rankings

1.Kevin Owens- The new WWE Universal Champion climbs all the way to the top after defeating Rollins, Cass, and Reigns to win the Universal title on Raw.

2.Dean Ambrose- The WWE is looking sharp, but he may have his hands full with the phenomenal one.

3.Seth Rollins- Came close in becoming the champion once again on Raw, but a swerve by Triple H puts a big question mark against Rollins next move.

4.AJ Styles- Is AJ the next face of the WWE? Well sure he is, just ask him.

5.Roman Reigns- Virtually on his own last Monday with zero support, Reigns nearly became a 4 time WWE Champion.


this week

1988- The Ultimate Warrior wins his first singles championship when he defeats the Honky Tonk Man at Summerslam in less than 30 seconds, becoming the Intercontinental Champion.

1991- Summerslam 91 featured the Match made in Heaven and the Match made in Hell. Randy Savage and Elizbeth were married, while Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior faced off against Sgt Slaughter and his Core. After the match, the Warrior was fired for holding McMahon ransom for more money or he would not compete.

1992- The British Bulldog defeated Bret Hart to win the Intercontinental Championship. It was just the second time in PPV history where the Intercontinental Championship was defended in the Main Event. The first time ever by itself. (Hogan vs Warrior, Wrestlemania VI)



And here we go with the Roundtable questions this week.

kevin owens

Kevin Owens won the Universal Championship last Monday Night on Raw, albeit in controversial fashion, assumingly joining Triple H. Did the writers get this one right?

Steve: Did they get it right? Did they get it right? Are you serious? If I can coin a phrase by Mr McMahon. NO CHANCE IN HELL did they get this right. Let me start off by simply saying that I have no problem with Kevin Owens winning the Universal Championship on Raw. He deserves a chance to see what he can do. The problem I have is with Triple H interfering and basically handing the championship to Kevin Owens. This takes away Owens’ win, and in no way shape or form solidifies a championship victory. It would have made more sense if he cost Owens the championship instead of turning on Rollins. I will say this, it is very intriguing to see what is going to come next, but as a fan. I hated to see a controversial ending to a great match.

Todd: Me personally I don’t think there is gonna be an alliance with Owens/Triple H. I think this was more to change Rollins face and to set up a feud with Triple H and Rollins. I don’t have a problem with Kevin Owens being the Universal Champion as long as this title run is better than his IC title run.

Jim: No.  Dammit!  Stop showing up and screwing up the show Triple H!  I don’t care if Owens won it.  I do care that Triple H can’t just go do his job and stay the **** out of the ring!

Chad: This is the perfect way to get the HHH/Rollins the company has been looking for since before Rollins got hurt in November and this separates Rollins and Reigns  from the title picture. It’ll be interesting to see who opposes Owens moving forward.



We touched last week on injuries in the WWE more notably by Seth Rollins. Last Monday, Cesaro took a nasty bump on the post against Sheamus, and caused a pretty serious injury to his back. Does the WWE need to take a closer look at the way all of the wrestlers, not just Rollins, are performing just in an attempt to get over?

Steve: They do need to take a closer look at this. Too many wrestlers are getting hurt and for no reason. The spot that hurt Cesaro was purely reckless and served no purpose. He did not have to take a back bump on the ring post, to make his match against Sheamus better. I don’t think you can do anything to make a match against Sheamus any better. The WWE is going to lose a lot of their talent to injury if they dont step in and say to be careful inside the ring.

Todd: I don’t really know what they could do.

Jim: I was fine with the question, but I balk at Sheamus.  He’s a TERRIBLE wrestler, with zero concern for the other person’s safety.  He should simply be released from the WWE before he kills someone.

Chad: It’s not ballet; things are going to happen; I don’t think there’s anything WWE can do about this w/o drastically changing the product.


new day vs demolition

The New Day, entering Tuesday have been WWE World Tag Team Champions (insert hip swirl) for 373 days. They are now just over 100 days to the all time record of 478 held by Demolition from 1988 to 1989. They would break the record on December 11th, a week before the next schedule Pay Per View Event, RoadBlock. Will the New Day break the long standing record and become the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions?

Steve: The New Day is the most over tag team in probably the last 20 years in wrestling. As long as they are getting over, they are going to keep the straps. I think they will end up beating the record held by Demolition, but I can see them dropping the titles a short time later. It is no wonder that Todd is the number one fan of the New Day. He told me the other day that he stands in front of the mirror and shakes his booty while eating Booty’Os.

Todd: Well, since there is no real competition, I think unfortunately the New Day will Smash(no pun intended) Demolition recorded.

Jim: I certainly hope not.  They’re no Demolition, I know that.  They’re fun.  They’re cute.  But they aren’t great wrestlers. Their time is done, and I’m hoping someone is chosen soon so we can stop with the nonsense.

Chad: Can Anderson and Gallows or somebody just beat these guys already the New Day need to drop the titles. I certainly hope they don’make it to 478 days as champions.



The Miz recently went on a rant against Daniel Bryan, and then again with Dolph Ziggler, about being under appreciated. Do you agree with Miz on his rant?

Steve: No, Miz is correct. He has been under appreciated during his run with the WWE. People forget, that the Miz is one of only a few people to win every single championship that the WWE has had. He is a former WWE Champion, has main evented (and won) a Wrestlemania match, He is a multiple time Intercontinental Champion, a Multiple time tag team champion, United States champion, and a successful actor. Honestly, with the right kind of push, the Miz is the kind of guy that could replace John Cena at the top of the WWE empire. He can wrestle, he can act, and he can sure work a microphone, plus it doesnt hurt that he has a smokin hot wife in Maryse.

Todd: Well, I don’t like the Miz so I might sound bias. Ziggler spoke a lot of truth being scripted or not. The Miz is just worried about being famous. he is always talking abut being in these movies that never actually make it in theaters. He just uses the WWE to get to where he wants to get too. The Miz talked abut him showing up day in and day out for 10 plus years without getting injured. I beg to differ. Howmany times has he been gone for months at a time to make movies or do other things outside of WWE? /in the 148 days he has held the title he has defended it 3 times Kane, Darren Young,and Apollo Crews. Why you ask? Because he wasn’t available any other time. He says he is trying to make the belt relevant again. all he is doing is making the belt a joke.

Jim: Daniel Bryan is correct.  The Miz may not get injured, but he wrestles like a pu**y.  Coward, that’s the word, sorry. He doesn’t do anything.  Nothing risky.  He’s just boring.  I can’t figure out why he’s the champion.  Move on from him and get to the real wrestlers in the WWE.  Let’s not talk about The Miz anymore, ok?

Chad: I do take Dolph Ziggler’s side on this he goes make straight to DVD B-Movies that really shouldn’t even be made. He only took up wrestling because his day of being an MTV Challenge star were over with. The Miz  has never been in a discussion like the Cesaro/Sheamus question because he is the guy they send out for every media appearance with a pretty belt on his shoulder



When did you first begin to get in to professional wrestling?

Steve: Had to be in the mid 80’s, around 86 or 87 is when I really started getting in to wrestling. I was a huge baseball fan, so I would watch the Braves on WTBS, and usually wrestling would be on either right before, or right after the games on Saturday nights. So I would end up watching guys like Ric Flair, the Four Horsemen, Barry Windham, just to name a few. Then my dad took me to my first wrestling event in Springfield Illinois in 1987. I only remember seeing King Kong Bundy vs George the Animal Steele, so I was hooked. I was able to get my first PPV event in Wrestlemania IV. I was 8 years old, and sat through the entire four hours of the event. Good times.

Todd: I was watching the local shows on t.v. back in 1985. I didn’t get my first ppv until like Survivor Series 1988.

Editors Note: Todd was actually one of the Conquistadors and competed at Survivor Series 88.

Jim: You sure you want this answer?  1967?  Championship Wrestling from Florida.  Gordon Solie announcing.  Jack and Jerry Brisco.  Dusty Rhodes.  Harley Race.  Ivan Koloff.  Superstar Billy Graham.  Greg Valentine.  How could you not fall in love with wrestling.  Live matches at the Tampa Colosseum.  Dusty Rhodes taking my straw cowboy hat off my head and running around the ring in it.  God I miss those days.

Chad: A little bit in 98 but really in 99/2000 with the rise of guys like the from the WWF side of the Monday night War.

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