NFL Roundtable: 9/2 Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable!

1. Tony Romo went down to injury again.Tony Romo
Do you think he’s done as the starter?

Joe: While I think he should be given every opportunity to rehab and regain his spot as the Cowboys #1 QB… While this is a rare type of injury for professional athlete, all indications are that he should recover from this injury fairly easy enough, and after the recovery period he needs to go through, he should be able to play in the NFL… BUT… with the fact that he  has a history of injuries, and, specifically, injuries and operations that center on his spinal area… yeah, I pretty much think his NFL is in extreme jeopardy.

Jim: That’s completely up to Prescott.  If he plays well, then Drew Bledsoe can explain to Romo what happens next.  Now, that means a starter for the Cowboys.  Minnesota needs a QB as of today.  

Dan: I don’t think so. Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ organization has said that he is their starting quarterback. Right now, they’re moving on to Dak Prescott during Romo’s injury, but when Romo comes back from injury, he’ll have the starting quarterback position back. I can’t see the Cowboys not starting Romo when he returns unless Prescott is doing incredible things on the field.

Chad: Depends on how Dak Prescott performs as the starter in Dallas if he succeeds then Romo may indeed as the Cowboys QB and that with how fragile he seems to be maybe the end of his career.

2. If you coached the Niners, what would you do about Colin Kaepernick?colin

Joe: Not a damn thing except worry about whether he can play competitively, efficiently and well enough to be a QB on the San Francisco 49ers football team.  

Jim Get him in the weight room, class room, and get him back to his skill set.  He’s got all the skills necessary.  He just needs the right coach.  If that means he’s the backup this year, so be it.  That’s it.  As for him sitting during the national anthem…I don’t care.  Sit down fool.  

Dan: What I would do is make sure my team and Kaepernick don’t get distracted by all these conversations about him standing or sitting for the National Anthem. What I need the team to do is focus on the season. I would keep him on the roster as the back-up quarterback. I’ve never heard of the fourth quarterback on their team and Blaine Gabbert has looked terrible in pre-season especially against the Packers. While Kaepernick hasn’t been very good, he’s been decreasing every year since his breakout year a couple years ago but he doesn’t deserve to get released. I keep him, put him as second-string quarterback and leave it at that. He can continue doing what he wants for the National Anthem. Not going to be a distraction to my team.

Chad: I mean what can you do It’s not a very good team I don’t know if starting Gabbert is really a better option. The entire team is a mess right now. You already kept him you might as well start him it really can’t get worse out there.

3. Mariota or Winston, who has the better record this season?Mariota or WInston

Joe: Damn, if I know… I really do believe these two guys are fairly even when it comes down to everything they do on the field. So, I guess, it comes down to who has the better supporting cast and the better overall team. Which when you look at both team’s offensive lines… they both pretty much are works in progress… nice way of saying they both stink.  

Time to flip a coin… and …it comes up Mariota.

Jim: Winston.  Tennessee is Tennessee.  They’ll do ok, but Tampa will do better.

Dan: I think that Winston will have the better record this season. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a better team and will come out with 5-7 wins while the Titans are only going to come out with 3-5 wins. Winston will get more wins with the better team and receiving cores. In 2017-2018, it might be a different story, but 2016-2017 title between the two goes to Winston.

Chad: Mariota, because he is in a less challenging division in the AFC South.

4. Who is your sleeper Super Bowl team?Raiders

Joe: Warning… waning… warning… homer pick coming here… NY Jets.

Jim: Raiders.  What a preseason they’ve had.  Building on last year, they should have a phenomenal season.

Dan: My sleeper Super Bowl team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I really think they have a very good offense led by Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Bell. They lost a wide receiver for the year due to a substance abuse, then Bell is suspended for the first three games, which was recently reduced, but I don’t feel like that will make a big difference. They have a very good defense and a tough conference match-up/rivalry with the Bengals. Not a lot of people are talking about the Steelers as Super Bowl contenders this season out of the AFC, but I think they truly are. They’re my sleeper team this season.

Chad: I’m going to say to say the Houston Texans, of course that’s if JJ Watt is healthy but with Lamar Miller and Deandre Hopkins and their Defense and the addition of Osweiler at QB. I’ll pick the Texans.

5. First coach fired?Marvin Lewis

Joe: A lot will depend on how teams come out of the gate…. Two teams I will be watching are the Miami Dolphins and the NY Giants. I got a bad feeling about the Giants. I think the Giants have the easier schedule, and, if, they falter big time coming out of the gate I think Ben McAdoo could be the first coach fired.

Jim: My first out is Marvin Lewis.  And it will be Marvin Lewis until the Bengals get it through their skulls that HE IS A TERRIBLE COACH!

Dan: I think it’s Rex Ryan. He started off his tenure as the Bills’ coach with huge promises of making the playoffs and wins in the playoffs. He’s failed to live up to them with a horrible year last season. If they get off to a slow start which is completely reasonable and likely to happen, I think they could get rid of him mid-season. His seat is hot, and if they start 2-9 or 3-8, which I definitely see (wins being against NYJ, LA & SF), he’s gone. It doesn’t matter if they can turn it around or not, such a slow start like that and he’s getting fired and will be the first coach fired of the season.

Chad: I’m going to say Mike McCoy gets dumped in San Diego I just don’t see the major moves to make this team better.

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