Movie Review: Tremors 5

Tremors 5 kicks off with a fun little video by Michael Gross, raising my hopes in this one, as he talk about being a survivalist, and reviews the life cycle of the graboid, including tying in the stupid “ass-blasters” into it, in a somewhat coherent manner, but yet, stupid if you know anything about evolution.

Tremors 5 gunWe flip over to a pair of random people who are wandering the desert for no reason, as people tend to do in deserts for no reason. One falls in a hole, is eaten sight unseen (in Movie #5) and we finally get our title card. Moving over to Jamie Kennedy taking a whiz and then riding his dirt bike over the only puddle in Paradise, Nevada, and our heroes meet, as Jamie Kennedy is Gross’ new cameraman. Way too much talking before discount Zach Galafankis show up claiming there is an ass-blaster in South Africa and offers to fund Gross’ efforts for another 2 years if he will give his stamp of approval for Jurassic Park.

Of course, this being Africa, we have to have a group, including another white guy who knows everything- but is also an asshole- and reminds me of Michael Shannon for some reason, and of course, the African has to be different, and a nearby tribe has to have known about it for hundreds of years with requisite tribal dance.

Callbacks aplenty are coming, from Jurassic Park, Jaws, Die Hard, and even more I’m sure. Michael Gross is still having a ball, and there is one scene that he just gets to overact and be goofy all at once and he just attacks it.

Tremors Life CycleTremors 5 is a little hard to grade for me, for a part 5 in a direct to DVD or Netflix world the budget is there and everyone seems to be working to make it a good movie, and for the most part they pull it off. Discount Michal Shannon gets on my nerves and I keep waiting on Jamie Kennedy to die and those two are the biggest problems in the movie. There is also a homeless man’s version of Nick Nolte who ends up being more fun than the actor gives. I’m actually impressed with this one. I’ll go a 6 on this one, and if Michael Gross is down for another one, and we can drop Jamie Kennedy, I’m down too- and where the heck is Reba?

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